The martial lord/C20 Extreme Rage
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The martial lord/C20 Extreme Rage
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C20 Extreme Rage

Standing there , he was the centre of attraction as all eyes seems to be on him . A flash of jealousy flashed through the eyes of the young man as himself felt a strong of inferiority compared to the person in front of him . Having been in a high position for a long time he could not accept someone more outstanding than him .He braced himself and asked "Who could your distinguished self be?". I plainly ignored as I looked at the state of Tian and others . Tian was severely injured as he was bleeding in several places . I became enraged as I also saw the state of the other men .

Non of them was intact as they were barely able to breathe . I just left for about a month or so and such thing happened. I dare not imagine if I had been late for a second I would be burying subordinates that have hardly worked for me . One of my weakness Is that I am very protective of my own people and I hate it when I see them oppressed by another. The atmosphere became increasingly cold as my expression turned cold as I looked at the culprit. The young man was angry at being ignored so he tried to make use of his background to intimidate me .

"I am one of the core disciples of the crimson sect . I wonder who you might be ?". His expression became proud when he mentioned his position in the sect . "The crimson sect again!". I became even more enraged "why is this sect getting on my nerves all the time". I coldly looked at him and said with a calm voice "you shouldn't have touched them . ". The young man sneered "oh you mean this ants . so what if I kill them ". he said without a care in the world. "Since they are ants then you are an ant to me ". His expression became hideous as he tried to refute "Get down for me!. you are not worthy standing in front of me". My aura exploded booom!!! as our aura clashed in the air stirring up dusts .He was sent flying into the ground bang!!!. as he was defeated in a single move .

I stood proudly in the air as I purposely humiliated him and I said with disdain"Now tell me, who is the ant?". His expression became aghast as I seemed to have a fatal blow to his heart . He looked at me with twisted expression "how could you be so strong". I ignored him and looked Tian "what is his reason for attacking the village ". Tian said in anger "they want to take Away Emily ". Boooom !!! I finally lost it completely as my aura became extremely murderous .I grabbed towards his direction as a huge palm grabbed the young man and lifted him into the air. He kept struggling but he could not escape from my hand . Many of his bones were being crushed in a very terrifying manner as his expression became warped with pain . I intended to squeeze him apart .

Suddenly a voice sounded with absolute authority "let him go and then commit sucide to relieve yourself of your crime ". I smiled in disdain as I looked at the void "so you can not finally help it but come out ". The void twisted as an old man appeared . I have long noticed that someone was hiding there . The man was emitting a terrifying aura that was above the grandmaster level so he must be a warrior at supreme level . Judging from his aura he must have made a breakthrough recently so I was not afraid of him at all.

The old man looked at my unfazed Expression and wonderd what might be giving me the confidence to face him . The old was thinking maybe I came from an extraordinary background as he tried to probe "I wonder where this young master came from ?". I looked at him with a condescending expression as I said " you are not worthy of knowing ". The old man paused for a moment before he said "Forgive for being impolite "! He disappeared in the air as he appeared in front of me grabbing towards me but my reaction was extremely fast as I flashed back while still slowly squeezing the young man apart . The old man narrowed his eyes as he was surprised that I was able to dodge his attack .

The young man was already at the verge of death as his body was already twisted in a strange manner . The old man looked at me and said calmly"are you sure that you want to be an enemy of crimson sect?". I sneered as I heard his word . I have set my sights above the stars so a mere crimson sect was just a stepping stone for me. booom!!!, the young man exploded into blood mists as I calmly killed him in front of the old man. The old man exploded in rage as his terrifying aura shrouded the whole place. My aura also exploded countering his making it that he can not harm the people behind me.

The imprint on my forehead started emitting bright light as my bloodline became active .The old man exclaimed in suprise as he felt suppressed by a higher form of life . He looked at me greedily as he could not wait to dig out all my secrets . His aura became more terrifying as his palm slammed forward. supreme warriors can control the heaven and Earth energy in more exquisite way than a grandmaster . A huge palm smashed towards me as the space seemed to constrict leaving scars . Booom !!!the palm carried an unimaginable might it swept towards me. I was not afraid as I gathered my strength and punched out . My body was now engraved with Divine runes as I now possessed body of the way so I was extremely strongly physically . A huge explosion swept across the area.

I waved my hand as I swept Tian and others away from the battlefield . We were evenly matched in the first attack . The eyes of the old man became even more greedy as he could not wait to eat me up. The aura surrounding him became so bright that he seems like a small sun ."sun palm ". A golden palm emitting intense heat that seems to melt the whole place smashed towards me with destructive might . I narrowed my eyes as I intended to go for close combat. booom!!"Star descent". A terrifying miniature star slammed against the palm as terrible explosion swept out devasting the environment as grounds cracked and many wide gulley's were formed.

Making use of the commotion .I flashed with extreme speed as I suddenly appeared beside the man punching out with all my might . The punch seems to leave loud explosion in the void as it smashed towards the man .

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