The martial lord/C3 Waking up
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The martial lord/C3 Waking up
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C3 Waking up

Everywhere was dark as I could not see any light . Suddenly an intense pain came over me as I gasped in pain . I slowly moved my hands as I opened my eyes. I saw two pair of eyes belonging to a small boy and a girl looking at me. I tried to get up but I could not because I was currently feeling very weak ."where am I " . I feebly asked .

"You are in windstorm village". the little boy answered . I checked my memory,I could not recall ever hearing the name of the village . so I was certain maybe I landed somewhere very far from the empire .The girl was looking at me with curious eyes ." Grandpa saw you floating on top of the village river , so he brought you home ". I weakly muttered "Thank you " . The cute girl smiled brightly as she was being praised .

The door opened and the girl shouted " grandpa is back " . and quickly rushed to him " Grandpa the person you brought back is awake " . she shouted as she hugged him . I looked at the person and I discovered that he was a martial warrior at the middle stage . He looked quite young considering the life expectancy of warriors . I wanted to get up and thank him for saving my life. He waved his hand and said calmly "No need for that , just rest your injuries are serious". I nodded at him with gratitude .

" I don't know your name yet " he asked me. "My name is Drex " . I weakly answered. He nodded and said " My name is Tian , these are my grandchildren Joey and Lisa " . I smiled at the kids as they also smiled and shouted " uncle ". My heart melted at their pure innocence. "Okay come on let's leave uncle Drex to rest okay " . The children nodded and followed their grandpa out .

I circulated my cultivation technique and started healing myself . My injuries this time was very serious as I dislocated many of my bones . I became very angry as I recalled what happened ."Irisha , why do you want to kill me ". My heart was filled with pain as I felt betrayed . I clenched my fist so hard that I injured myself . I calmed myself down and took a deep breath " One day , Irisha I will return everything you did to me a thousand fold ". Exhausted , I closed my eyes as I slowly healed myself.

Tian quickly closed the door after he left with the kids to avoid disturbing his visitor ." okay go now and play kids ". The children happily rushed out . Suddenly a voice sounded from his back " are you sure that saving this boy will not bring a calamity to the village " . Tian turned and saw an old man slowly Walking towards him " I know what am doing , village chief" . He answered coldly and left . The old man sighed and said " you have not forgotten what happened that year " . Tian stopped and said " how could I , when some people that are precious to me was sacrificed for the benefit of the village "

The chief shook his head and said " you and I know that we are powerless to do about it" .Tian began to walk away as he said " one day, I will get even with those arrogant sects " . The chief looked at his proud back and muttered "I hope you fulfill your wish " .

Eternal Dark sect

"how dare you fail to fulfill a simple task!!!!" . thunderous voice sounded shaking the whole place. A figure was seen smashing through the walls as he finally came to a stop . He stared vomiting blood as he was severely injured. He immediately knelt and pleaded " forgive me your majesty " . A terrifying aura shrouded him as he was pressed to the ground and his body started cracking under the pressure forming a pool of blood.

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