The martial lord/C22 Relocation
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The martial lord/C22 Relocation
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C22 Relocation

The villagers were quite reluctant to leave their present environment to an unknown environment that is not familiar to them . Tian persuaded them that staying in the village was too dangerous and that they might loose their lives . The place that they are was going to bring countless of opportunities to them .Tian slowly flew into the air and said "The opportunity to become a a grandmaster powerhouse was bestowed upon me by his majesty , the martial lord ". Tian slowly enticed them by showing them his cultivation and how it rapidly increased since last month.

The 12 men further established his claim by exposing their terrifying aura one by one . The villagers were astounded by their terrifying auras . They were now partially convinced of leaving their home . Even if they are reluctant, they wanted to get stronger so it's obvious of what they will choose .

After picking my war spoils and making sure that I did not miss anything . I even found a space ring for storing items in the old man possession . The space in the ring was not much barely 10 meters wide but it was okay for me . I slowly flew back to the village where I saw Tian talking to the villagers . As I approached slowly , they turned and looked at me and I saw different expression in their face . Anger, blame , indifferent , sadness and fear were prevelant in the air as I floated down . Tian turned and saw me . He immediately bowed and stood at my back .

I glanced at the villagers and said "I am sorry for the inconveniences I have brought to all of you ". I slowly bowed my head in form of apology . The face of Tian and the martial gods changed as Tian hurriedly said "your majesty , it's ...". I waved my hand as I silenced them "Leaving your home and placing your safety into another person's hand is not an easy decision at least I owe them an apology ". I looked at them and solemnly said " I will make sure I provide a suitable home for all and I will also make sure that no being shall ever trouble you . This is my sole promise to you all ." The village chief stepped out of the crowd and said "Then , we will be leaving our safety in your hands".

i nodded at him and said " I have established the martial palace and interested individuals should met with Tian and identify with him ". I continued "we will all be leaving here in three hours ". I turned to Tian and instructed "make sure that they are ready by three hours ". Tian bowed and said "yes, your majesty ". I became a ray of light as I vanished from their sight . Tian immediately said " Gather all your possession and be ready to move out " . They all dispersed in several directions as they hurriedly went to prepare for their departure.

i immediately entered the first floor of the Pagoda . I wanted to arrange a suitable location for them when they move in . The world was so vast that ordinary human will get lost while transversing through it . The golden palace in the center of the world will be the place where the martial palace is located I intended to build a city there. I had to link this world to the outside world in some way. I racked my brains as I thought of a solution. After a while , my eyes immediately lit up . Maybe I should just build a spatial token that will serve as a key to the outside world .

Only few people will be given the token in case it falls into the wrong hands . I immediately commenced in molding different tokens that will serve as a spatial tunnel to the outside world. After sometime , I have carved 200 tokens that I left my Divine sense in . I quickly put them away as I left the Pagoda world. I saw that the villagers was already prepared so I did not waste time so I immediately teleported them to the location I mapped out for them .They were amazed by my magical ability as they all looked around in suprise at their new environment .

The environment was really beautiful as it was well endowed by nature . The spiritual energy was so dense in the air. A mortal living here can live at least above 100 and maintain good health . I asked the martial gods to help them settle as I told Tian to follow me to the golden palace.Tian was very amazed to see a gigantic golden palace that was floating in the air. It was truly magnificent as it looked like a Divine palace of the gods. "This is the martial palace". I said to Tian . Tian nodded abscent mindedly as he was still looking at the palace. i shook my head at his expression because he will soon get use to it very soon .

i took him around as I showed him different locations like the formation room , techniques , runes , Artifact refining and many other places so that he will know all these locations. "you should recruit at least 200 people and they will start as low level members until they become a martial master before they are promoted to mid level . I plan to go into short seclusion so we will have our first meeting when I exit ". I instructed Tian . "yes , your majesty". he answered with a fervent look in his eyes . " Oh don't forget to bring the little ones up and settle them in the palace in any room of their choice ". I smiled as I remembered his cute grandchildren . Tian gratefully thanked me as he left to perform his task . I went inside the main palace as I intended to sort out different things out .

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