The martial lord/C16 Can one truly be eternal
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The martial lord/C16 Can one truly be eternal
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C16 Can one truly be eternal

I became entranced by the story as I clearly felt his emotions that he poured out to me. "Did you kill all of them after the final attack". He shook his head and said "We were able to destroy many of their emperors and deal severe damage to them but I guess they have recovered their vitality by now ". He looked at me with seriousness and said "Your world is too weak. it can not defend against their invasion at all . My inheritance can help you become a god faster ".

I nodded with gratitude but I wanted to walk my own path not his path. " I appreciate your Goodwill but I want to walk my own path myself . I can quickly get stronger with your inheritance but it will limit my achievement so I rather walk my own path". Fire lord was really marveled and filled with admiration "Taking your own path , brat you are sure ambitious but you are correct it is the best path . I can forcefully make you become a god but your path will progress slowly or might not progress at all." I coughed and slowly said without any shame " I can accept treasures and other things . You can give me the inheritance when I see a suitable person I can help you pass on your legacy and also I need energy stones ". I listed many demands without batting an eyelid .

The mouth of the Fire lord twitched as he looked at my straight face while I made several demands. "Many of my treasures was destroyed during the war but I still have the chaos Pagoda and few of Divine crystals ". My eyes widened and glowed with light as I said "I can help you in safe guarding the treasure". " I never knew that you are this shameless". Fire lord sighed and waved his hand as he tore space and a beautiful Pagoda emerged from it standing thousands of meters tall . He looked at the Pagoda with sadness as he said " this is the origin Pagoda . it have 12 floors and each floor is big as a world and the flow of time there is different from the outside world. This is the number one treasure of the Elemental plane. Many of our techniques are stored there . it also have several functions but you have to explore it on your own ".

I gulped as I stared at the supreme treasure of the Elemental plane. I had lucked out massively , with this Pagoda in hand why won't i become peerless . " Oh I forgot to tell you that this treasure came from beyond this universe and it is still in damaged state ". I looked at the Pagoda with amazement "it is damaged and have these amazing functions . what if it fully recovers , I can not imagine how terrifying it will be". The Pagoda shrank and became small rotating at the hand of the fire lord .

"can you give me the Divine crystals?". I asked . The fire lord nodded and brought 10 massive crystals and threw it towards me. I was looking at them and imagining the number of energy I will get from it . I collected the crystal and the Pagoda . Fire lord also handed me his inheritance with hope that I will find a suitable successor . I promised solemnly that I will find a suitable successor . He also taught me how to refine the Pagoda and claim ownership . I was extremely grateful to the Fire lord for all the opportunity he granted to me .

"Brat , remember that when you complete your law and become a supreme Emperor please remember to save other weak worlds that have no one to help them ". He said to me with plea in his voice . I assured him that I will try my best to try fight against the devourers . He nodded with gratification as his will became blur "can one truly become eternal and indestructible ? . it seems I can never receive the answer to this question . Take care of yourself brat and don't die early ". His will dispersed . I knelt down as I kowtowed to a supreme being that stood at the peak as he left the world without any regrets ." I will forever remember this favours he bestowed on me ". I deeply vowed . I never knew that I will have the answer to his question many years later .I retrieved the Pagoda as I started refining it . I decided to enter into seclusion inside the cave .

Somewhere very far away , a group of people who wore red robes with sun insignia were riding horses toward a narrow path . A young handsome man with red hair was asking a middle aged man a question "are you sure that the child you saw have a profound yin vein ". The man patted his chest as he vowed and said " I am very sure , young master ". The eyes of the young man flashed sinsterly as he muttered"I will soon complete the yin yañg technique and become a supreme warrior . He increased his speed as they speed off to the distance.

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