The martial lord/C31 Discovery
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The martial lord/C31 Discovery
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C31 Discovery

A caravan can be seen moving on the road as it was accompanied by some men on a horse and some walking on foot . They seem to be mercenaries and they were escorting something towards their destination . A tall lanky guy with bushy beards said to the man beside him "I have recently heard that the number of deaths that occurred on this road have drastically increased for the past two weeks". The short guy beside him laughed and said "This might just be fake rumours and it might not be true at all". He looked around and said with confidence "We have plenty of warriors here and we are very familiar with these paths . so relax because nothing will happen".

The tall man nodded although he was still not convinced by his leader's words . They chatted with each other as they travelled . Suddenly , their leader who was the only martial master in their group narrowed his eyes and looked around with vigilance "what is the problem , leader?". The other man asked . Their leader asked with a serious expression "Don't you feel that this road is quite strange and the aura here seem to contain death and destruction ". The young man frowned explicably as he noticed that something was off but due to the fact that he was still just a Martial warrior . He was not sensitive as their leader .

He raised his hand and the caravan stopped . All the men escorting the caravan was about 20 in number and they were confused why they suddenly stopped on the road . Their leader said gravely " I sense a terrifying killing intent lock on us now ". The men became vigilant as they drew their weapon and took up a battle stance . They waited for a while but nothing happened . Their leader muttered with slight confusion in his eyes "can it be that I was mistaken ". He shook his head as he was sure that something was stalking them .

Suddenly, booom!!! a terrifying aura descended on them rendering them breathless as they saw a terrifying monster with three heads and evil aura looking at them with ferocious gaze . Roar!!!!, the monster roared with intense slaughtering intent as it have seemed to have totally lost its mind . Their leader looked at the monster with grim expression as he knew that the situation have gotten worse . The monster was at grandmaster stage and the dark aura emanating from the beast seem to contain the aura of death and destruction . Their leader quickly shouted "Run for your lives!!!". He turned and ran without looking back . The beast roared with madness as it pounced on them . it's speed was extremely fast as it seemed to appear everywhere in an instant . The body of the beast was so strong that his random punch kept claiming lives . Their leader was in despair as they could not flee at all.

Boooom!!!, the beast leaped into the air as it disappeared and appeared in another location quickly swallowing another man . They tried to fight it off but their weapons could not even pierce the beast skin . "Ahhhhh". one of the men shouted in agony as the beast tore him apart . The rest of the men were filled with despair as they could not run and they could not fight either . So they just stood there hopelessly and waited for death . Suddenly, a voice rang out when the beast was still going going on rampage. "When did beasts start slaughtering humans wantonly?". a ray of light flashed as a man wearing black robes appeared in the air above them .

The beast stopped as it sensed a fatal threat from the new comer . The men standing there with lifeless expression seem to have seen hope of escaping as their eyes light up with hope . They all knelt down as they pleaded for the man to save their lives. The beast roared as the slaughter intent kept getting stronger and stronger and soon it's last sense of reasoning disappeared as it's eyes turned pure red . The man in the air frowned and muttered "What kind of beast is this that will have this intense aura of death and destruction ?". The beast seemed to have totally lost his rational mind as it pounced on the man without any shred of fear as slaughter and killing seem to be the only thing on its mind.

The man grabbed the air as a huge hand formed and grasped the beast . The beast roared fiercely as it struggled to escape but he could not .The man kept looking at the beast as he was examining it . The men that was saved thanked the man profusely but he merely nodded in passing as his attention was fully on the beast . After a while he shook his head and lifted a finger . A streak of sword qi flashed as the light in the beast eye dimmed and vanished . He away the corpse in his space ring and turned to look at men on the ground . " Do you know where the beast came from?". he asked . They all shook their head as they had no idea . They were also in awe of the expert in front of them as they looked at him with undisguised admiration and worship , The man seem to be in deep thought for a while and after that he asked for the location of Greenwood city . They gave him the direction as they tried to get into his good book . The man smiled and gave his thanks to them as he became a ray of light and vanished into the sky . Their leader's body was still shivering with fright from his present encounter .

He wiped his sweat as he seem to be under immense pressure when he was talking to the expert . The talk man who also survived the slaughter asked "Leader , that man should be a grandmaster right ". Their leader shook his head and said "A grandmaster can not easily kill another grandmaster so he should be above the grandmaster level " The man shivered in fright as he had never met a grandmaster before talk more of a being above it .The leader looked around and saw that only 6 of them survived . He sighed in sorrow and said "Let's all go back , we can not continue the mission ". Their eyes were filled with sadness and sorrow over their lost companions . They all gathered together and started going back .

Elvis flew with extreme speed after saving the people that the strange beast wanted to slaughter . He was feeling uneasy about that beast because it's appearance was indeed unusual . He had even discovered that the forest here was covered in a strange aura but due to the fact that he was in a hurry he did not put mind to it until he encountered that beast that he discovered that something unusual was going on . He spread his Divine sense as it covered some part of the forest as he investigated it . He discovered that the aura of death and destruction was dense in the middle of the forest . He hesitated for a while before making up his mind to investigate the location . He transformed into a ray of light as it flashed towards the center of the forest with speed .

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