The martial lord/C7 The devastating battle
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The martial lord/C7 The devastating battle
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C7 The devastating battle

Reaching the entrance , everywhere was chaotic as people were running for their lives . "Tian , secure the children first ". I said . Tian nodded as his eyes were filled with anxiety as he looked for his grandchildren . I looked at the distance as I saw terrifying creatures rushing over with their huge bodies comparable to a martial warrior. ordinary people can not do anything to them . They numbered around 100.

My eyes blazed with fighting intent as I could finally taste how powerful I have become. "Star travel" . I disappeared and appeared in their front. "star body". sliver light shrouded my body making me look like a god on Earth. The beasts growled as they sensed an intense threat from me but they rushed forward. I punched out, booooom!!! a sliver light flashed as four of the beasts exploded leaving their body parts flying in the air .

I kept puching out as I advanced in their midst . Many of the armoured Rhinos kept exploding as they were too weak to handle my punch .My fighting intent kept raising as I sent out series of punches. Countless of body parts of the armoured Rhinos covered the whole ground making it look horrible and gruesome.

Booom!!! ,a terrifying aura belonging to a martial master erupted from the back as they could not finally resist making a move. I shouted with happiness as I was tired of fighting with these weaklings.Three gigantic Rhinos with early stage martial master realm attacked. They slammed their palms over as the air constricted bringing an unimaginable pressure.

The sliver aura surrounding my body become prominent as I shouted "Star descent ". booom!!! as a faint outline of a star smashed towards the beasts . They felt intense danger as they grew larger . They made use of their bloodline ability as countless spikes formed from the earth element smashed against my move . Booom!!!, the spikes disintegrated most of the move's power and the rest was forcefully smashed apart by the three beast .

I laughed in exhilaration as I shouted "good good ". My aura increased as I smashed my palm over "star palm" . A sliver palm imprint smashed from the sky towards the beasts . The ground sank as the body of the beast were bent due to the pressure .

They were about to be smashed to meat paste before a ray of black light smashed against the palm dispersing it. A more gigantic Rhino came over . The terrifying aura it was emitting have reached the peak of martial master. "I never knew that a strong human is living in this weak place". The beast said . I was surprised to see that the best have developed intelligence and could speak like a normal human being.

After upgrading my cultivation technique, I have not tasted it's might . I have ten times of spiritual energy in the same rank so I was not exhausted at all. My eyes became serious as their fight was going to be tough. I have never used some of the move's before and now I needed a strong partner to taste the might of "nine moves of star fist".I activated my the second move of "star body". Star armour. The sliver light surrounding my body condensed into an armour making me look like a god of war.

I looked at the beast king and said "hope you don't disappoint me". I needed a strong opponent to fight with . The Rhino king said with arrogance " while you are strong you are no match for me ". it started walking towards me . "Are you going to attack together or are you coming alone " . " I alone is enough to take care of you human ". The beast king said as his aura exploded supressing all sides . I felt a huge pressure as I got serious . spike like armour covered the Rhino king as he shouted" die!!!!". He disappeared suddenly and appeared in my front smashing his fist over . The force of the fist carried a huge pressure as it seems to twist the sky . I also punched out without fear.

I felt a huge force smash against my body as I retreated continuously . My arm became numb as I felt the domineering force jolting my body. I quickly gathered my spiritual energy as I dispersed the force . I executed the third move of star fist" calamity fist " . A destructive punch that seems to leave destruction in it's wake smashed the body of the beast King.

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