The martial lord/C24 Seclusion
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The martial lord/C24 Seclusion
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C24 Seclusion

Having given out instructions to Tian , I walked inside my quarters as I prepared to go into short seclusion . I discovered that I was severely lacking in different aspects when I battled the old man . Although I was practically invicible in my realm . I can not be fighting with only my hands and feets all the time. I needed to create a powerful sword art and other weapons technique. Although the techniques stored in the Pagoda was very strong . I needed a technique that will suite my taste . I have nearly exhausted my energy points when I healed and upgraded the cultivation of the martial gods.

i wanted a very domineering sword arts . So I started absorbing energy points from the Divine crystal and when I felt that the points have gone up to a suitable level. I started designing the sword technique . it took me sometime to create a sword technique that I called "The nine heavens sword ". it consists of 14 moves but I guess I could barely execute the first move due to my low cultivation. I wanted to perfect myself all round so I checked if I was lacking anywhere. i discovered my movement technique was a bit slow when compared to a supreme warrior. A supreme warrior who have opened Divine sense can capture any minute movement in his mind .

Although my "Star flash " was fast , he still captured my movement and was able to defend himself . I needed to create a technique that will come in contact with space element and I had an idea in mind . The points required for the creation of such technique was astronomical . After countless of trails and errors . I created the void technique . my spiritual energy as a grandmaster was low but when I pour all of my spiritual energy in executing the move I can barely create a spatial tunnel but I was confident that when I become a supreme warrior I will be able to sense the spatial nodes in the air like void realm beings .

I took out the sword that was left by the old man , I lifted the sword up as I took a good look at it .This should be a low quality supreme artifact because I noticed it was not strong as the various artifacts stored in the refining room . I guessed that the first level consists of things ranging from the warrior realm to the demigod stage . I put away the artifact as I mapped out plan on how the martial palace will develop . if it was before I met the fire lord , I would have limited my ambition to ruling this world but now my sight have been broadened so I felt that this world was not enough for me and with the immense calamity that was hanging over my head so I need to get stronger quickly and cultivate a very strong force . I appointed the martial gods on a whim but I guess that I will allow them to keep that position because I intended to groom them to be the best of the best .

I divided the positions in the martial palace into several parts for now . I am the leader and below me is the 12 martial gods who will be in charge of the 12 god palace . Then below the 12 martial gods are the 56 saints . The saint position will be held by the best combatants in the palace . No weaklings will be allowed in it. I needed a discipline Hall to regulate the rules and regulations in the palace . I also planned to opening Refining and Alchemy hall for producing pills and artifacts . I am severely lacking in terms of population for now but in the future many more positions will be introduced . Apart from all these sections I mentioned. I also need to have a task hall who will be in charge of giving out tasks . I almost forgot about array formation but I guess I will have to check out the talents of the individuals that I have recruited and I will start nuturing them .

I postponed everything for now until I have gathered them together and we will discuss about the development of the palace . Gradually without knowing it , three weeks passed . I gradually fortified my foundation as I prepared to make a breakthrough to the middle of grandmaster level.

Tian and Elvis was walking down a narrow lane as they discussed"Elvis , how is the recruitment process going ?". "your honor , we have been able to barely recruit 200 men from the population of the village". Tian nodded as he had expected this . in the end , the population of the village can not be compared to that of a city . "His majesty will be exiting his seclusion very soon and we need to have everything settled b". Elvis nodded with a solemn expression on his face "His majesty will be satisfied with the men we recruited because they are the best ". Tian signed with with relief because he did not want to fail the task assigned to him . "Oh, when are you going to be breaking through to the grandmaster stage!". Tian asked .

" I can breakthrough anytime but I want my foundation to be solid before I do so but I guess that I will be able to break through in two days time ". Tian nodded as he had expected them to be able to promote to the grandmaster stage because the spiritual energy was so dense that it made cultivation easier for everyone and many people had promoted to become warriors.They soon reached an open field where the 200 recruits and the 11 martial gods was standing. The martial gods greeted Tian respectfully as he was their superior second to the martial lord. Tian nodded as he exchanged pleasantries with them .

He took his time to supervise the men they recruited .After a while , he said with Satisfaction " I guess they will do ". zodan who was one of the martial gods said "they are the people with the best potential in the village". Tian looked at the recruits as he addressed them "you will all become part of the martial palace from now on and what we require from you is absolute loyalty without complain . if you feel that you are not able to comply just step back now!" . His aura exploded as he pressured them but the men's gaze were firm as they looked at Tian . None of them stepped back as they were firm with their decision .

Tian nodded with approval "from now on ,you are low level members of the martial palace . His majesty will soon address everyone when he exits seclusion ". Tian dismissed the recruits as he turned to the martial gods "I need you all to breakthrough to the grandmaster stage in a week . know that as a martial gods , you all need to be extremely outstanding and not bring shame to his majesty". They all nodded as they promise to promote to the grandmaster stage. "oh by the way , cadik ". "yes , your honor ". cadik answered . "have the food problem been solved ". Tian asked . "yes , we hunted down some livestock and many people have started rearing them and planting crops ". Tian signed with relief as he looked at the distance sun that was just going down . He wondered what the future will hold in store for them but he was sure that they will surely prosper under the leadership of his majesty and they will surely astonish the world.

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