The martial lord/C29 The development
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The martial lord/C29 The development
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C29 The development

Origin world , Pagoda,

Six months quickly passed in the origin world . Six months for a mortal could be quite a long time but for a warrior it's just a flash . Many development have occurred in the martial palace for the past six months . The martial palace have experienced drastic increase in strength in the past six months . The population of the palace have drastically increased to 1,000. I have cultivated to the peak of the supreme realm and was about to make a breakthrough to the domain realm . if not for my intentional delay . I would have broke through to the domain realm .Tian and the martial gods have all become supreme warriors .

Many positions in the palace have all become functional with the exception of the saint position . All other positions like the task hall master , Alchemy hall , formation hall, Refining hall and Discipline hall master have all been occupied . Many talents have been discovered in the palace . Aside from Tian and the martial gods , All the hall masters have all become supreme warriors . The martial palace now have about 80 supreme warriors , 300 grandmaster , 400 martial masters with the rest martial warriors . The Refining hall have discovered flying ships that can help in transportation in the Refining hall so they are busy trying to decipher it's various functions .

I personally established the training tower that will help martial warriors to become stronger. it helps to cultivate their fighting skills . it consist of 12 floors but no one have ascended to the 9th floor yet because it was very hard to do so. Due to the nature of the origin world , the talents of the people of windstorm village have rapidly increased as many of them can now become martial warriors . I have also established an academy that will help the children lay foundation in martial arts . Due to the emergance of several powerful warriors , I created the martial rankings in order to determine the strength of individuals . The rankings was divided into supreme, grandmaster and warrior ranking .

The first in the supreme rankings was occupied by Tian and was followed by Elvis , cadik ,Raph , Edon and others . The first twelve positions were occupied by the martial gods . Only 30 names can enter each rankings . The first position in the grandmaster ranking was surprisingly occupied by a raising genius named Arton . Arton had a unique Constitution that is called the elemental constitution . He can cultivate the five elements as the same time. Due to his unique Constitution , I gifted him the "universal element technique"that was jointly created by the five supreme emperors of the elemental plane. The personality of Arton was much to my liking . He is currently one of the law enforcers in the discipline hall.

Subsequently , I created the martial gods seal that was unique to only the Martial gods and it has different functions which you will find out later in the future . During this period, I have created 10,000 spatial tokens that I gave to the task hall master for assigning it to the people that need it . The people of windstorm village have built a very large city which they named "the martial city " in respect of the martial palace .I walked out of the palace as I looked at the development in the realm .I was very satisfied with the way things are going . The two grandmasters guarding the entrance bowed when they saw me. I nodded at them . Last two months , Tian for some reason visited me and insisted on establishing the martial guards . He said that this force will be solely established for my safety and they will be only 100 in number.

I first refused but he continued pestering me until I eventually agreed to it . He selected 100 individuals which he thoroughly screened . For now the martial guards consists of 15 Supremes and 85 grandmasters and they were extremely strong as I personally groomed them myself . The Refining hall have made considerable progress in Refining armours and weapons . The hall master was a terrifying genius that is extremely gifted in the art of refining so I personally created the "heaven and Earth technique ", which I gifted to him . All the halls were functioning properly as they were all lead by capable hall masters .

The position of the saints will be determined when void realm experts start appearing in our ranks . My intuition was telling me that this peaceful period will soon be over . so I was trying to make everyone grow stronger .

In the front of a gaint tower that spanned thousands of meters tall . A group of people was lying down on the ground with several degrees of injuries on their bodies . Some of them had the expression of doubting life as they were currently beaten senseless on the 8th floor of the tower . Tian muttered with a helpless expression "How can we even pass the 8th floor when his majesty is personally helming the floor?". Elvis said with desolation "I was barely able to defend three moves before I was beaten senseless ". the others looked at him with admiration as one of them said "I lasted half a move , I have not made any move before I lost consiousness ". Tian and others laughed as many of them have experienced the same situation .

Elvis laughed as he lay on the ground "Thank God that I suggested that we establish council of elders that will be helping us run the palace". They all nodded in unison as they have all dumped their responsibility to the elders and they were now lazing about . Cadik grinned sheepishly and said " I never knew that you were this smart , Elvis ". Elvis glared at him "look who is talking , who is known as the one with the muscle brain ". They all laughed because cadik believed that his fist can solve anything in the world.

Tian smiled at their argument and said " I heard that one of the martial gods accepted a task from the task hall ". They all looked at each other with questioning looks as the matter was very famous all over the martial palace because a martial god was already standing at the peak and virtually lack nothing and they were rarely seen so it became famous when one accepted a task . Elvis scratched his head and said "I was bored so I decided to accept the task and your the outside world ". Many of them had regretful expression as they did not know that the task involved leaving the origin world if not they would have competed in taking it.

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