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C11 Chapter 11

Looking at the direction Li Yan'er left in, I shook my head. How could I be so stupid as to think she would apologize to me?

It was simply a pipe dream! How could she ever apologize to me when she was always disdainful and disdainful of me? If you don't mock me, I'll thank the heavens, okay?

After staring blankly for a few seconds, I walked into the classroom. The entire classroom was noisy and everyone was discussing who hit Lian Cheng's head.

However, even if they were discussing it, no one would suspect me. Perhaps it was because they thought I was too cowardly to do such a thing.

Ordinary people might be sulking over being looked down upon like this, but I'm not. I'm actually glad these people aren't talking about me, which makes me even less suspicious.

It was even more impossible for me to be found out, and I secretly rejoiced in my heart.

However, I couldn't help but listen to their discussion. Their guesses were like a hammer that struck my heart. I wasn't afraid at first, but the more I listened, the more afraid I became that they would suspect me one day.

This may be due to the guilty conscience of the thief, but I don't know, I'm just scared, very scared.

Because Lian Cheng is a demon to me, a demon that can never be killed. I don't know when this demon will devour me, but I know that it won't be far away.

I didn't listen to any of the classes in the morning and spent the whole day in a daze. Now, as I was lost in my thoughts, I suddenly felt someone knocking on my head.

I snapped out of my daze and suddenly saw the English teacher. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Zhang Tianyu, what happened to you?" Why is he always absent-minded and refusing to listen to my lessons? I told you to answer questions, but you didn't! "

The English teacher was a young man, but perhaps it was because of his youth that he treated us very strictly, like our head teacher.

In his class, there was usually no one who dared to not attend, because once he found out, they would either be standing on a blackboard or immediately ask their parents.

He was holding the ruler in his hand now, waiting for my answer.

I was so scared that I didn't know how to answer him. In the past, I was the most serious at listening to classes. As long as a teacher asked me questions, I would stand up and continue talking endlessly.

But now that things are so out of the ordinary, I'm afraid my classmates will connect the fact that I can't concentrate my spiritual power in class with what I did to Lian Cheng.

If that were the case, I would definitely be suspected. What would I do then?

Thus, I hastily explained, "Teacher, I'm sorry. These past few days, I've been busy at home. I didn't sleep last night, so I couldn't concentrate. I definitely won't do this next time …"

Perhaps it was because my grades were better, or perhaps it was because I had almost never experienced such a situation before, the English teacher did not criticize me too much, but instead said, "Alright, then you can sit down and continue listening." He then turned around and walked to the podium, continuing his lecture.

In order to avoid suspicion, I attended my class all morning without a second thought.

After the last lesson of the morning, I picked up my schoolbag and hurried home, as if at that moment I felt that my home was the safest place to be, at least without anyone who might suspect me.

Walking out of the school, on a small path outside the school, I saw a group of people squatting on the ground and smoking. These people were naturally those hooligans who were led by Lian Cheng.

As soon as I saw them, my feet started to tremble, as if a mouse had seen a cat, and my heart started to pound.

Normally, when I see them, it's like this, let alone now. I'm even more scared now!

However, this road led to the old city district, where there were almost no people. Many students lived in the new city district, and most were boarding schools.

There are very few people like me, poor and living in the old school district, almost none. However, now that Lian Cheng is squatting here, an idea suddenly popped into my head and I trembled even more violently …

I didn't have enough time to think about it. I lowered my head and was just about to run, but before I could run two steps, a loud shout came from behind me. "Stop!"

These five words were like chains that locked the soul. Next time, you will firmly lock me in place. My legs will go soft …

I didn't dare to take another step forward. I was afraid that my abnormal behavior would cause him to suspect me. When that happens, even if he didn't know it was me, he would suspect me!

After that, Lian Cheng, with a cigarette in his mouth, slowly walked in front of me, took a deep breath, and exhaled smoke into my face.

"Why are you running? "Are you that afraid of me?"

His words were very casual, but it made me panic. All of the hairs on my body stood on end as my body stiffened. I nodded my head with some difficulty, indicating that I was very afraid of him.

When Lian Cheng saw me nod, he smiled and meaningfully opened his mouth. "Since you're so afraid of me, it can't be that you used a stone to smash my head apart, right?"

When he said that, his eyes lit up like an eagle hunting for its prey, sharp as a knife. He kept staring at me, as if he wanted to see through me!

The look in his eyes frightened me even more. I could no longer control the trembling of my calves, and now that I was shaking like a sieve, fear filled my heart, I was almost scared to tell him the truth.

But luckily I still kept my head. I knew I couldn't do that, because if I did, I'd be dead!

What if he doesn't even know I did it now? That must be the case. If he knew that it was me who did it, would he still have the mind to waste words with me? It's good enough not to knock me down with one punch.

Thinking to this point, it was as if I ate a tranquilizer. I immediately shook my head and denied his words, "No, Brother Feng, how could I dare? "Even if you give me a hundred times the guts, I still wouldn't dare to smash you …"

Hearing my words, he was stunned for a moment, but then he felt that this was the most logical answer. Then he smiled: "You're right. How dare you be a coward?"

The brothers behind him laughed. Even though they mocked me like that, I didn't feel angry or wronged. I was glad they thought I was a coward. I let out a breath of relief, and the big stone that was hanging in my heart finally sank.

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