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C12 Chapter 12

"Do you know why I'm looking for you?" Lian Cheng seemed to have finished laughing. He suddenly remembered something important and told me.

I shook my head. Who the hell would know why he was looking for me?

Lian Cheng stared at me and seriously said, "I think that you are the most cowardly one in your class, and the most unlikely one for you to do that. Besides you, any other man might do that sort of thing, so I'd like you to help me see if any of the men in your class have any abnormal reactions."

After a short pause, he continued, "If you help me settle this matter and find the real murderer, I will protect you and ensure that you are not bullied by others! No one will look down on you! "

Hearing this, my heart is filled with joy. If Zhang Feng had listened to me, I definitely wouldn't have to suffer the grievances from the past.

But this is impossible, how can I help him find the real killer? The real killer is me!

As for his request, I could only agree. There was no other way: "Brother Feng, you can rest assured that I will help you handle this matter well!"

When Lian Cheng saw me like this, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "Alright then. Quickly scram!"

After hearing those words, it was as though I had grabbed onto the final straw of hope as I ran forward pathetically.

I spent the whole afternoon in peace, and nothing unexpected happened. I finally returned to my previous life, even if it was just for a day.

The next day, my fear came back, and I desperately pretended that I had nothing to do with it, that I was acting normally just so that I wouldn't expose myself in front of my classmates.

The morning class ended quickly, though I hadn't really listened to any of it.

Those who were going to the cafeteria for lunch ran quickly. Soon, only Li Yan'er and I and his tablemate Han Yuxuan were left in the classroom, slowly collecting the books.

Han Yuxuan was Li Yan'er's tablemate, and they had been at the same table for more than a year, so they had a good relationship.

Han Yuxuan was a girl who loved to dress up as herself, but he wasn't very pretty.

Every day he dressed up well and went out to hang out with the rest of the class, like a courtesan who's very good at dealing with people.

I finished my book and walked to the door of the classroom. As I walked there, I noticed that the two of them seemed to be discussing some secret.

But I had no interest in these things, no interest in them at all, and no intention of eavesdropping on their conversations.

As a girl, there was always these gossips and gossiping topics. It was not that the girl in the class liked that guy, it was just that some guy had fought with some other guy. Anyway, this type of topic would always arise, and only the girls seemed to be interested in these questions.

However, I suddenly heard Han Yuxuan's words. "Yan'er, do you really not know the person who broke through that night?"

My heart immediately tightened. I didn't have to worry about other things, but how could I not worry about this? This is related to my life!

Even the slightest movement would make my nerves tense, so when I heard Han Yuxuan mention it, I immediately stopped walking.

Carefully sticking close to the door, I carefully listened to what they were saying.

Li Yan'er's voice came from inside the classroom, "Yu Xuan, you're my friend, so I'm willing to tell you this. In fact, that person only broke through to save me, and it was all because of him that I escaped this danger. If I knew who he was, I would definitely repay him well!"

I could clearly hear the sweetness in Li Yan'er's tone when she said those words.

Hearing this, Han Yuxuan laughed before lowering his voice. "Actually, I know who that person is …"

My whole heart was in my throat, and cold sweat was dripping down my back. I had been worrying about this for the past two days, and had even tried to pretend that everything was normal. The students did not suspect me, so why did Han Yuxuan know about it?

In the end, no matter how I tried to hide it, this matter that I was most afraid of had still happened. I didn't dare to think too deeply, but in my heart, I still prayed that the person Han Yuxuan knew wasn't me.

Hearing this news, Li Yan'er became extremely excited. She immediately said to Han Yuxuan, "You know who he is. Hurry up and tell me who he really is?"

Han Yuxuan laughed. "Yan'er, look at you, don't you know who he is? Is there a need to get so excited? "

Li Yan'er was already extremely anxious, "Yu Xuan, quickly tell me, who is he!"

"Oh, look at how excited you are. The reason why I kept you here is because I want to talk to you about this, because that person wants to see you. He wants to talk to you, so let's go! I'll take you there. "

Hearing this, I immediately felt that something was wrong. I didn't have Li Yan'er at all? So the person Han Yuxuan was talking about definitely wasn't me. Then who was the person Han Yuxuan was talking about?

There must be someone who wants to impersonate me to see Li Yan'er.

But even if I know, it doesn't mean that Li Yan'er knows. He replied to Han Yuxuan without thinking, "That's great, let's go!"

When I heard they were coming out, I ran to the bottom of the building and hid myself in a place that was hard to find.

After the two of them left the school building, I slowly walked out to follow them. No matter what, this matter is extremely strange. I want to find out who it is that wants to see Li Yan'er, and what is his real motive?

In order to avoid being seen by them, I followed them from a distance.

Finally I followed them to a dilapidated house on the east side of the school, which was supposed to be demolished and developed into a new business, but for some reason the developer was suddenly caught by the police and then left to waste.

Usually, not a single person could be seen here. Therefore, there was only a patch of weeds everywhere and no one could be seen. Because of this unique environment, this place had become a battlefield for students to settle their personal grudges.

Han Yuxuan brought Li Yan'er into this building. Since they were only at the second floor, I could clearly see them.

I slowly approached and without their noticing, I had already reached the side of the wall. I could already clearly hear their conversation.

"Yan'er, you just wait here. Your benefactor is coming!"

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