The martial lord/C5 Tian's past
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The martial lord/C5 Tian's past
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C5 Tian's past

" Okay no problem " . I said . Immediately my temperament changed as my bearing became like one that is invicible between heaven and Earth . Tian looked suprised and said " hmmm, interesting " . He erupted with speed as he punched my face .

I lightly smiled as I parried his fist with my right hand . He quickly followed up by smashing his elbow towards my neck . My eyes was calm as I seemed to have predicted that attack . I shifted my head as I kicked out in retaliation , he used his two hands to defend my attack.

I quickly disappeared and appeared in his face punching out . He defended it without knowing it was a feint . My left hand smashed his stomach . He grunted and took ten steps back leaving a deep imprint on the ground . "Nice fighting instincts" . he praised . I grinned and said "This is just a warm up ". He nodded and said "watch out ".

Tian flexed his muscles and appeared in my front punching out . I did not evade , I punched out too. Our fist clashed "boooom!!!" producing an intense sound that seemed to twist the air. He took some steps back as he steadied himself . He looked at me and said " You are very strong ". I shrugged and said " I am not very weak ". Tian said "I am going to use a Martial skill now " . I laughed with an indomitable spirit as I said "Bring it on". His aura exploded completely stirring up waves .

"Sky shatter fist " . He shouted as he punched out.The momentum of the fist blew away many trees as the seems to twist the air . "what a genius " . I thought . His punch contained fist intent . "First move of star fist , Indomitable fist " . I equally punched appearing to be peerless, having no fear towards the unknown. Boooom!!!! it clashed ,stirring up dust as the ground seems to crack . Tian flew like a broken kite smashing the ground . Booom !!! clusters of dusts flew everywhere.

He weakly stood up and said "taste my second move " . " Sky breaking fist" . His fist intent became unyielding as as he desired to shatter the firmament . Sliver energy gathered around my hands as I punched "Star descent ". A faint outline of a star formed and smashed towards Tian . His fist projection collapsed with a bang! as my fist hurled towards him .He yelled with an unyielding will. " I desire to shatter the unfair heaven ". His aura became stronger as he punched out clashing against my fist .

Booooom!!!!!. Helplessly , he flew out smashing against one of the trees. I held back so he was not injured . He could tell that I was not fighting with my full strength . He stood up and said weakly " I am so weak , will I ever my desire " . He turned back and started leaving with dejection. I quickly caught up with him and said " you seem to have a painful past " . He sighed and looked at the sky . The look in his eyes was filled with pain and sorrow .

" Five years ago , I lost my only son to the hands of crimson sect".I became sympathetic with him and I said " I am so sorry about it " . He shook his head and said " if I had been strong enough , I will have prevented anything from happening but I am pathetically weak ". He looked at me and said" you are very strong for your age but in the grand scheme of things , a martial warrior is just an ant ".

I nodded because martial warrior realm is indeed too weak . Above the warrior realm is the martial master , grandmaster , supreme , domain and void realm . " my son discovered an energy crystal mine , because we could not protect such valuable , we decided to report to the crimson sect which rules over the area in hope for a reward . My son had his head smashed apart to prevent other sects competing with the crimson sect from knowing . His face was filled with pain as a tear slid down his face . He turned and faced me with red eyes " Now tell me whether am weak or not " .

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