The martial lord/C8 The strong prey on the weak
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The martial lord/C8 The strong prey on the weak
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C8 The strong prey on the weak

Dark aura shrouded the beast king as he formed a barrier with his spiritual energy. My attack slammed against his body "boooom!!!". a piercing noise sounded in the air as dusts flew everywhere . The other beasts wanted to help but the beast king growled at them signaling them to stay where they are. His eyes became serious as he now saw me as a serious opponent . His eyes turned gray as he turned on his bloodline talent.

Countless of spikes formed from earth element shot towards me . it was coming from different angles so I was trapped. I used my spiritual energy to form a barrier around myself as I passively defended . I kept punching out destroying the spikes but they were countless . This attack will soon exhaust my spiritual energy. It seems like I had no choice but to use that move although it will really drain my spiritual energy.

"Star domain ". I muttered . booom!!! a huge sliver domain covered the beast king and the others . Inside the domain, I am a god as I control everything to there. My face became pale as the move took a huge toll on me. I rendered immobile as I quickly executed "star descent ". Boooom !!! a miniature star descended from the sky as it smashed towards the beasts . They were rendered defenceless .

The beast king struggled to break from my suppression as my attack descended but it was futile . My attack slammed against them . The beast king did not die immediately but he was severely injured as he lay on The ground half dead while the other beasts were smashed beyond recognition. I panted heavily because I was very tired after using two moves . It took a huge toll on me . I walked with unsteady steps towards the beast king .

The beast king looked at me calmly as if he had accepted death . He said calmly "Human , you win just grant me a quick death ". His body was badly multilated in several places as he was barely holding on . I sneered as I said"Not so fast , why did you attack the village ". I asked . The beast king seemed to have remembered something pain as he said with rage "is it not your human masters that chased us out of our dwelling ". My brows furrowed in thought as I asked " which human masters ".

"Those bastards from crimson sect, they destroyed where we live killing countless of my brothers . we had no choice but to attack this village for resources". The beast king shouted with pain and anger .I clenched my fist with anger "crimson sect again" . I have been hearing the name of this sect for several times today . I took a deep breath and granted the beast king a quick death . I stood there looking at the destruction caused by the beast stampede and the various lives that was lost .

I was sorrowful but this is a world where the strong prey on the weak . If you are not strong enough , you will never grasp your fate in your hand . Just like an ordinary human being does not care about the ants he marched on the ground that's how strong beings don't care about the weak ones .Tian rushed over and saw countless of beast corpse lying on the ground. He was dumbfounded as he said with suprise "So this is your full strength " . He looked and saw the destruction caused by the battle and said " you are really strong, I never knew ...wait , is that a beast king "?.

He shouted with disbelief in his eyes . The aura emitting from the dead beast frightened him badly . Indeed this young is not simple to be able to kill a being above warrior realm.He might be able to exact his revenge while following him . My mind was filled with many thoughts asi said "clean up the whole place and gather the beast cores for me later". I walked away leaving Tian standing there in amazement . Tian looked at my receding back and thought "he just looks like a young warlord".

As I was walking , the villagers looked at me in awe as many of them witnessed my fight with the beasts but my mind was filled with the thought of getting stronger. I calmly entered where I live as I sank in deep thought about my plans for the future.

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