The martial lord/C13 Among the myriad worlds
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The martial lord/C13 Among the myriad worlds
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C13 Among the myriad worlds

Boooom !! , a figure was seen helplessly smashing through trees In the forest and a man with strands of sliver hair in his dark was punching him from different angles. The darkwood ape was filled with despire as he was being toyed around by this human . The human arrived in this section of the forest weeks ago and have been killing wantonly. He had been labled as the slaughter incarnate by many beasts and most of the beasts have all fled the area.

"Little ape, hope the fight have been an entertaining fight ". I shouted while smashing him to the ground again . Most of his body was filled with cracks as blood gushed out . The ape wanted to cry but no tears came out. This was simply his worst nightmare. I have been fighting different beasts over the past two weeks and my number of points have increased drastically. Nobody in the martial master realm is a match for me so I was simply bullying them.

"Human please kill me ,I want to die ". The ape pleaded with teary eyes . One can imagine the type of torment he had gone through to plead for death. I grinned slyly "I have a new move I have not tested ,you can help me with that ". The ape cursed in his heart at the viciousness of the human . Suddenly , a terrifying aura shrouded the entire part of the forest as an intense collision occurred . booom !!!.The shock waves from the battle above smashed the trees to bits as the land cracked forming a wide gulley.

I was caught off guard as I felt my body smash into the ground. I felt dizzy and I experienced a nerve wrecking pain in my body .The ape was not in any better shape as his whole body was smashed apart. I hurriedly pocketed his beast core as I fled. The battle was getting closer to my location as I was fleeing . I was affected by the terrifying aura that seems to press against my body . I speed up as I did not want the shock waves from the battle to injure me again .

The speed of their approach was too fast . I gritted my teeth as I looked around for a place to hide ."Those stupid fools, they did not care about the beings below" . I cursed at them. I saw a cave situated at the left side when I was on the run .I quickly dived inside the cave without a second thought. I would have died to the shock waves of a battle and that would have been the most shameful death not knowing who killed you.

The cave was dark with a little bit of light coming in .I walked inside as I calmly observed my environment . I noticed that the cave was strangely hot and the temperature was still raising as I walked further inside. Booom !!! the cave started shaking as rocks started falling from above . "what kind of bad luck is this ". I hissed with anger. "should I go out or should l continue walking inside?" . I quickly made a decision, to go out was to go and court death so I would rather try out the unknown.

I circulated my cultivation as I dashed off further into the cave . I came out into an open space . The place was designed with strange symbols I have not seen before . A voice sounded "place your hand on the fire stone ". I became alert as I looked around to know where the voice is coming from but I did not see anybody . The voice sounded again telling me to place my hand on the fire stone . I made run for it but when I turned around to flee the route I came in was no more as I could only see a wall. I sighed " the day can't keep getting worse ".

I looked around the place and I saw a huge stone with a octagonal carving situated at the middle of the cave . it was emitting bright light as it looked very mysterious . I took a deep breath as I approached the crystal . I was ready to run at any strange occurance . I pressed my hand on the crystal as I felt a warm energy pass through me . I heard the voice saying "Emperor potential, passed ". I removed my hand. The stone started emitting light as strange symbols flew out from it.

The symbols circulated in the air like it was constructing a diagram. I suddenly found myself in a strange place. I saw a huge phantom that was emitting a golden light with a very strong imperial aura . " Among the myriad worlds, I lord over fire . I am the fire lord Genji . A voice filled with arrogance sounded. I looked at him and I cursed silently "what is with this posturing".

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