The martial lord/C6 Do you want to become supreme
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The martial lord/C6 Do you want to become supreme
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C6 Do you want to become supreme

He clenched his fist as he muttered incoherently with sobs " I learnt of what happened to him but I could not do anything.His wife died of depression after giving birth to my grandchildren . I felt very worthless and useless but it was the presence of my grandchildren that gave me the will to continue living."

My expression gradually became cold as I said "These sects , they don't have any respect for human lives". I laughed mockingly "my own situation is quite ironic as the person I saved now wants to kill me because it is a stain in her reputation to associate with me". Tian looked at me with pity " Repaying good with evil , a great krama is attached to it . so your injuries was caused by her ". I continued walking as I said" she sent an assassin but I was lucky enough to escape with my life".

Tian sighed and said " some people are really ungrateful ".I smiled "It is a lapse in my judgement but believe me, she will pay for what she did". I said brimming with confidence. Tian expression was full of hopelessness as he shook his head and said weakly" Those sects regard human lives as grass but we can not deny their profound strength". I said confidently "indeed they are strong but they will not remain strong forever". I turned and faced Tian .

"Do you want to be supreme , Do you desire the strength to crush your enemies and tread on the path of a supreme being . " Tian looked down and smiled woefully"of course I want to be strong but it's just a dream ". "It is not, follow me and I will make you supreme. Give me 10 years or even less and you will make the crimson sect tremble ". I. uttered

Tian looked at me with suspicion and said " you are not joking right ". My gaze was filled with extreme confidence as I uttered " I am not joking , you desire to shatter the unfair heaven , Don't Tell me that you have become cowardly. The path of the strong is always filled with perils and woes but he stands at the very end becomes supreme". Tian seemed to have made up his mind as he took a deep breath. He knelt down and said " master" . He never knew that a single acknowledgement gave birth to the heaven shuddering sage of the future.

I looked at the system menu and discovered that Tian's name have been added to the list.

Name: Drex

State : warrior (middle)

Technique : Star immortal technique

Points: 1,000


Faction: Nil

Subordinate: 1

world's : Nil

Others: creation, fusion ...

I nodded and said calmly "get up " . He stood up and looked at me" I hope I will not wait too long ". I grinned " very soon , oh by the way do you have any energy stones" . I asked with embarrassment. Tian smiled at my expression "Master , I think I have a dozen of low grade energy stones . He dipped in his hand in pocket and took out some low grade energy stones and handed it over to me . I took it and said " I will give it back to you in the future".

Tian shrugged and said " just treat it as a gift " . I smiled with gratitude " okay , thanks alot". I started absorbing the energy stones, Increasing my points .Tian gave me a questioning look and then looked away after all who does not have a secret . He had a huge feeling that this young man is definitely not simple.

Suddenly, a shrill cry sounded at the village entrance. A voice filled with fear and trembling shouted "A horde of armoured Rhinos are here , flee for your lives ". Tian expression turned grim as he muttered "How could it be possible for a horde of armoured Rhinos to be here ". He looked at me with utter seriousness "master , I need your help. the village is in grave danger " . I stretched myself as I did not fight to my satisfaction. "count me in ". Tian looked at my relaxed appearance and said " master do not underestimate them , I just hope that there is no rhino king leading them ". I nodded with a calm expression as we speed towards the entrance.

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