The martial lord/C2 The fight
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The martial lord/C2 The fight
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C2 The fight

The man looked at me coldly and said " someone wants your life " . I said in anger " it depends whether you are capable of taking it " . The man chuckled and said " we will see about that " . Dark aura gathered around his body signifying that he was a martial master . martial master is the realm that is above martial warrior. "oh shit " I exclaimed in my mind as I quickly dumped all my points in upgrading my martial technique . I felt my power increase drastically . I felt tense as I quickly circulated my cultivation technique as I adopted a defensive stance .

The man disappeared suddenly appearing in my front as he smashed his fist towards my face . My face changed as I dare not take the fist head on . I quickly evaded as I counter attacked ."star fist" . sliver light gathered around my fist as I punched towards his lower abdomen . intense rumbling sounded in air as I went in for the kill. He used his aura to form a barrier as I punched him. The barrier shook , showing cracks but it did not break . I quickly flashed back as I looked at him wairly .He took a deep breath and said solemnly "I will have to get serious now " . my mind was already calculating on how to escape .

I was just a martial warrior at the early stages and I guessed that the man must be at the middle of master realm . Being able to fast him for so long was already considered impressive. I calmed down my pounding heart as I said " how did I offend you" .The man looked at me and shook his head " you are a martial genius , alas you should have known your status and not chase after what is beyond you . wait , I recalled that extremely beautiful girl I found lying severely injured on the road and I took her in and she lived with me for sometime .

I became extremely angry " is it irisha that wants my life " . He said "yes it is the saint daughter ". I clenched my fist as I muttered" ungrateful wrench ". My gaze became cool as I looked at him "make sure you kill me because I will be coming for her head" . The man laughed and shook his head in disdain " Do you Know the might of the Eternal dark sect , you are just an ant . well that's enough, die now!!!". suddenly, he appeared at my back , I hurriedly defended myself as I felt something smash my chest . my sight became blur as I smashed against the wall. intense pain came over my body as I could not help but spit out mouthful of blood. I weakly stood up and gazed at him defiantly .

" oh ,quite a strong body you have there ,a pity a pity " He extended his hand and said " overturning fist" . Rumbling sounds came as a fist projection smashed towards me . My hairs stood up as an overwhelming sense of danger came over me . "I can not survive this fist" I quickly thought and I looked around and saw an opening . "star travel" I flashed and made run for it . booooom !!!! my whole apartment was smashed to bits.

I looked back and I saw the scale of destruction . I thanked my stars that I did not foolishly fight back . " where do you think you are going " a voice came from the back . I quickly increased my speed as I ran . He kept attacking me from the back disrupting my movement . I almost turned and fight it out with him but I was able to comport myself and kept running. My spiritual energy was already running low and my speed was decreasing .

I came to the edge of a cliff with nowhere to run to again. I looked down all I could see was a bottomless abyss . I stopped and turned . The man stopped at a distance and walked slowly towards me " let's see where you can run to " he sneered .

I looked at my experience points and I saw that it has increased to 45,000 as I was sneakily absorbing energy stones while running .I quickly dumped all the points in upgrading my cultivation rank. I felt my power increasing as I broke through the middle of warrior stage . I said to the man heroically " I will not die without a final fight . The man smirked and said in amusement " oh " . I shouted " star fist " as I gathered all my spiritual energy and punched out . An outline of a star smashed out , the ground cracked and dusts stirred . The man was equally serious as as he punched out " dark fist " booooom !!! an intense sound sounded as they clashed , the man shook as he retreated several steps and a tickle of blood slid down his lips

The man was speechless as he saw that he was injured . He immediately became mad with anger . "How dare you injure me!!!" . He exploded with a terrifying aura finally displaying his peak strength . Unfortunately I had taken the opportunity to jump off the cliff. A voice filled with rage sounded " I will be back just tell irisha to wash her neck " . " Oh no " he rushed forward but it was already too late. The man looked down and saw a bottomless abyss . He muttered " Even a supreme warrior may not survive this , I better report this to the higher ups " . He was afraid of the boy martial talent . Hopefully , he will not survive the fall or else. He flashed and disappeared.

Outside a very beautiful palace , a very beautiful girl was kneeling down and begging " master , please there is nothing between us " . An indifferent voice sounded " there is no need to beg , I know you very well and I can see that you have developed feelings for him" . The girl pleaded with her master " master please let him live , he is just a commoner " . " Humph , that is more reason you should not associate with him". The cold voice sounded . The girl was shivering as she wept "Master, I can't repay his saving grace with wickedness " .

A terrifying aura erupted, suppressing the girl till she was out of breath ." Enough , he should have kept his distance and not have any thoughts towards you. He should die because if I don't kill him someone else will" . The girl clenched her fist as she shouted with anger " I will never marry the saint son of the supreme sect unless am dead " . The voice signed with helplessness" it is for your own good and for the sect". The girl face was filled with disappointment and pain. " Has the renown Dark queen that was peerless in the world become cowardly " .

The voice mixed with complicated emotions sounded out " somethings can not be solved with strength " . The girl stood up with a firm gaze " I will go out and save him ". Booom!! "Insolent " . A large hand grabbed her and threw her inside the palace .An indifferent and cold voice sounded " you will be suppressed until you repent".

Drex found himself spinning around as he jumped off the cliff. He was feeling very dizzy as he uses the last bit of his spiritual energy to protect his vital part. The friction generated by his fall was seriously tearing his skin apart. " will I even survive this " . he thought . suddenly a bright light erupted from nowhere blinding his eyes. He felt his body smash against something as a wave of intense pain came over him . He lost consciousness after that.

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