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C32 Danger

An old man was standing calmly with his hand behind his back . He carried a confident aura as if everything was in his control . His eyes was deep and it seems to contain boundless experience and wisdom . Taking a look at the old man , you will think that he is an ordinary old man because he does not seem to emit any aura . A middle aged man was standing behind the old man with a very respectful expression . " how is the preparation going?". The old man asked. "The preparation is almost complete , ancestor . We have already taken control of half of the forces in the world . Nobody can stop us now!". The old man nodded in Satisfaction as he asked again "How is the situation with the Dark queen ?". The middle aged man answered with a confident expression "According to your instruction , we have excerted alot of pressure on the Eternal Dark sect for the past few months so that they will hurry and marry out their saintess to the saint son of our sect but the Dark queen keeps postponing the date of the marriage ".

The old man laughed and said with derision " Oh Dark queen , how mighty you are when you suppressed all directions becoming matchless like the sky king but it was your arrogance that made you land in your current situation ". The old man turned and looked at the man "No need to pressure them anymore , in another 6 months the Dark queen will be in her weakest state and that is during the period of the Overlords meeting and that is when we are going to strike ". The man bowed and said "How about the southern Extreme sword king, won't he become a variable ?". The old man shook his head and said "He is past his hey days as he can not even excert half of his strength anymore. So there is no one capable of stopping us from dominating the world".

The other man cupped his fist as he said "I will be leaving now ancestor ". The old man nodded as he went back to his fishing . After the man departed , the old man chuckled softly and muttered "sigh! , I hope that you do not act on impulse or else you will regret it . your little tricks can not escape my eyes". He shook his head as he continued to stand there . Sometimes human beings are never satisfied with what they have . they keep pursuing higher heights and power even at the cost of their lives .

Origin world , Pagoda.

Several people can be seen moving around a very huge flying artifact as they were busy inscribing various inscriptions . I stood calmly as I watched the process with the refining master . "The attacking power of this ship should be comparable to a domain realm power , right?". The hall master nodded and said "currently , we have only 200 ships with only 25 having domain realm attacking power but the energy consumption is much". I nodded and said " We don't lack energy stones so that should not be a problem". The hall master smiled as he heard me mention about the huge amount of energy stones . " We have tried to modify some of the ships with domain attacking power to have void realm attacking power although there is progress in our research but it will take sometime before we are able to produce one ".

I nodded in Satisfaction as the progress of the refining hall was much greater than other halls . The alchemy hall was still exploding cauldrons here and there without producing any significant thing . "Are you done refining the artifact I asked you to refine ". I asked the hall master . The hall master immediately took out a very beautiful long sword with beautiful carvings and inscriptions . "Your majesty , this sword is a natal sword that will grow with you as you grow stronger in the future . I had to put a lot of resources in making this sword ". I smiled with satisfaction as I took the sword From his hand . I was very satisfied with the sword he made . "well done , Eric ". Eric smiled widely as he received my praise . "I am always at your service , your majesty ". He bowed and said .

I put away the sword and said to him "I was not disturb you any longer , concentrate on your work ". he nodded and said"okay your majesty ". I casually tore space and left . Eric's eyes were filled with admiration and respect as he watched my departing figure . He turned and went back to inscribing on the ship. I returned to the palace as I started binding the sword . I dropped a drop of blood on the sword as I established connection with it . I started nourishing it as it started becoming stronger .

Elvis flew with extreme speed as he neared the center of the forest . Along the way , he noticed that the aura of death and destruction was very dense in the center of the forest that he had to put a protective barrier around his body to avoid getting in contact with the corrosive aura . He had sensed several powerful auras that was stronger than him in the forest . He was now very curious about finding out what is happening to the forest .He flew down as he expanded his Divine sense . He discovered that the range his Divine sense can cover was severely impacted here as he could only investigate by walking slowly . He felt uncomfortable and uneasy about this forest . Suddenly , booom !!!

a beast attacked him from the back intending to catch him off guard . He calmly turned as he punched out . booom!!! terrifying fist force smashed the beasts apart .

He flashed forward as he increased his speed . Along the way he was attacked countless of times by beasts that seemed to only have slaughter in their eyes . They were weaker than him so he had no problem of instantly killing them but as he got closer to the source . He sensed incredible powerful auras that should belong to the void realm. He stopped at a distance as he saw a massive space crack in the middle of the forest .Dark aura missed with destruction and slaughter intent was coming out of the crack as it spread towards the whole forest . His eyes widened in suprise and urgency as he saw the source of the calamity . He turned as he decided to leave . Suddenly , boooom !!! a huge dark hand cane out of the void carrying destructive and dark aura as it grabbed towards him . His face became pale as he was under unimaginable pressure . A void realm being has made a move. His martial god seal light up as it improved his realm by a major realm . It jumped from the peak of supreme realm to the peak of the domain realm temporarily .

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