The martial lord/C18 Massive increase in strength
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The martial lord/C18 Massive increase in strength
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C18 Massive increase in strength

A month back

I started refining the chaos Pagoda given to me by the fire lord. I had to be careful and follow the procedure for refining it to avoid backlash . I discovered that with my strength that I was only able to refine only 10% of the Pagoda and I can only control some of the functions . My consiousness immersed inside the first floor of the Pagoda . I saw a very wide world . I spread out my mental strength as I investigated the length of the world . I discovered that it was three times the size of the world I was currently living in and the spiritual energy was so dense that you can feel refreshed by mere breathing inside the world .

Also, I saw a golden place in the center of the world . The palace was extremely large and beautiful . I came inside the world with my main body , I discovered that I was virtually a god in this world as I could control everything with a single thought .I walked inside the palace as I surveyed it, I discovered many rooms containing formations, alchemy , techniques and many other things . I was really marveled at the techniques here and I kept exploring the palace for about the two days before I was able to completely grasp everything there .

I started absorbing one of the Divine crystal as my energy points was shooting up at an incredible pace . I discovered that the energy contained in the crystal was truly massive that my points have increased to a billion yet it was not exhausted at all . I immediately upgraded the star body art as I wanted to have a very strong body . I felt the strength in my body slightly increase . I kept upgrading the technique until boooom!!,I felt my consiousness appear above the void as I saw a gigantic star emitting a very bright light .

My body Constitution was being remolded and reconstructed as my life level was elevated . countless of sliver runes containing indescribable mystery started appearing in my bones. My blood completely turned sliver . A star like imprint appeared in my forehead and my hair turned completely sliver . . My whole seemed to contain the might of heaven and Earth. My aura became Noble and divine as my sliver eyes seemed to contain a sliver of arrogance and superioty of a higher being . I was not aware that my outward appearance have changed drastically . I was surprised as I felt my cultivation increasing from peak martial warrior to initial martial master to mid state and then to the peak of martial master . booom! I broke through to martial grandmaster as I sensed several elements in the air and also I gained the ability to fly . I quickly checked out my system menu.

Name: Drex

State : Grandmaster (initial)

Technique: star immortal technique

points : 200 million

Bloodline: Star bloodline ( divine)

Faction: nil


world's owned :1

others : creation, fusion.....

I saw that I have developed star bloodline maybe it's because my body art changed my bloodline . I still have several techniques that I needed to upgrade so I spent many energy points in upgrading them .I felt an insane increase in strength compared to my former self I can pinch my former self to death . I continued to consolidate my strength as time quickly passed .soon a month passed as I opened my eyes expelling turbid air . I stood up and stretched my stiff muscles . I flashed as I came out of the Pagoda .

I slowly flew up as I stood in the air controlling the world energy . I grinned happily as the feeling of defiling gravity . I was ready to go back to windstorm village . I flew to the entrance as I saw it was blocked by a massive rock . I gently punched as the rocks shattered into pieces . I flew outside as I surveyed the environment . I quickly flew east as I speed off in the air .

Back to windstorm village.

They were evenly matched at the first strike .Tian took a deep as he realized that they are in grave situation even if master comes back . He might not be able to resolve it . The young man was impatient as he said "Irik , quickly get rid of him . I don't have any time to waste". A bulky man exuding a peak martial master aura stood out and stared at Tian with deadly eyes . With a flash he disappeared suddenly appearing in front of Tian as he punched out. Feeling intense danger Tian hurriedly defended as he punched out bang!! the two fist collided as Tian felt his fist split and blood came out . He took dozens of steps back as he felt his organs shake and he was Injured.

He wiped off the blood that slid down his lips as he looked at the man with strong fighting intent .The Man sneered in disdain as his muscles expanded and he punched out "Titain fist" . A strong fist force shoot towards Tian like a hurricane as the force seemed to constrict the air booom !!! . it came at him with devastating might . Tian narrowed his eyes as he flashed disappearing from his position as he appeared beside the man "king's fury " . he punched out with fierce might boom !!! . The man grinned sinisterly as he swung his left fist smashing the force apart . bang!!! . Tian was swept back as he knelt down and committed blood.

He looked at the man with calm eyes as his fighting intent did not decrease at all instead it became more fierce .A man should not never retreat instead he should advance forward with courage . How can he shatter the firmament when he can not defeat the ground . He closed his eyes as he seemed to have grasped something . The huge man laughed and said " it seems like you have accepted death . don't worry I will grant you a quick death ". The 12 men rushed forward as they tried to protect Tian . The man snorted as a terrifying pressure enveloped them rendering them immobile . "Die!!!". He raised his palm as he slammed it forward . then suddenly Tian's eyes snapped open carrying terrifying might.

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