The martial lord/C14 Nobody knew where they came from
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The martial lord/C14 Nobody knew where they came from
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C14 Nobody knew where they came from

I looked at him with calm eyes as I was not moved at all. The phantom condensed into a tall man with red hair and eyes . He had red skin and strange symbols was engraved in his body . He coughed awkwardly as he said "I forgot that this is a primitive world ". He scrutinized me with his red eyes as he placed his hand under his hand under his jaw "strange , how can a low level world give birth to a being with Emperor potential".

"You are not from this world". I asked . He snorted in disdain "how can this primitive world give birth to a supreme being like me". I looked at his prideful face as I asked "where are you from". He answered me with a prideful tone"I am from of one the planes in the universe, the elemental plane ". I have never heard of the place in my life. "Since you have any knowledge about the universe, let me explain it to you. when the universe came into being it had four supreme planes that was at the centre of the universe namely Divine world , Demon world , Elemental world and Dragon world . The reason why they are called supreme planes is that they are eternal and indestructible . These four supreme planes are so large that it covered a quarter of the universe . I am from the elemental plane and I am one of the five supreme emperors governing the plane .

The huge information about the the universe made me even more confused . Fire lord Genjin noticed my confused gaze and smiled "for a world that have not given birth to a god before so it is given that it will not be exposed to the secrets of the universe". I became curious as I asked "so one can become a god in this universe". Fire lord chuckled softly and slowly answered "Being a god does not mean ominipotency, it simply means comprehending a law and forming an immortal body. Many worlds in the universe use different terms to identify it. There are realms above the god level but it's too early for you to know all these " . "Do you mean realms like the emperor level ". I asked . He nodded and said "The emperor realm is the peak of this universe".

He looked at me with interest and said "you have the potential to be my successor ". I shook my head and said " I don't want to be your successor ". His expression became astonished as he said "I am one of the peak existence in this universe and you are rejecting my inheritance". "If I am right , you are dead right. I don't want to be burdened with a revenge mission or anything ". I said with experation. I don't want to court death yet . Since that being can kill an emperor , going after him will be sucide . His gaze became awkward as he sighed"I am indeed dead and what is left is merely my will ".

"what can kill a terrifying being like you ?". I asked .He shook his head as his expression became filled with pain and grief " "you are not worthy yet to come in contact with those existence . it can make you die faster. " "Since you are one of the five emperors , surely others will still be around to help you ". I asked . His expression became bleak as he said in desolation " The elemental plane is no more ". He clenched his fist as his aura became violent . I was shocked " who was that powerful to destroy one of the supreme planes". I thought . After sometime he calmed down and said with apology "I lost my emotions for sometime " . The fire lord looked at me and said "This world is far too complicated for you to understand even someone at my level still died in the end . The dangers from beyond are what even emperors can not contend against".

I was curious as I asked " What dangers can kill the strongest being of this universe ". The fire lord waved his hand and constructed two sits and said" sit down , I will tell you a story , actually I admire your courage and fearlessness so I will let you know the calamity that will soon engulf this universe " . He took a deep breath as he recalled with intense gaze " Nobody knew where they came from, they carried the aura of destruction . The universe trembled at their might, they called themselves The devourers .They infect worlds with their aura and slowly all the creatures will corrupt and start mindless slaughter. The world will start to decay leaving the world core and they will devour it growing stronger . they gain immense strength from devouring creatures and worlds " . He sighed with helplessness as he continued .

"When the calamity first began . the emperors turned blind eye to it as they felt it was too insignificant to affect the universe without knowing that it will lead to the fall of several emperors ". I was marveled at the story because I can not imagine how terrifying the beings that brought destruction to the elemental plane is .

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