The martial lord/C10 Tian's breakthrough
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The martial lord/C10 Tian's breakthrough
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C10 Tian's breakthrough

After getting the cultivation technique from his master . Tian rushed back home to cultivate because he could not wait to see the wonders of the technique. He immediately entered into seclusion. He started cultivating the sky breaking technique. He visualized himself standing before a terrifying giant that was clad in Golden armour roaring against the sky. His unyielding will was resonating with the Tian . The sky finally became angry as it released devastating thunder punishment to destroy the gaint .

The gaint roared with fierce gaze as he battled the sky .The battle was too fierce as seas were overturned and landscape shattered . In the terrifying gaint shattered the sky with his fists proving himself Superior to the skies. Tian opened his eyes as an Indomitable will emerged from his body . This cultivation technique was best for him . He started absorbing spiritual energy and he discovered that the speed of his absorption have drastically increased.

The spiritual energy started tempering his body as the technique remolded his body and gave him a supreme body Constitution . Countless of impurities were expelled from from his body . The bottleneck that was bothering him for a long time lossened as he smoothly broke through to the peak of martial warrior realm . He clenched his fist as he felt boundless strength in his arms . He felt he can fight five opponent on the same rank and not lose at all.

He was very grateful for the decision he took back then as his discovered that his body potential have drastically increased. initially he had no hope of ever suparssing the warrior realm but now he felt that he can definitely reach the peak of this world . Calming down from his breakthrough .He started practicing the 12 moves of the martial king. After practicing for a while he could only grasp the first move which is the "Kings fury". "Grandpa !!". his grandchildren shouts made him stop practicing as he helplessly shook his head and went to attend to them.

After imparting the cultivation technique, I started making plans for the future. I had to get a steady means of getting energy stones in order to increase my energy points. I closed my eyes as I started consolidating my foundation and making it stable to avoid any shaky foundation.

Supreme heaven sect

" master ,I heard that the saint girl of the eternal Dark sect have been tainted by a commoner". A young handsome man with extraordinary bearing was walking with a middle aged man . The man's eyes glinted fiercely "The eternal Dark sect tried to cover up the truth about the matter so my spies could not get full information about it".

The young expression was filled with disgust as he said coldly " I can not marry such a girl . it will only stain my reputation". His master looked at him and said" you need to devour her supreme bloodline in order to have a chance of surpassing the void realm". The void realm have been the peak of the martial world and nobody have ever surpassed it in thousands of years. The expression on the young man turned sinister " I will surely devour her bloodline and this discard her ". The master laughed and said "it's your choice to do anything you want to her ".

They walked down the lane leading to the sect master palace . His master eyes turned serious as he said "how is your preparation in breakthrough to grandmaster stage" . The young man said confidently " I will surely be a grandmaster by the time I emerge from seclusion". His ma6 nodded with satisfaction as he can't wait to see his disciple win the competition between the overlords sect that was coming soon. The young man cupped his fist at his master and said " I will be leaving now master so that I will start my seclusion". His master nodded as he took out a pill " This myriad sky pill will make you breakthrough faster ." "Thank you master ". the young man took the pill and departed .

The man's eyes became solemn as he said " the times is soon approaching , Dark queen I wonder if you will make the right decision or not ". His figure became ethereal as he disappeared . Storms were brewing in the dark as various forces prepared to fight for supremacy in the martial world .

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