The martial lord/C27 Southern Extreme sword king
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The martial lord/C27 Southern Extreme sword king
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C27 Southern Extreme sword king

Extreme Sword sect,

Roy lay on the bed as his face was pale due to his injury . A middle aged man with a sharp aura stood beside him and looked at him with worry in his eyes. "You should have not clashed with Lorgan ". The man said . Roy tried to sit up but he could not as he was experiencing sever pain in his body . Although he had pale expression on his face but his gaze was firm as he looked into his father's face "Father , a swordmaster follows his heart and forge forward because fear of the unknown will make my sword rust and my will to waver . Must we fear them because they are stronger ". His father sighed as he closed his eyes and said "Son , this world is very complicated and when you have ties and responsibilities. you have to look out for everyone and not just yourself".

Roy closed his eyes and muttered feebly "The southern Extreme Sword King who was known as the battle king of his generation can not stand up to a tyrant that monopolizes the whole resources and commits countless evil acts". Roy's eyes glinted fiercely as he glared at his father . His father shook his head and said"Son , don't go against the supreme heaven sect anymore because even at my peak I could not do anything to them talk more of now am injured ". The expression on Roy's face changed drastically"Who is able to injure you in this world , father ". His father looked at him and said "There are several hidden powerhouses in this world that already have a foot into the realm above void realm . I was injured by the ancestor of the supreme heaven sect ". Roy cursed with anger "Those bastards how can they attack wantonly".

His father looked at his son aggrieved expression as he smiled " In the martial world , there is no right or wrong only with supreme strength can one dominate everything . the weaklings have no say in anything. The peerless sky king that dominated an entire generation and was known to be matchless . He had hope of surpassing the void realm and entering the Divine realm yet he fell in the end for unknown reason". Cough!!! his father paused as he coughed out blood and his breathing became rapid. Roy tried to sit up as his face was filled with worries "Father , are you okay?". His father waved his hand and said "Don't worry, I will be fine. it's just the old injury acting up". His father regulated his breathing as he suppressed his injury . He looked at his son with a doting look as he said "Rest well son and recover quickly ". he left the room after that.

As he walked, a young man walked out of the void and looked at him with worries in his eyes "Alex, your injuries is getting worse as you are rapidly losing your lifespan . you can not live more than 10 years at this rate". Alex signed as he looked at his younger brother ."Raden , the supreme heaven sect plans to dominate the world and I fell into their sinister trap resulting me being injured to this extent. I am afraid as they can not be stopped ". Raden clenched his fist and said "We can Ally with the Dark queen and the temple to resist them ". Alex shook his head and said " you don't know that the temple have long submitted to the supreme heaven sect and the Dark queen is under some restrictions because based on her peerless strength she would have attacked long ago after all she is the number one under heaven".

The look of Raden rapidly changed as he said with shock " This can't be true ". Alex expression became bleak as he seemed to have aged suddenly "The situation is very bleak because they are bidding their time and hoping to strike when the opportunity comes and it might be the overlord competition that is coming in a year". Alex looked at Raden with a solemn expression and said "Younger brother, you are the only one with strength that is infinitely close to mine . please protect Roy when the time comes". Raden said with a sad expression "Has it really reached to that extent ". Alex nodded and said "yes, we can only turn the table if the sky king was still around to suppress everyone but now..". He shook his head as he left leaving a desolate shadow. The once battle king that challenged the sky was now living in his former shadow.

Origin world, Pagoda ,

I stood in the air as I was surrounded by the martial gods . I looked calmly at them as they prepared for an intense battle. They have stabilised their cultivation and they have cultivated various techniques that are suitable for them.Their strength have increased drastically as they were considered to be invicible in the same realm and they could even fight above their realm. Elvis made the first move as he drew his sword " Desolate sword slash " . booom!!! an unparalleled sword qi swept towards me as it carried the aura of desolation.

The others quickly made their moves as countless. attacks filled the air "Sky shatter fist", "Never ending saber move", "Eternal calamity fist ". Devastating might swept through the air as loud explosion occurred as they smashed towards me. I did not put down my guard as the attack was capable of instantly killing an early stage supreme warrior . Countless of runes light up in my body light up as I was covered in sliver aura . I wanted to Know the extent of my body strength . I punched out simply as an intense sound sounded in the void as it seems to constrict the space . boooom !!! . intense might smashed out as it clashed with the countless techniques in the air . booom!!!. a loud explosion occurred as intense shockwaves swept across the environment.

I was standing unscathed without moving and they were not qualify pushed back . They sighed inwardly as they marveled how strong the martial lord is . Their expression became serious as they looked at me because I was ready to make my move . boooom !!! my aura exploded suppressing all directions as I attacked "first heaven".a streak of terrifying sword qi gathered at my finger as it swept forward . booom!!!. the might of the streak of sword qi was so terrifying that it left tears in the space . Having learnt lesson from their firmer sparring . They immediately gathered as they formed "the godsfall formation" A terrifying gaint clad in Golden armour condensed at their back as it punched out . The punch was mighty as it clashed together booom!!! . intense shockwaves swept out they cancelled each other . I smirked as I have expected this "Second heaven , body of the sword god ". An avartar condensed behind me as he slashed out his sword with intense might . booom !!! . The figure was covered in sliver armour as he looked like an ancient god . The martial gods poured more spiritual energy into the formation as the apparition became more powerful.

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