The martial lord/C30 The plight of the Dark queen
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The martial lord/C30 The plight of the Dark queen
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C30 The plight of the Dark queen

Eternal Dark sect,

The Dark queen sat on her throne as she frantically circulated her cultivation as she tried to suppress the raging poison in her body system . Her face was very pale and weak . She gritted her teeth as she seems to be enduring an intense pain . "Aregon , I never knew that you are this sinister , using this underhanded method to deal with me". she was plotted against by the ancestor of the supreme heaven sect when various powerhouse went to explore a mystic realm . The poison she was inflicted with was so potent that she suspected that the poison should be above the void realm as she have tried to eliminate it for a year now but she was barely able to contain the poison.

She vomited black blood as she was injured even in her organs . Right now she was barely left with half of her strength . she was incredibly worried about the date of her sect . The martial world was slowly falling into the clutches of the supreme heaven sect and nobody can really do anything about it. In that expedition in that ruin , countless of top powerhouses died and those that survived were plotted against and their strength plummeted . The southern extreme sword king that suppressed the East also fell into the scheme of the supreme heaven sect and was severely injured with barely sometime left to live. So the powerhouses that can stand against the supreme heaven sect have all been injured or dead.

She suddenly looked up as she noticed that someone was coming inside . A streak of killing intent flashed through her eyes as she wanted to silance the person in order for her weak self not to be exposed but when she saw the intruder her killing intent was replaced with a gentle gaze and then a serious look. Irisha noticed that her master's abode was unusually silent and strange as she walked in .She suddenly paused as she saw her master weak and pale face with blood leaking down her lips . She looked down on the ground and saw a puddle of black blood on the ground. She screamed and ran to her master. "Master , what is wrong with you?". she asked anxiously . The Dark queen tried to suppress the poison in order for Irisha not to find out but alas it was too late and she could not hide it anymore.

Tears started coming out of Irisha eyes as she asked with worry in her eyes "master , what is wrong with you?. who injured you to this extent ". She was really confused to see her master in this state as she always seem to see her in her peerless disposition as the number one under heaven and she has never been defeated by anyone in any battle she fought . The Dark queen signed as she knew that she will not be able to hide it anymore ."I was poisoned ". The expression on Irisha's face changed drastically as she shouted in anger "Who could be so despicable to do something like that". Her master shook her head and refused to say anything.The anger In Irisha's eyes intensified as she said in a cold tone "It must be the supreme heaven sect right?". Her master looked at her and said "Regardless of the culprit, you can not change anything , Irisha".

Irisha clenched her fist and said in a sad tone "No wonder you agreed for me to marry that despicable fool . I knew that nobody in this world can force you do anything contrary to your wish ". Tears continued to flow down her cheeks as she saw her master's painful expression and the blood that she vomited. She sighed bitterly as she remembered her resistance and hate towards her master for ordering the assassination of Drex .she never knew what her master was suffering in secret but who was right and who was wrong in the end it was her that was too weak . If she was strong enough , her master would have not made some certain decisions .In order to protect the sect . She was really feeling complicated as she held her master's hand in pain and sorrow . Her master looked at her disciple expression as she rubbed her hair with a doting look and said "Don't worry , I am not dying yet".

Irisha looked at her master and said "you can no longer suppress those bastards but we can ask for help from the southern extreme sword king and the temple master ". Her master shook her head and said "The southern extreme sword king is severely injured and the temple master is dead and the new temple master is just a puppet placed there by the supreme heaven sect . The reason that they have not attacked in full force is that they are still afraid of me because a starving lion is still stronger than an ant so they are bidding their time to attack us in our weakest state ". The expression on the Dark queen face was filled with helplessness as they could not change the situation . Irisha stood up with a determined look on her face as she said "I need to get stronger quickly". She looked at her master and said "Although I still blame you for Drex death but don't worry I will still look at the overall picture and be clear headed ".

She left in large strides and suddenly paused "I have not forgiven you for causing his death". with that she left . The eyes of the dark queen was complicated as she thought "Did I really make the right decision back then ". she sighed as she continued to suppress the poison . She will make sure that she devasted the supreme heaven sect before she die but before then she will have to send Irisha to a safe location as she could feel that the day of the final battle is not far anymore .

In the air above a certain forest , a rippling sound can be heard as a space tunnel formed as if someone was trying to cross over from the other side with force . The space tunnel kept rippling until it stabilised after sometime . A figure could be seen flying out from it as he looked around curiously. This is the first time, Elvis was traveling through a space tunnel and he was feeling a bit dizzy . He quickly circulated his cultivation as he became normal again . Having received the task of finding a certain ore and metal in this world so he had to set off quickly to complete it . He quickly noticed that the environment in the martial world could not be compared to the origin world . So he had to cancel his plan of staying long to relax here because he felt his strength will increase slowly here . He became a ray of light as he flashed into the sky disappearing .

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