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C4 My Dao

A beautiful woman with a cold and arrogant air slowly walked of the palace .Her gaze seemed to contain disdain for all living beings as she did not place anybody in her eyes at all . "Useless fool, you can not kill a mere martial warrior . what use do you have " . she said coldly as her killing intent intensified.

The man kneeling on the ground shivered as he felt that death was near " No your majesty , that kid is abnormal . He is a martial warrior but he can fight a martial master " . "Oh " . The dark queen lifted her eyebrows as a streak of interest flashed through her eyes. " You said he jumped off the cliff " . she asked "Yes , he jumped off ". The man hurriedly answered .

The Dark queen grasped his collar and directly tore space and left . After some time , They arrived at the location . The Dark queen quickly expanded his divine consciousness as she investigated the place .The bottom of the cliff was too deep even her divine sense could not reach the end of it . " He can not survive this fall " . She said indifferently . "But what if he survived " .A terrifying aura erupted as the man vomitted blood , his face extremely pale as he was under great suppression .

The man shivered and lowered his head " I dare not doubt your majesty " . The Dark queen took one last look at the cliff before she tore space and left with the man .

"My injuries seems to be healing slowly " . I sighed . I needed to get back to my peak condition because I hate this feeling of weakness. I have been healing for weeks now and I have only recovered half of my strength.

During my stay in the village, I have gotten along with them and even became friends with some. The little grandchildren of Tian was always disturbing me to play with them . The atmosphere was very calm and quiet .

As usual , I went to my usual spot where I practice . I meditated on the mistakes I made with the assassin . I saw my various weakness , as a warrior I needed to be calm and rational in every situation analysing his opponents moves . I started practicing the " Nine moves of Star fist". I felt like I was lacking something . I asked myself "What is Dao, we have three three thousand Dao and fist Dao is just one of them ". I closed my eyes as I felt my body become lighter . I felt compatible with heaven and Earth .I opened my eyes, I seemed to have comprehend something.

I practiced the first move of the star fist "immovable fist " . I felt an intent behind the move that greatly enhanced it . I have comprehended fist intent . I paused , I asked myself " what is my martial way " . i stood for hours brooding over the question . Suddenly my gaze became firm as I said " I desire the way of invicibility among the heavens and Earth , I seek to be indestructible throughout the ages . I am invicible in life and death " . My aura erupted as my body started absorbing spiritual energy crazily.

If any imperial realm being see this , They will exclaim because it was the preliminary stage of forming one's Dao who have been an obstacle for countless of powerful beings . My hidden injuries started healing and my cultivation was elevated at fast pace .It reached the peak of middle stage . I forcefully suppressed it. I wanted my foundation to be perfect. I have returned to my peak even greatly suparssing it.

"it seems like you have finally recovered ". A voice came from my back . I turned and saw Tian coming towards me. I smiled and said " Thank you so much for all everything you did for me " . Tian waves his hand and said "it's alright nothing much ". He looked at me with fighting intent and said "Can we spar " .

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