The martial lord/C11 Why are you all so weak
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The martial lord/C11 Why are you all so weak
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C11 Why are you all so weak

I looked at the 12 men standing before me . They were young and they were all in early stage of martial warrior realm. They all looked at me with worshipping gaze as they witnessed my fight with the Rhino king . I noticed their peculiar looks and I sighed . I never knew that I had become this popular.

Tian looked at me and asked nervously "Did they pass the qualification of what you need ". I nodded and said "They are not too bad I guess . I need to remold them to my liking". My aura erupted as it pressed against their bodies . They all knelt down as they could not withstand the pressure . They gritted their teeth as they held on . I increased the pressure directed at them as most of them were pressed to the ground.

Suprisely , none of them became unconscious as they all held out looking at me with red eyes as they resisted the pressure. I nodded in satisfaction because they all had strong will. I noticed that one of them was struggling to get up and that his knees were not fully pressed to the ground like others. His forehead was protunding veins as he looked like a beast and he roared defiantly as he did not accept the price of kneeling down.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement as I thought "what a good seedling". I withdrew my aura and said "you all can be considered to have barely passed my test". They were all panting heavily as they were under imaginable pressure . "I will suppress my cultivation to the early stage of martial warrior realm. All I need is one of you to make me take a step back from where I am standing". Their eyes glinted fiercely as they thought that it was an easy task .

Tian who was standing behind my back saw their expression and shook his head. His master was peerless in the same cultivation realm. Those guys were in for a shock . "who will go first " . I asked them . One of the young men stepped forward confidently and said "I will fight first ". i shrugged and said"okay". He attacked me with full force punching towards my body . I grinned as I slammed my palm forward . He roared as he punched as well meeting my palm . He felt a very strong force slam against his body as he was sent flying in the air.

His body smashed into the ground as he lay there . I looked at him and said"so weak ". The confident gaze in their eyes faded as they could not help but take a step back. I yawend with boredom as I said "All of you should attack together ". They looked at each other and they attacked from different angles . They were eleven in number and any Normal human being would have a hard time dealing with them but was I normal ?.

The first attacker arrived punching my back without looking back I sent out a slap that got him flying in the air. He spinned several times in the air before smashing into the ground. Two people attacked me from my right and left at the same time. I grinned and sent out two punch . They helplessly flew out like a broken kite. We did not make use of any martial skill just raw fighting. I wanted to know how high their fighting instincts is.

The remaining eight people surrounded me as they were hesitant to attack me. "so you don't want to attack , I will be attacking first ". I disappeared From my location . All they could see was a blur as they were all sent flying into the air . I looked at them in disappointment . "why are you all so weak ? ". They lowered their gaze as they were too ashamed to look at me . Tian coughed and said " master it's not that they are weak , you are just too strong". I glared at him and he shrunk his neck.

I needed strong warriors not extra weaklings . I will be protecting . I really need to train them because they were not up to my standard . Tian looked at his master's expression as he shuddered . He looked at the people standing there and suddenly felt pity for them. I needed to make devise a training that will make them stronger because if I establish a force with these people . it will probably be the weakest for in the world .

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