The martial lord/C33 The Desolate martial god
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The martial lord/C33 The Desolate martial god
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C33 The Desolate martial god

The attack arrived above his head carrying terrifying might as it descended . Elivis narrowed his eyes as he felt pressure from the attack . Booom !!! , a terrifying aura exploded from his body as he punched out "Desolate fist " . A huge fist projection smashed out with devastating might . The void was torn as the attack seemed to have the surpassed the limit of what it can endure . Boom boom boom !!!! , The attacks slammed against each other resulting into a terrible collusion . Countless of shock waves spread across the environment destroying and devastating the land . The long hair of Elvis was blown back as he clothes fluttered from been blown by the aftermath collusion effect. He looked up and saw that the hand was still unscathed and it was still descending to grab him . Dark runes appeared on the hand as it seem to contain a bit of devouring power .

A grim expression appearing on Elvis face as he gussed that the owner of the hand should be a peak void level being . He took a deep breath as he shouted "The body of the Desolate god". A terrifying gaint appeared behind his back looking mighty as if it was a god from ancient times . He merged with the body becoming thousands of meters tall looking incredibly majestic and terrifying . The giant roared as it punched out . A loud explosion can be heard in the void as the void shattered leaving tiny cracks . The attack slammed against the hand that was descending boooom !!! . The gaint was swept back as it continued to stagger for a while before it regained his footing . Elvis face became pale as the attack took a huge toll on him . His body was shaking as his organs felt like it was been torn apart . The hand descending had countless of cracks on it as black blood with putrid smell was coming out from it.

Before Elvis could get happy , the hand started to heal as it seems to have incredible regeneration power .The being on the other side seemed to be incredibly angry as a terrifying aura erupted constricting the entire space . it directly transformed the entire space into his territory as Elvis found himself in an unprecedented danger. Finally it dawned on him that the being he was fighting against was already a half demigod . Devouring power encased the whole space as Elvis seem to be struggling to free himself from it . The gaint roared as as he struggled but he could not break free from it. Elvis aura suddenly grew stronger as a terrifying sword intent descended into the space relieving him a little from the constraints of the devouring power.

He became normal again as he drew his sword . "Desolate Slayer". A terrifying sword qi that contained terrifying sword intent slashed forward carrying destructive might that seem to pierce the sky. Booom!!!, the hand was severely injured as it was almost severed into half . Black blood sprinkled everywhere draining the life force on the grass. A cry of agony came out of the void as a terrifying beast that spanned a thousand meter finally emerged from the void . it looked incredibly ferocious as intense dark devouring aura surrounded it "Roar!!!!", His eyes seemed to contain extreme madness and rage as it grabbed towards Elvis . Elvis face was very pale as he seemed to be exhausted of spiritual energy . "is this the end?". He thought to himself . He was unwilling to die because he had not ascended to the peak of martial arts. The attack was terrifying as Elvis stood no chance of contending against it as the attack seemed to contain a bit of devouring law .

Booom !!!. The martial god seal light up and formed a projection of a figure . Immediately , Elvis saw the figure , he carried out in joy and said "Your majesty ". The projection was merely a will left by the martial lord with 70% of his strength . The projection raised his hand as a terrifying star smashed against the beast . booom !!!booom!!! . The void was split apart as a terrifying gulley formed . The range of the aftereffect of the attacks spread out from the centre to other parts. The beast took a step back as he sensed a threat from the projection but in the end it was just a will . A terrifying domain expanded as it covered Elvis rendering him immobile . Devouring powers was very active in the domain as it wanted to devour Elvis and the projection . The projection raised his finger as terrifying sword qi gathered at the tip . "6th heaven , Eternal slash ". Boooom!!! . Time seemed to stopped as the terrifying sword qi slashed the domain apart and slammed against the beast body leaving a large gash on it almost dividing it into two but the injury started healing quickly . The projection became very faint as it was about to disperse .

Origin world , Pagoda.

I have been in seclusion since improving my cultivation to the peak of domain realm almost close to the void realm . I have expanded great energy points as I created space and time techniques . I have been practicing in order to familiarize myself with my new strength . Suddenly , I narrowed my eyes as I felt one of my Will's in one of the martial god seal awakened and that means that the martial god is in great danger . I immediately stood up as I sensed the location . I frowned as it seem to be outside the origin world so that should be in the martial world . I formed a space passage as I immediately vanished from the origin world .

Elvis was in despair as he sensed that the projection have vanished . The beast roared as if it was announcing it's victory . Suddenly , a space tunnel appeared beside Elvis as a figure appeared from it . Elvis heaved a sign of relief as he saw the martial lord . In his mind the martial lord was invicible and will have no problem in taking care of the beast . He immediately bowed and greeted "Your majesty". I nodded and frowned as I looked around . The aura here was seriously disgusting as I looked around . Death and destruction seem to be so dense that it was abnormal. I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the beast in front of me . it seemed to contain a bit of devouring power in his aura with madness and slaughter in his eyes . My eyes became fierce as one thought came into my mind "The devouring race ".

New chapter is coming soon
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