The martial lord/C15 Destruction of the elemental plane
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The martial lord/C15 Destruction of the elemental plane
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C15 Destruction of the elemental plane

" They began to infect several worlds as they continued to become stronger . Many creatures were corrupted and they slaughtered mindlessly . Their power soon grew to Emperor level and they became an intense threat . Emperors are known to be undying as far as the law they comprehended still exist they can still be reborn but the devourers devour everything including laws and they were nemesis of emperors . They have immortal bodies which make them almost impossible to kill.

"Although the elemental plane was the weakest plane of the four supreme planes. We had a total of 18 emperors with 5 supreme emperors making it 23 . Other supreme planes noticed that the devourers were getting stronger at a fast pace but none of them want to weaken their fighting force at all. They were waiting for the first to strike so that they will collect benefits from the back . I personally visited the god emperor of the Divine plane who is the strongest expert in the universe . Í pleaded with him that we should all forget our conflicts and band together to fight off these anomalies .

He said that he will think up a solution to the problem". The fire Lord laughed with a mocking expression " I was naive enough to believe him ". Then the elemental plane was attacked by them .In the beginning we had enough man power to hold off the Invaders but the devourers were constantly getting stronger and many corrupted creatures joined their ranks. Our forces started getting weaker as we started losing emperors in battle . I became anxious and I talked about asking for help from the god emperor as he promised the Divine plane will send help. The demons will not agree to help and the dragons were too proud to even listen to my request . The future was bleak for the elemental plane.

I was really confused "what is wrong with everyone. how can they let something so destructive and evil to keep growing stronger while they are protecting their personal interest". The fire lord expression became filled with sadness as his imposing aura seemed to weaken drastically "I thought they would see reason and extend help to the elemental plane but I thought too much. Countless of worlds were being destroyed and I was helpless to change anything. I became enraged at their attitude but they did not care.

Then the final calamity came , tens of emperors powerhouse from devouring race finally attacked . The number of their powerhouse far exceeded our own as only 10 emperors remained . The battle was too devastating as it tore the sky asunder . I pleaded with the dragon monarch and god emperor to help but they said they could not make the final decision . For the sake of my race ".His aura became violent again as his expression was shrouded with anger and humiliation "I , Fire lord Genjin the leader of the five supreme emperors and the fourth strongest being in the universe knelt in front of the Divine plane forsaking my dignity yet they chose not to help .

I lost hope as I arrived at the elemental plane and saw the destruction there . The ice empress on of the four supreme emperors said with anger after knowing what happened" Genjin do not beg anymore, warriors are meant to die the battlefield . A supreme being can not be humiliated . We have been together for eras and was unmatched in our our generation so what if we die on the battlefield ". The heriosm behind those words brought tears to my eyes . I could imagine the despire they were passing through but they could still hold on to their strong conviction.

"Together with my brothers and sister we created the Elemental origin formation . We fought the devourers until blood flowed like rivers and the river of time was shattered . The stars dimmed as the sky was torn asunder . we extracted our life force as we launched our final attack . The elemental plane could not withstand the devastating attack as it finally crumbled ". His gaze became proud as he said " The attack was so powerful that I got a glimpse of the realm above but sadly we all died after the attack and merely a will was left ".

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