The martial lord/C17 Crimson sect attacks
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The martial lord/C17 Crimson sect attacks
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C17 Crimson sect attacks

A number of figures could be seen practicing martial arts while some were meditating . The atmosphere was harmonious as everybody struggled to improve themselves . Wiping off the sweat from his body , "practicing martial arts is never easy ". Tian thought . Without experiencing hardship one will never become a powerhouse even the most precious gold needed to undergo a good refinement before it becomes costly and expensive .

Tian looked at the people his master selected and nodded with satisfaction . They have been practicing like Maniacs for the past one month and the rest is gradually showing . Many of them broke through to the peak of martial warrior realm. something that they can not dream of in the past .They had strong will and was willing to endure pain . "I wonder how master is doing now . it's almost a month and half since he left ". Tian thought to himself as he continued to practice the 12 moves of the martial king .

Having practiced the first move to mastery . He wanted to master the second move"the king's fist". before his master will come back but the second move was so hard to practice that he just entered elementary level since one month ago . He felt like he was missing something important in order to master the second move. "master Tian , I have a problem while cultivating the shadow palm". One of the men practicing in the field approached Tian for advice . Tian turned and smiled when he saw the person coming "Elvis , won't you rest a bit . you have been practicing since morning without stop ". Elvis shook his head and said "I will be left far behind by others anytime I relax ". Tian really appreciated the hardworking nature of Elvis . The young man was very talented and he was the strongest person after Tian in their group .

Suddenly , a loud voice sounded as someone was quickly approaching their location "Master Tian ,there is trouble in the village . A group of foreign people came inside the village intending to take away your granddaughter . The aura of Tian exploded completely suppressing all directions .Tian eyes became red as he asked furiously "where are they ?".The man who came to inform him broke out in cold sweat as he incoherently said "They are at the western entrance of the village ". Tian figure became blur as he dashed off . The rest of the men there rushed after him at the back .

At the western entrance, two men grabbed Emily which is the name of Tian's granddaughter as they dragged her off . She was crying and calling out for her grandfather . Jay who is her younger brother was trying to fight the men but he was just seven years old. Irritated by the constant pestering of the boy . He raised his hand as he prepared to smash the boy to a pulp . "Don't you dare!!". A fierce voice sounded as a man suddenly appeared in front of the boy .The man was still surprised by the sudden appearance of the man until he felt a huge force slam into his body . His vision became blur as he vomited blood and was sent flying.

The man grabbing the girl felt a large hand grab his neck and lifted him up like a kitten and smash him to the ground booom !!! . His head became fuzzy as tears came out of his eyes . Having taken care of the assailants . He hugged his children as he consoled them . "master Tian ,are the children alright?". asked the men that was rushing over .Tian nodded as he looked at the front gravely .He saw a group of men walking in . They all had terrifying auras as the weakest of them is at the peak of martial warrior realm. They all wore red robes with sun insignia . "crimson sect". Tian hissed with haters in his eyes.

He told his grandchildren to leave the place immediately. "I want the girl ". a young man leading them said with absolute authority . Tian said with a cold voice "she is my granddaughter and she is not going anywhere ". The young man smiled playfully and said "Based on your weak strength ". Tian said with a firm expression "you have to walk over my dead body ". The young man laughed with disdain and said"kill everyone and get the girl for me ". Tian aura exploded completely as he exposed his martial master realm. "the Kings fury ". booom!! An apparition appeared behind his back bearing majastic appearance as the king's will can not be defiled. He punched out booom !! a devastating fist force swept the three men that was rushing forward smashing them into the air as they slammed into the ground like broken kite.

"Humph ". the eyebrows of the young man lifted in suprise as he did not expect to see a martial master in this weak village . The three men with early martial master realm could not withstand a blow as they were severally injured by Tian "kill him". the young man ordered . Two men with their cultivation at the middle of martial master realm stepped out. "let us help you , master Tian " The 12 men offered .

Tian shook his head and said "you are not strong enough just let me handle this ". The two men attacked from both sides . Tian shouted as he pushed his cultivation to the limits as he punched out "king fury". booom!!!a large gulley was formed as the fist projection smashed towards the men ."sun fist". They excuted a martial technique as they clashed together booom!!! . countless waves swept out cracking the ground and stirring dusts into the air . The two men retreated 20 meters as they stabilised themselves dispelling the force of the punch .

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