The martial lord/C12 Imparting techniques
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The martial lord/C12 Imparting techniques
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C12 Imparting techniques

I was in deep thought as I looked at the men. I did not blame them for their poor battle prowess because they struggled with the low level technique they have to even get to warrior realm.This signified that they are all

talented. I said to them "What I need from you

is absolute royalty . I hate betrayal and any form of betrayal is death." My expression was cold as I emphasized on the word "betrayal" .

The men wanted to change their lives and ascend to a higher peak so they were all firm in their decision in following me .The twelve of them all knelt down and shouted "we are willing to accept you as master ". I looked at them as I released my aura "are you sure about your decision because it can make you die faster". They all nodded and said with firm gaze "Yes master". "Alright get up ". I said . They all stood up with their expression filled with determination as they have already made up their minds. Who knew that this situation gave birth to the terrifying 12 martial gods of the martial palace but that's another story for another day.

"I will impart better cultivation technique to all of you now ". I tapped their forehead as I transmitted the technique. The name of the technique is called"True heaven technique".

"Try and cultivate it according to my instructions". They all say cross legged as they started cultivating. Booom!!! large waves of spiritual energy started entering their bodies . Their expression became painful because their body was currently undergoing intense transformation . Their merdians were widened and countless of black impurities was excreted by their bodies.

Their body potential was elevated at fast pace. Their expression were warped as they were experiencing intense pain but their gaze was firm as they withstood the painful transformation. I nodded with satisfaction as I

said to Tian "What is the village population".

He said with a pondering expression "The village population should be around 10,000. It might be more or less". The number was just right because I wanted to recruit more people.

"master , when are you going to establish your own force?".Tian asked.

"when the time and condition is right ". I said . Tian was confused with my reply but he did not ask further. The people undergoing transformation all had their cultivation elevated to the middle stage of the warrior realm . They all opened their eyes as they knelt down in gratitude . The transformation have drastically changed their life . I looked at them and said"Go and wash up first ". They all left to clean themselves up because the foul smell was too much due to the impurities excreted from their bodies.

I needed energy points so I planned to hunt beasts for sometime . "Tian , I will be gone for sometime . Take care of this people for me ".

"Where are you going master?".Tian asked .

"I plan to hone my experience by hunting in the redwood forest ". Tian said in grave tone " master , many dangerous beasts reside in the forest allow me to accompany you.". I looked at him in amusement . He realized the mistake in his and he blushed because he was far weaker than me instead he will be a liability.

Tian asked"how long will you be staying there ?". I shook my head" I don't know the duration but I will be back within a month ". I looked at Tian with serious expression "make sure that you train them well because I will check on them when I am back . "Tian nodded and acknowledged "yes master I will". Tian vowed hitting his chest . I nodded with satisfaction . i needed many points because my plans needed energy points to execute it.

"How is your training on the 12 moves of the martial king going ". Tian scratched his head and said"I have only managed to learn one move ". "let me see it ". I said . Tian took a deep breath and he readied himself . His aura changed as it became filled with intense fury .

The king's order must not be disobeyed . An apparition appeared behind his back as he punched out "Kings fury " the first move of the 12 moves . boooom !!!! the apparition also punched out as intense sound sounded stirring up waves bringing fury that's seems to destroy the sky. I nodded with satisfaction as he had managed to grasp the first move properly.

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