The martial lord/C23 Free and unfettered
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The martial lord/C23 Free and unfettered
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C23 Free and unfettered

Crimson sect,

Booom!!!, a thunderous roar echoed throughout the sect as a voice filled with anger said "Who dares to kill a disciple and an elder of my sect ". A shivering disciple that was kneeling down said fearfully "Sect master, we suddenly discovered that core disciple Rick and Elder jaun life lamps were extinguished ". "Where did they go ?". the sect master asked . "The Elder said that they were going to windstorm village to investigate something ". "what are they investigating?'. the sect master asked with fierce gaze . The disciple quickly lowered his head as he muttered incoherently with fear " They did not mention it". The sect master was confused "was it another sect that attacked and killed them ". The loss of a supreme warrior and a potential one was a massive loss to the sect.

He waved his hand as he dismissed the disciple . The disciple ran away quickly as he was afraid of the sect master venting his anger on him . "Third Elder , I will trouble to lead 5 supreme warriors and investigate this matter." An old man sitting down with his eyes closed in the sect master palace nodded and vanished . The eyes of the sect master glinted fiercely as he vowed to avenge the deaths of his sect members.

Eternal Dark sect,

Irisha stood at her window entrance as she gazed at the moonlight . Her expression filled with deep sadness and sorrow . "Drex , I am so sorry that I implicated you ". she muttered inaudibly. Her eyes became red as tears slid down her cheeks . She remembered that day that she fell in love with Drex . The moon was bright and the atmosphere was calm .Drex stood as he declared in a carefree manner " I desire to be free and unfettered ". looking at his expression back then . I felt attracted to his heroic spirit .

He wanted to live his life and calmly depart without making any waves yet I implicated him .Now he is gone and his dreams shattered . intense guilt overcame her as she finally could not bear it and she started crying. she painted a sorrowful picture as she sat by her window looking at the bright moon and the words of Drex kept echoing in her ear " I desire to be Free and unfettered , Riding among the clouds , I leave the sky for my home . Inhibited by no bound . I fade away like the solitary air".

Origin world , Pagoda

Tian immediately left the martial lord as he rushed to where the martial gods were helping the people settle down . "Elvis, we need to recruit more people as his majesty ordered ". Tian said to Elvis as they were busy arranging the accommodation of the people.

"we have several young men with nice potential, so we can choose from there ". Tian nodded as he acknowledged Elvis suggestion . Tian looked around and he saw that the accommodation process was already done . He gathered the martial gods as he instructed them to pick out 200 men for selection .Ray who was one of the martial gods asked "is the selection going to be strict?".

Tian answered and said " well ,it will not be too strict because we are currently lacking in population so we will be less strict in order to met up with the numbers ". They all nodded in agreement as they dispersed to recruit people . Tian was essentially tired after running around for the whole day . He became a ray of light as he flew out to get his grandchildren.

Carriton city, Evergreen empire

In a bar that was at the right side of Reid street . As usual, the bar was filled to the brim as countless of Adventurers boasted about their several feats . the bar was very noisy as countless of discussions pervaded the air.

At the end of the bar , you can notice a group of three men that was arguing furiously with drinks in their hands. Their faces were flushed red as they seem to be a bit drunk . The tall burly man slammed his hand down the table as he shouted in anger"I am telling you Dave , it was said that the saintess of the eternal Dark sect was found pregnant and out of shame her master abolished her cultivation with one move". The one called Dave sneered and said "I wonder where you get your information from . The saintess gave birth to a baby boy and the boy had extreme talent in martial art that. he is already a martial master at birth.

The remaining guy who was short with a brown hair and average face was speechless as he looked at his two drunk friends that was arguing. He shook his head and said "matters of an overlord sect are not what someone like us should be discussing ". The two men glared at him as they refused to give in to each other . Suddenly a calm voice sounded "your story is quite interesting , mind if I join you". They all turned and saw a very handsome man with dark hair standing behind them . They looked at the man wairly as they did not notice how he approached them . The young man smiled as their vigilance as he said with a soothing voice "Relax , my name is Roy and I am just a mercenary".

They calmed down a bit as Dave said "sure , you can join us ". Roy nodded and pulled a chair back as he sat down, calmly pouring himself a drink . He took a large gulp of it as he sighed "Mind telling me again about the saintess of the Eternal dark sect ". Their expression were hesitant as they were still guarded against the young man. Roy saw their expression and said "Relax , I am not going to tell on you ". Dave went back to his story telling mode as he started narrating what he heard about the saintess. Roy's eyes glinted mysteriously "oh Irisha , what really happened all these while ". he sighed with sadness in his heart. Dave went on without noticing that the expression on Roy's face was a bit off.

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