The martial lord/C19 Unyielding will
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The martial lord/C19 Unyielding will
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C19 Unyielding will

He had been trying to perfect the second move of the 12 moves of the martial king for a long time now but he seems to be missing a thing . Now he realized why he could not perfect the "king's fist " . who is a king ?. A king is supreme and his will eternal which is not to be violated . He lacked the domineering will in his heart. As the palm was descending on him and he felt intense danger .

An apparition appeared behind his back bearing royal air . The figure became became more solid as it resembled an ancient king .His supreme authority shrouded the whole place . "the king's fist ". booom !!! . the phantom punched carrying supreme might that seems to pierce the heavens .boooom !!!.

They clashed as the man's figure was sent flying in the air. Tian flashed as he appeared above the man punching out continuously not

leaving the man any breathing space . bang!!! bang!!!. Sounds of breaking bones could be heard as Tian ravaged the man with series of punches . The man smashed in the ground severely injured as his body was smashed beyond recognition.

Tian landed on the ground exhausted as the move consumed huge amount of spiritual energy but he stood firm on the ground not showing any signs of weakness as he faced the young man. The young man narrowed his eyes as he looked at Tian in different light. He was a genius himself and he could barely fight a tier above his tier but the man in front of him can cross two tiers and fight without losing so there must be a huge secret that he is hiding and he must dig out the secret from him . The young man smiled and said" I can consider sparing you if you give me the martial technique you are displaying".Tian looked at him like he was looking at a cool."that is not going to be possible". Tian said coldly because he would rather die than give out the martial technique.

"Do you want to see this village destroyed".The young man said indifferently . The expression on Tian face became hesitant because he did not want to implicate the village."Are you sure that you will spare everyone?". The young man nodded and said"you have my word, just hand over the technique and I will spare everyone. Tian looked at everyone as he seemed to have made a very difficult decision ."Nooo". The men shouted with anger "we are not afraid to die". they echoed together. Tian looked at their unyielding expression as he shook his head and weakly said "we can not implicate the innocent".

The young man saw Tian approaching him with unwilling look and he smiled like victory was already in his hand . When Tian was close to him . Suddenly, Tian struck out without hesitation intending to take the man down with him ."die!!!" . booom!!! Tian punched out with all his strength as a terrifying might swept towards the man . The young man sneered as he casually swept his palm dispersing the fist force .He casually struck out his palm as Tian felt an unimaginable force swept towards smashing his body. Many of his bones shattered as he was swept into the air . He smashed into the ground stirring up dust as remnants of the terrifying fist force swept across stirring up waves . Many of his internal organs were damaged as he was not far from death .He kept coughing out blood as his aura became very weak . Tian stubbornly struggled to stand on his feet .

The young men rushed and helped him up .They surrounded him as they took a fighting stance intending to fight the young man to death . The young man looked at them in disdain and arrogance as he said " since you want to court death let me send you on your way". He slowly floated from his horse into the air as he looked down on Tian and others as he stood in the air . Tian face was filled with despire as he finally knew that the strength of the enemy far surpassed his own .Elvis said with determination " master Tian , we have to fight with our lives on the line this time ". the others nodded as they stared at the young man with grim face .

"Attack". Elvis shouted as the men attacked the young man from different directions . The young man was not bothered as he smiled "can an ant shake an elephan?". Elvis shouted with a determined voice"it depends on the will of the ant to overcome his fear of the elephant ". They all struck out together with their decisive moves .booooom !!! their combined attacks carried destructive force as it swept towards the young man. He casually waved his sleeves as he dispersed the force . The disparity was too strong . As a grandmaster he can control heaven and Earth force so without being a grandmaster you can not fight one. He casually slammed his palm forward as a golden palm emitting intense heat smashed towards the men as they hurriedly countered with the move with their own but it was futile.

Their attacks were shattered as they were all sent flying, smashing into the ground. They all vomited blood as they were severely injured. They were rendered immobile . The young man asked again"will you hand over the technique?". Tian eyes became red as he despised his weakness to protect his beloved ones. He clenched his fist so hard that he was very confused on what to do . The young man saw that Tian was not saying anything so he said with impatience " I will first kill off these loyal dogs " . He raised his palm as he slammed it forward.The men eyes were filled with determination as they were afraid of death . Tian wanted to agree to his request but suddenly a proud and arrogant voice sounded.

"Touch them and you will experience a pain worse than death ". Tian eyes light up as he heard the voice of his master but he hurriedly turned to warm his master that the enemy was too strong . He became speechless when he saw a very handsome man with sliver air and sliver eyes that seemed to contain arrogance and superiority that Lord's over countless of beings .He had a star imprint on his forehead that seemed to radiate mysterious light .One could not help but feel inferior as if you are looking towards a superior bring . As he stood proudly in the air , his aura Noble and divine . it seems like he became the centre of heaven and Earth.

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