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C1 Chapter 1

I've never seen my parents since I was a kid. I lived with my grandfather.

It was said that my parents were drug dealers who died at the border when I was three years old.

Furthermore, I'm not my grandfather's biological grandson. My family used to be neighbors, and it was my grandfather who adopted me.

My home, which was also a dilapidated brick house for seventy or eighty years, was already on the verge of collapse.

His grandfather was in good health. He would make some horse-drawn stools, sell some fruits, and set up stalls in the bazaar.

He has no children and has always lived a poor life. Ever since he had me, he became even poorer.

From when I was young until now, I only had four or five pieces of clothing all year round. And they were all collected by me, or by my neighbors.

Such a family, let me live a very low self-esteem, introverted. He had no friends.

When I was sixteen, I wanted to drop out of school, but my grandfather used all his family savings to send me to high school.

Learning to read is the only way out for poor people like us, he said.

However, the neighbors in the shanty town that I live in don't have a good attitude towards me either.

Whenever I went out, someone would point out that I was the son of a drug dealer and that I was a little drug dealer.

Along the way, their attitudes towards their grandfather grew worse and worse.

Also, because I always carry a sour smell of bad fruit, my classmates despise me.

In high school, there was a very pretty girl in the class called Li Yan'er.

Li Yan'er was extremely beautiful, a goddess of her class. Her family was rich, and she could even win over people's hearts.

I like her as much as the boys in my class.

But I know what I'm looking for, so just think about it.

All I can do is study hard. Because the teacher favored Li Yan'er, the first ranked student in the class could be assigned to the same study group as her.

It wasn't until the first semester of my senior year that I finally achieved this wish!

After looking at the grouping table, I was actually ecstatic in my heart. But in less than three seconds, Li Yan'er suddenly frowned and shouted loudly.

"Teacher, I'm not in the same group as him!" He stinks and is dirty, and I'm afraid of getting sick! "

These words made me, who was carrying a bunch of books, freeze on the spot.

The teacher said a few words to her and she immediately became angry. She said a lot of things about how her skin was tender, how she was afraid of allergies, how her physique was bad, and how she was afraid of getting sick.

My face was burning with embarrassment. His heart was in pain.

Although I am poor, my few clothes are washed in two days, and I also bathe every day in the summer.

Li Yan'er always looked down on me, despised me.

Actually, I knew that whenever there was activity in class, she would always be surrounded by people, and when she saw me approaching, she would wave her hands and leave.

Like I'm a walking garbage can.

This time, the act of me in the same group as her was undoubtedly the desire of a toad to eat swan meat.

The moment she said this, all the other students in the class started to cheer for her. No group wanted me.

In the end, I applied with the teacher and sat in the corner, alone in a group.

From then on, Li Yan'er seemed to have bullied me even more for the sake of getting rid of her shame.

In order to curry favor with him, the male students and female students had always ridiculed and shunned me.

I was more autistic, often, not saying a word at school.

I wish everyone would ignore me.

However, he still couldn't avoid what was coming.

It was a Monday, and as soon as I sat in my seat, a exercise book flew over my head.

The hard book cover caused a black bruise on my head, and following that, Li Yan'er's angry voice sounded, "Who let you touch my homework? Don't you know you're dirty! You, your own filth, still want to come out and harm others? "

I wanted to defend myself. The teacher asked me to help her with her homework, so I couldn't reject her.

I know she despises me, and I usually avoid her. He didn't even dare to look at her. But last night, when the teacher asked me to correct my homework, I did hold the exercise book that smelled of perfume and sniffed it several times.

But before I could open my mouth, Li Yan'er shrieked.

"Rogue!" You're wearing my underwear! Where did you steal it?! Thief and Brawler! "


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