The martial lord/C26 The clash
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The martial lord/C26 The clash
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C26 The clash

Two young handsome men stood apart facing each other. The atmosphere was cold as their expression seem to contain fierce fighting intent with a slight killing intent . "lorgan , why are you making life difficult for Irisha ?". one of the men asked . The one called lorgan sneered with a mocking expression"Roy , I have always known that you have deep feelings for her but you can only see but not touch ". Roy clenched his fist tightly as he looked at lorgan with hatred " I know that you have bad intentions towards her when you proposed marriage to her ". lorgan snarled with disdain "Any woman I fancy , I will get her without any stress ".

Roy looked at the confident and complacent expression on his face and said " is it because your supreme heaven sect is the strongest of the four overlords so you intend to suppress everyone " . the expression on Logan face became proud as he said " After i am done using her , I will dump her ". booom!!! . The aura of Roy exploded completely as he could no longer control his rage .His gaze became extremely cold as he looked at lorgan with killing intense " I swear if anything happens to Irisha even at the cost of my life I will make sure that I kill my way into your sect ". lorgan was dismissive of his vow as he said without care my"you are not even an ant in front of my sect perhaps , your dog of a father be able to stir up some waves but you ... ". lorgan shook his head mockingly .

"How dare you!!". booom!!! Roy disappeared with extreme speed as he attacked ."Extreme fist". A devastating fist force swept across the air as it smashed towards lorgan . lorgan looked calm as he slapped his palm forward "supreme heaven fist ". A golden palm slammed forward as it clashed with Roy's punch . boom!! . intense shockwaves spread out as both of them was thrown backwards as they were evenly matched . Immediately both of their protectors stepped out of the void as they locked on each other preventing each other from interfering .Ray stabilised his figure and said "I can see that you have not improved much even after becoming a grandmaster ".

lorgan laughed and said"why don't you find out about it ". Roy calmed himself down as he took out his sword . Lorgan smiled and took out his saber . boooom!! sword and saber intent that many martial artist can not comprehend in their lifetime clashed . The sword intent of Roy tend to be soft but sharp as it yearns for an opponent while the saber intent of Lorgan was very domineering as it intends to destroy everything in his part . Both intents refused to give way to each other. Then Roy made his first move "Extreme Slayer". He slashed his sword as a terrifying sword qi slashed towards Lorgan. The attack was mighty as it formed a huge gulley as the attack swept towards Lorgan.

Lorgan smirked and made his move "saber death ". boom !!! , the saber turned pitch black as an ominous aura swept around the environment. The life force of various plants were being extracted as they reinforced the attack . The attack grew stronger until it carried horrifying might as it swept towards Roy . booom!!, Roy's attack was smashed apart as the terrifying saber qi swept towards Roy . The protector wanted to make a move but the other protector immediately locked on him preventing from doing so .Roy looked at the incoming attack as he felt an immense danger . "Extracting life force to enhance an attack was an evil technique". He closed his eyes as his sword started spinning fast around him .His sword. intent kept accumulating strength until he opened his eyes when the attack almost landed on his body"Sword god ". booom!!, an illusionary figure condensed behind him as he slashed forward boooom !!! . the collusion swept out as the void seemed to be constricted by the devastating force . Roy defended the attack but he a tickle of blood slid down his lips . he sighed inwardly " Truly, the talent of Lorgan is unparalleled".

That move was his strongest move yet it was barely able to defend a move from Lorgan . Lorgan looked at him and said in disdain " you are still too weak " . Roy expression was firm as he said " I will not allow you hurt a single hair on Irisha's head ". The protector immediately appeared beside Roy and without a word swept Roy away from him as he tore the void and left . Lorgan smiled sinisterly " Next time , I will not let you off easily". Two protectors appeared beside him as one of them said "young master , we could have kept them here forever". Lorgan shook his head and said "Now is not the time to fall out with an overlord sect ". . The protectors nodded as he stepped back without a word . "let's go". lorgan became a ray of light as he vanished followed by his protectors.

Origin world, Pagoda

I instructed the 200 men , the martial gods and Tian to enter inside the pool . They all jumped in one after the other . They felt a cool sensation enter their body as they felt relaxed . Suddenly , an intense pain came over their bodies as they felt like ants were crawling all over their bodies. Their expression became filled with pain as they experienced thorough body remolding . The pool was helping them remold their physique into an inmate physique that is free from any impurities . Countless of impurities were being expelled from their bodies as the mysterious energy in the pool tempered their bodies increasing their potential.

The cultivation of the 200 men swiftly advanced from early stage of martial warrior realm all the way to the middle stage of martial master.The martial gods all broke through to the middle stage of the grandmaster level as they experienced drastic increase in strength. They all had innate body of the martial way . I nodded in satisfaction as I looked at them . My faction was slowly becoming stronger . I looked forward to the achievement of these men . They all walked out of the pool refreshed . The Martial gods and the men wanted to kneel down and express their gratitude . I waved my hand and said " it's alright , I need everyone to become stronger because we are running out of time". They are bowed in gratitude but they were inwardly confused because they could sense the urgency in the martial lord voice.

Somewhere in a vast forest , boooom!!, a crack formed in the space as dark aura started to seep inside the forest devouring the life force of everything there . A terrifying calamity was coming.

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