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C10 Chapter 10

At this moment, Lian Cheng was wearing a peaked cap and one could vaguely see the white bandage inside.

However, his aura did not weaken in the slightest, and it even seemed to be even more vicious than before.

Usually, no one dares to provoke him. If you dare to provoke him, you might get dragged into the alley and get beaten up on the way out of school.

My classmates did not contradict this guy and made way, so Lian Cheng slowly walked to the podium without any obstacles.

"Come back and sit down!" Lian Cheng's hands fiercely slammed down, causing the podium to let out an uncomfortable sound.

Seeing Lian Cheng in this state, everyone was a bit unhappy. But no matter what, this was still a little overlord, so they didn't dare to show it. They could only silently mutter to themselves in their hearts, but they still obediently sat down.

Although my seat was at the back and wasn't very eye-catching, my legs still couldn't help but tremble at this moment. I felt that since Lian Cheng had come all the way to our class, he must have found the culprit that smashed him last night.

It's over, it's all over for me!

Soon, everyone in the class was seated as they stared at Lian Cheng.

Lian Cheng looked towards Li Yan'er and revealed a smile. "Yan'er, I wonder if you are still satisfied with the present I gave you?"

When Li Yan'er saw Lian Cheng suddenly appear in her class, she was already a little furious. Furthermore, this was what Lian Cheng was saying, which made her even angrier.

Suddenly, she seemed to have realized something, and her expression turned ferocious. "Could it be that it was you who killed that bat?"

"Yeah, yeah, is that bat cute?" Lian Cheng's smile looked very cheap to me.

At this moment, everyone in class understood that I wasn't the one who did that, but they didn't show any shame on their faces. It seemed that a misunderstanding was a misunderstanding and there was nothing wrong with it.

However, they found it strange. Didn't Lian Cheng like Li Yan'er? Why do you do this?

"Why are you doing this?" Li Yan'er shouted with her mouth wide open, as if she couldn't believe the truth.

"Because I think you should know who the person who smashed into me last night was. Why don't you tell me? If not, I don't even know what I'll do next … …"

This was a threat! But at least one thing is clear, Lian Cheng still doesn't know who hit him last night, but even so, my feet are shaking more and more.

Even if he didn't know about it now, would he not know about it in the future? He was able to do what he did last night to anyone he liked, and to me, it was as if he wanted to eat me alive.

Fortunately, no one knew that I was the one who did it, not even Li Yan'er! I could at least live a few more days.

Li Yan'er looked at Lian Cheng with a resolute expression, not lowering her head in the slightest: "I won't tell you. Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell a scum like you!"

Lian Cheng raised his eyebrows. "Oh, seems like you have some interest in the person who saved you? "Very good, very good. Just based on your appearance, I will definitely find this person today!"

Lian Cheng suddenly looked at all of us. His gaze was as if it was as sharp as a knife, slicing into our hearts.

His gaze was very frightening, and almost no one dared to meet his gaze. Without exception, they all lowered their heads.

His cold voice echoed throughout the classroom, "Although I don't know who did it, I'll tell you this first. If a man took the initiative to stand out for me, I might not do anything to you. If he is caught by me, then I'll definitely make you regret living in this world!"

This was simply incomparably arrogant! It was extremely displeasing, but it was a pity that he had the ability to be proud.

In such a huge classroom, no one made a sound. Those who would usually bully me didn't dare to say a single word. However, they were just bullies who feared the strong!

A strange period of time passed and no one spoke. Zhang Feng was so angry that his teeth were itching, but he couldn't do anything to us. He could only say something fierce:

"Very well, I will remember this. No matter if it is digging three feet deep or whatever it is, I will find that person!" "When the time comes, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Then he turned and left our class.

Because of his departure, the whole atmosphere in the classroom became lively. It was better to talk about the smile, as if what happened just now never happened at all, only their faces were full of questions and confusion. The most discussed topic was why Lian Cheng let the bat die in Li Yan'er's bag.

I walked with them to the door of the classroom, but my feet felt leaden and heavy, and I seemed even more frightened than I had the day before.

Lian Cheng is really a pervert, a person who can't afford to lose anything. If I offend him, then I deserve to suffer for the rest of my life! I really don't know what sin I created in my previous life, why is it so difficult in this life?

After returning home, I was depressed. Even when my grandfather called me out to eat, I didn't eat. I just went straight to my room.

Lying around in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, wondering how I was going to deal with this matter. The question had puzzled me for many days, and I hadn't been able to get a good night's sleep.

I hope I keep telling myself not to think about this, but every time I get to bed I think about it unnaturally.

At some point in time, I fell asleep in a daze. When I opened my eyes, it was already 7 o'clock.

I picked up my schoolbag, put on my clothes and shoes, and walked outside. Pappy asked me if I was being perfunctory, but I didn't say anything.

Walking along the corridor of the school building, I suddenly heard someone call out to me, "Zhang Tianyu, wait a moment!"

It's Li Yan'er's voice, but why is she calling for me at this time?

"I've wronged you for what happened yesterday afternoon!" Although this was an apology, it sounded very uncomfortable to me. The woman's tone was still the same haughty tone as before, without any consciousness that she was wrong.

Even though I know that Li Yan'er grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, and didn't suffer any grievances, I still feel a little unhappy. And I can't?

I was still very calm and serious as I said to him, "Aren't you going to consider apologizing to me?"

It was as if she heard the funniest joke in the world, disdainfully smiled, and then disdainfully said: "Apologize? I'm sorry, are you worthy? "

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