The martial lord/C25 The meeting
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The martial lord/C25 The meeting
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C25 The meeting

Booom!!! , I broke through to the middle stage of grandmaster stage . I felt my strength increase by more than three times .The runes inscribed in my bones became more prominent as I felt that I could defeat an early stage supreme warrior in one strike . I have been cultivating for almost a month now and it was time to exit my seclusion . I expanded my Divine sense as it covered the entirety of the newly formed town . I quickly spotted Tian practicing his moves somewhere in the field as I transmitted my voice to him. "Gather everyone ". Tian was shocked as he looked around at the sudden voice transmission "is that you , your majesty?". He asked . " yes , I need you to gather the martial gods and the 200 men I asked you to recruit. " I ordered.

Tian nodded with vigour "yes , your majesty". He immediately flew out to gather everyone around. I withdrew my Divine sense as I teleported out of my quarters into the main palace where the meeting will take place . A very beautiful throne that was designed with a mysterious crystal was situated in the center of the hall . I sat at the throne as I calmly waited for them to arrive. I closed my eyes as I calmly mediated . it was not long before I discovered that the martial gods and the recruits was already gathered at the entrance of the palace waiting for me to grant them audience . I opened my eyes as I said "you may all come in ".

They walked into the throne room and they were amazed at the beauty and intricate designs . As for the recruits , they were working quite nervously as they saw the martial lord on the throne . They felt a sense of inferiority as if they were looking at a superior being . His eyes were deep as stars as if they contained the mysteries of the world . His sliver hair and eyes made him look like a young deity as his aura was profound and unfathomable . The martial gods with Tian bowed and greeted "we greet your majesty ". I nodded as I acknowledged their greetings. The 200 recruits knelt down on one knee and respectfully said "we greet his majesty , the martial lord".

I glanced at them and said indifferently"you may all get up ". No emotion could be seen on my face as my face was always indifferent and aloof making it hard for others to know what I am thinking . They all stood up and everyone settled down . I looked around and I saw that everyone was settled so I began "I have planned to establish the 12 martial gods palace with the martial gods as the head . I have appointed Tian as the martial supreme because he will be my sole assistant ." I paused as I looked around at their thoughtful expression before I continued "Below the position of the 12 martial gods, I will also establish the position of the 56 saints which will consist of the best fighters and they will only take others from me .

Then I also plan to establish various halls like Task hall, Discipline hall , Alchemy hall , Refining hall and Array hall. " They listened with rampant attention as I continued my speech talking about the various functions of each hall. Tian seemed like he wanted to say something "Tian, do you have anything to suggest?". I asked him . Tian immediately stood up and bowed "your majesty , you seem to have neglected something". I lifted my eye brows as I said "oh , continue ". "your majesty , how you divided the positions of the higher ups is good but how about the low level members ". I nodded in agreement as it seems to have skipped my mind . " continue". I said . "I suggest that we divide the disciples into 5 levels . The low level, middle level, high level, core and supreme level .They will have to meet certain requirements before they are qualified for promotion. For example the requirement to become a mid level disciple is to become a martial grandmaster and to become a high level disciple , one needed to become a domain warrior and so on . As the strength of the martial palace increases , the requirement will only become more strict". Tian bowed as he finished suggesting.

I nodded my head as it was a very good idea. " Acknowledged". I said with an aloof voice . Elvis stood up and bowed "your majesty , I have something to say ". I nodded as I asked him to go on . "The god palace you established to be headed by the martial gods .I believe that a council of elders should be suitable for helping the Martial gods to run the palace". I was in deep thought as I was thinking that the idea is indeed feasible . He continued " They will help in the functioning of the palace when the martial gods is not around ". Elvis bowed as he sat back in his chair . I looked at him and thought "quite a lazy fellow, you have not started working yet you are already looking for helpers ". I glanced at him and said " your suggestion is good . Each of you is charge of your own palace so organise it as you fit . Before I forget , I also plan to establish an academy for nuturing the children but due to lack of man power now it will not be effective for now".

The atmosphere was solemn as everyone looked at me . I looked at the recruits and I noticed that their potential was barely passable so I intended to use the tempering pool in the palace to increase the potential of everyone because I wanted everyone to be able to achieve at least the god realm ."Tian how do you suggest I deal with the recruits ". I asked Tian . Tian stood up and said" I suggest that for now , they should not be assigned any position until they are tested and trusted . They will start as low level members first until they become a grandmaster . Then they will be appointed to their various positions". He looked around and saw that most of the martial gods agreed with him . I looked at everyone and said "As the first people to be recruited into the martial palace , I will not hold back in nuturing everyone . I will be bringing all of you somewhere to increase your potentials ".I stood up and waved my sleeve as I teleported everyone to the body tempering pool.

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