The martial lord/C28 The spar
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The martial lord/C28 The spar
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C28 The spar

The gaint clad in armour became more terrifying as they poured more spiritual energy into the formation . The gaint punched out booom !!!. Terrifying explosion rang out as it clashed with my attack booom!!! booom!!!. Countless of shock waves swept across the air as I took a step back . I narrowed my eyes as I looked at their formation . Due to our constant sparring , They have become more proficient in using the formation . Suddenly a voice rang out"Your majesty , I am late ". a ray of light shot across the skies arriving beside the martial gods as it revealed the figure of Tian . I nodded at him as I became more serious.

I lifted my finger as I muttered "3rd heaven, calamity sword ". The gaint avatar behind me roared as his aura became stronger and stronger. it slashed out with his sword . Terrifying sword qi accompanied by a supreme sword intent slashed out suppressing all directions . Boooom!!! scars were left in the space as the attack descended . "Ahhh". Tian roared as his aura exploded completely "3rd move of the martial king, gods sigh". His aura became brighter as he punched out with terrifying might . A huge fist projection smashed across the air . The Martial gods kept pouring spiritual energy as the gaint figure became more condensed "psspt ", the sound of air been torn can be heard as the gaint punched out also in sync with Tian .

The battle have exceeded the range of a grandmaster and arriving at the peak of supreme level. Intense explosions rang out as the attacks collided boooom!!!. The attacks left the martial gods quite exhausted and Tian also because executing the 3rd move was not easy even for him . The explosion cleared as they saw me unscathed . Their expression became quite ugly as they wondered if I was actually in the same realm with them . I grinned widely when I saw their expression. They had a feeling that they were about to be beaten up again. The star imprint on my forehead light up as my bloodline power surged .An apparition of a star appeared behind my back as my aura shot up explosively . I was about to make use of my bloodline ability. Tian aura surged as his battle intent grew stronger.

He entered the centre of the formation as all the strength converged on him . Our aura kept getting stronger until it surpassed the supreme realm entering into the domain realm . Boooom !!!!, intense might swept across the environment as I made my move "star descent". A miniature star formed above the sky as it smashed down towards the formation carrying devastating might that can not be ignored . The expression of Tian became grim as he knew that they could not withstand the attack but will he retreat. The answer was "No!". He roared defiantly as he attacked "heaven breaking fist". A huge fist projection smashed out carrying the intention to shatter the firmament. Booom!!!. The attacks collided but the fist projection was smashed apart and the star slammed into their bodies . They were sent flying as they vomitted blood in the air. They all smashed into the ground stirring up dusts.

I nodded my head in satisfaction as I could see the rapid increase in their strength. Before they could not even endure one move . I saw them lying on the ground without the slightest intention of getting up . I formed a huge palm as I grabbed at them . They all got up hurriedly as they fled in different directions . They did not want to experience another beating. I laughed heartily as I disappeared and chased after them . I had the void step so my speed was on par with a domain warrior. Intense cries of pain rang out in the air as I dealt my blows without holding back . Tian screamed with grief "your majesty, I have not fully recovered from the last spar". I smiled cunningly and said "Don't worry , I have the appropriate treatment ". Tian muttered with grievance in his heart as he thought" I thought that mastering the 3rd move will make me fight at least for some rounds but alas it is useless ". Tian increased his speed as he fled.

Meanwhile , in the forest where the space crack occurred have become desolate as the beasts inside the forest have become corrupted as they only know slaughter . The aura kept surging out of the crack . The forest have become desolate as it was filled with aura of death and destruction . Three young men and a girl was walking in the forest as they discussed . They were wearing an attire that signified that they are from a sect . "Senior brother ,Don't you think that the aura of this forest is quite strange this time around ". The young lady said to the young man that seemed to be their leader. He nodded as he looked around solemnly . His cultivation was the highest among them being at the peak of martial master so he was quite sensitive to the change in the atmosphere.

He frowned and said "the aura in this forest seemed to contain death and destruction ". They all became vigilant as looked around them in case something occurs . This is where their sects usually assign their disciples to come and hunt beasts cores so they were quite familiar with it . But now he whole place was so strange and the aura so different . Suddenly , one of the men screamed "Ahhhhhhh". Before the girl could react a huge monster that was covered in black scales with red eyes and sinister aura swallowed her. The rest of them fled but the monster was too fast.

"Roar!!!". The monster roared with madness as it was only slaughter that seemed to fill it's eyes . The one they called senior brother drew his sword as he decided to buy some time for them . "Run! quick , inform the sect that something strange have been happening here ". He urged them . The scarlet ape usually have martial master realm strength but the sinster and dark aura surrounding it seemed to give it immense strength that far surpassed its own . The monster just looked at them with slaughtering intent looking incredibly ferocious . it leaped forward as it smashed the young man apart . it disappeared with extreme speed as it swallowed one of the men and punched the other to smithereens . After eating their corpse , it's aura seemed to have grown stronger and it leaped and disappeared into the vast forest .

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