The martial lord/C9 Creating cultivation techniques
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The martial lord/C9 Creating cultivation techniques
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C9 Creating cultivation techniques

Eternal Dark sect

" Master why !!!". a shrill scream sounded inside the palace of the sect leader . Irisha cried as she looked at her master " Do you have to end his life , why are you so heartless? ". The expression on the Dark Queen's face remained stoic as she replied coldly " It is for own good". Irisha wailed loudly as her expression was filled with pain and sorrow . The Dark queen looked at her disciple with disappointment and sighed "Don't worry, emotions will only serve as a hindrance to your martial way ".

Irisha shouted with anger " Must we forsake our humanity because we are high above . Remember before you became the peerless Dark queen , you were just a mortal . it's just that you had the opportunity and extraordinary background". "Enough!, go into seclusion and prepare to breakthrough to grandmaster stage , I will not let you bring shame to the sect by performing poorly in the Four overlord sect competition". The Dark queen ordered. Irisha walked out of the palace like she lost her soul . she suddenly paused and said "Master you will regret this "she left leaving a lonely shadow . The Dark queen scoffed"Nobody is worthy of making me regret anything ". She flicked her sleeve and sat back on her throne , lost in thought.

Windstorm village

I started absorbing the remaining energy stones I collected from Tian . My energy points were increasing at a very fast pace . Soon I have finished absorbing all the stones.

I looked at the system menu.

Name : Drex

State : warrior realm (middle)

Technique: star immortal technique

Point: 220,000

Bloodline: nil


Subordinate: 1

world's owned : none

I had several plans in mind but I had to create a suitable cultivation technique for Tian first. I invested half of the points I have in creating "Sky -breaking technique and 12 moves of the martial king ". I also created inferior cultivation techniques that I hope to use later because of the plans I have. I started cultivating as I tempered my body . My body was already strong but I wanted it to be extremely strong like the Rhino king . I circulated the "Star body art"as spiritual energy entered my body tempering it.

Due to the nature of the body art. I could draw energy from the stars and use it to temper my body . The process was very painful as I felt my body being smashed and remolded again .I gritted my teeth as I held on . My meridian were widened and my bones became tougher . My bones were tempered to a point that it turned bronze and I discovered that my blood is gradually turning sliver in colour even my hair too. countless of impurities was being expelled from my body as my skin became crystal clear.

My cultivation also broke through to the peak of martial warrior . I breathed out turbid air as I felt a drastic increase in strength . I can definitely defeat the Rhino king now with resorting to my Trump card . Suddenly , there was a knock on the door. "come in ". I said. Tian came in and could not almost recognize me because of the strands of silver hair and eyes . I had become more good looking than before. Tian felt like he was standing in front of a primal beast because the aura I was emitting was stronger than before . He a took a deep breath as I was always giving him a huge suprise Everytime we meet.

" These are the beast cores you requested ". He handed me over a pouch that contain the beast cores . I took it and looked up and said "I promised to make you stronger and I will start to fulfill the promise now. ". tapped his forehead as I transmitted the Sky -breaking technique to him and the 12 moves of the martial king. After digesting the technique , his eyes turned red as he knelt down in gratitude . He had fully submitted to me . He said in a hoarse voice " I don't know how to ever repay you ".

I laughed as I helped him get up " I will not be stingy with my own ". He looked at me with firm gaze and said "I will not hesitate to go through fire and water for you . I nodded gently as I said " are you the only warrior in this village ? . Tian shook his head and said " this village have a total of 12 warriors but they are mostly at the early stage ". I nodded because I wanted to form my own organization. "can you gather all of them tommorow ". I said . Tian nodded and said" leave it to me master . I will surely do that ".

I dismissed because I can see that he can't wait to check out the cultivation technique I imparted to him .

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