The martial lord/C21 With the sky as my witness
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The martial lord/C21 With the sky as my witness
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C21 With the sky as my witness

The old man smirked as he watched my attack slam towards him thinking that he could take it head on . He did not evade as he seemly punched out clashing with my fist . I smiled sneakily when I saw this . The old man felt a very terrifying force slam against his hand as his knuckles split open and blood flowed out . The force behind my punch threw him backwards as he lost his footing . "what a terrible strength ". He thought warily as he tried to put a distance between us , circulating his cultivation he tried to heal his injury . I quickly followed up with another attack but the old man no longer tried to clash head on with me physically as he quickly formed a golden barrier around him .

I stopped in the air as I looked at him . My eyes became pure sliver as my aura kept increasing . The old man looked at me wairly as he took out a steel armour with inscriptions and equipped it . I looked at the armour with interest as I have never seen an artifact . I made my move " Star emperor". An apparition appeared behind me bearing incredible majesty that seems to disdain the world . The phantom smashed his palm forward leaving destruction in its wake as the ground cracked and the air was filled with oppressive aura as the terrifying attack slammed forward.

The old man's eyes turned solemn as he brought out a sword with similar inscription. The sword became golden as he slashed out . A strong sword qi swept forward as it clashed with the palm booom !!!. Countless of shock waves swept across devastating the surrounding . Sliver armour covered my body as I became a ray of light as I dashed forward becoming offensive in my attacks . The old man with a serious expression speed off too as he clashed with me . it was my fist against his sword . We became enterwined in battle as I kept punching out in barbaric manner . I kept flashing around him as I released series of punch.

The old man was in a passive position as he defended himself . looking at us from afar , we were like sliver and golden colours clashing together . I was enjoying the fight as I was not in a hurry to end it . we entered into a stalemate as we could not do anything to each other. Suddenly, the old man gritted his teeth as he seems to have made up his mind for something .He seemed to have activated a forbidden technique as his cultivation shoot pass the early stage of supreme level quickly climbing to the peak of the mid stage . His aura became more terrifying as I was sent flying . My arms became numb as I looked at the old man that was looking at me with a ferocious expression .

" you must have paid a terrible price for that technique ". I said calmly while looking at the old man .The old man said ferociously "As far as I take you down everything is worth it ". I shook my head as I looked at him . if he was a void realm expert perhaps he might have a chance but no supreme warrior was capable of taking me down . His smile was sinister as he grabbed at me with terrifying might . I decided to end the fight as I was getting bored with it . "star domain " . A huge domain shrouded the whole place as he old man was rendered immobile in the air . His eyes widened in horror "No!!!, you can not be a domain realm expert ". His world outlook crumbled as he saw a being that was not even a supreme warrior use a domain only domain warriors are able to use .

His body started disintegrating slowly as he watched his death coming near .He looked at me and said in fear "who are you really ". I smirked and said "guess". He looked at me with hatred as he said "the crimson sect will not let you off ". I smiled calmly and with a carefree expression , I said " Don't worry they will soon join you and you won't be lonely " . The old man wanted to say something but he quickly disintegrated and faded away. A supreme warrior have fallen so tragically . Someone that is strong enough to look down on various beings have fallen.

I took a deep breath as I regulated my breathing . This move consumed alot of spiritual energy so my face was a little pale . Tian and others were amazed as they looked at the scale of destruction that was caused by the battle . it was like the battle of the gods . They did not mind that their body is in severe pain as they looked at the figure standing heroically in the air proud and arrogant with a peerless visage . I turned and looked at Tian and others that was severely injured . Tian grinned weakly and said "Master I might not be able to accompany you to battle against the sky in this lifetime but I will.... ".

"Just shut up, you are not dying yet ". I said with impatience . Tian wanted to refute because they were beyond saving as they were hanging on due to their strong will . I looked at the 12 men I selected randomly before I left . I never knew that they will not stir away from danger but risk their lives in protecting the people of windstorm village . These are the kind of people I need right now . I had really approved of them in my heart as my people . I glanced at the system menu as I decided to invest my points in upgrading their cultivation and healing them .

Booom!!. waves of spiritual energy started entering their bodies as their injuries were quickly healed . Their cultivation broke through from the peak of martial warrior realm to martial master intial , mid , peak before it stopped . I wanted their foundation to be stable so I did not directly elevate them to grandmaster level . it was only Tian who was a martial master before now was elevated to the grandmaster level . They all became overwhelmed with emotions as they knelt down in front of me and pledged to serve me forever .

I nodded indifferently as I said " with the sky as my witness , I establish the martial palace ". My bearing changed as I said in an absolute tone with an unriveld aura "I will be the Lord of the martial palace and 12 of you shall be appointed as the 12 martial gods with Tian as the martial supreme . They acknowledged as they shouted in unison "we obey his majesty the martial lord ". I nodded in Satisfaction as I said "Get up , we have a lot of things to do". I looked at Tian and said " Gather all the villagers because we are going to move to another location ". "where is that? , your majesty". I smiled mysteriously as I said "you will know in a short while. This place is no longer safe for the people to live in so they will be going to a place that is far better than the place they are now ".

Tian nodded solemnly as he rushed off. I also said to other men "Go and help him gather people so that it will be faster .make sure no one is left ". They nodded their heads as they quickly left . I sighed as I looked at the distanct horizon with hands behind my back " so I have finally arrived at this point ". A great calamity awaits this universe as the devourers are getting stronger day by day and no matter how strong I am . I can not fight them all by myself . I need companions in this journey. The martial palace that dominated an era in this universe was hence born on this day

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