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C2 Chapter 2

I pulled out my vest strap and wanted to shout at her, This is my clothes, my grandpa bought it for me.

I didn't dare to do it, so I could only say in a low voice, "This is mine, my grandpa gave it to me."

I only dared to say that my grandfather gave it to me, but I didn't dare to say that I bought it. That's because I haven't bought any clothes since I was young.

It was already autumn, and I couldn't bear to put on my soon-to-be-torn coat.

Just a few days ago, Grandpa gave me a tight vest.

It was a thick elastic cotton, comfortable and warm.

The clothes were new, one of my few new clothes. I put it on.

"Bullshit!" "I threw these clothes in the trash at the entrance of the dorm a few days ago, and now they're on you. Are you some kind of pervert in the movies who specializes in stealing female underwear?"

For a moment, I felt sick and wanted to disappear from their sight.

But more and more students came and surrounded me.

This vest was a very ordinary design. It was not a lady's underwear at all. However, I suddenly had a small thought.

If this was really Li Yan'er's underwear, then wouldn't me being intimate with her count as?

In the face of such an aggressive Li Yan'er, I didn't dare let my imagination run wild as I weakly argued, "On what basis is this yours …"

Li Yan'er used a piece of toilet paper to cover her fingers, and then pulled open the collar of my T-shirt, "Everyone look, is there a small hole here? My dog bit it, and I don't want it. And now you dare to say, didn't you steal my underwear? "

After saying that, she quickly wiped her hands with a wet towel to disinfect them.

I saw for myself that there was indeed a small hole.

This time, it completely proved that this piece of clothes belonged to Li Yan'er. I can't argue.

But I don't want to admit it, and I don't dare to deny it. I stood there stiffly, trembling all over.

At this moment, a few male students in the class spoke up, "Scum, hurry up and take off my clothes!"

"That's right, it's so disgusting. Poor people are quite despicable. Being in the same class as this kind of people makes me feel disgusted."

"This is not a question of poverty, is it? This is a question of morality. Who knows what you can do next time when you steal a girl's clothes today. "

With a victorious look, Li Yan'er raised her head, and with an even more severe tone, she said, "What are you still standing there for? Take off my clothes! "

"Take it off!"

I can't undress in front of everyone.

But the students seemed especially excited, surrounding me, their shouts piercing my heart.

I feel so uncomfortable that I want to cry. I used so much effort to hold back my tears.

I've suffered so much in my life that I feel numb.

But today I suddenly understood that these people didn't think of me as their kind at all. Perhaps in their eyes, I wasn't even a dog.

A string in my heart suddenly snapped, and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I took off my T-shirt and vest and started to run, naked.

However, I was stopped by the class's top student, Sun Xing Wang.

He looked like Little Black Tower, two heads taller than me. The fight was so intense that no one dared to provoke him.

He kicked me in the chest, and I fell over the wall behind me. I couldn't even breathe.

He walked up to her with a face brimming with righteousness, "The undergarments you wore were stolen from Li Yan'er, whose undergarments were you wearing?"

I was stunned for a moment before I realized that he was talking about my underwear!

I felt a gush of blood in my chest, ready to spurt out at any moment. But I didn't dare to go head to head with him.

I was afraid that he would hit me again. That kick just now had already caused me to suffer greatly.

I heard my own voice, especially humble, "It's mine... That's mine, I didn't steal someone else's clothes. "

"No, we have to check. This is for the safety of the girls in the class."

As soon as he said this, the other boys in the class responded and came over to me.

The girl hid behind him with a blush on her face, but she was still discussing excitedly.

I was leaning against the wall, and if it hadn't been for the wall behind me, I might have collapsed to the ground.

My entire body was as cold as ice. Looking at it in despair, two pairs of hands stretched towards me. My legs couldn't stand still and I fell to the ground.

I curl up in a ball, tugging at my pants. This is my last dignity.

"Fuck, cooperate!"

A heavy kick landed on my head.

The smell of feet, earth, mixed with the blood in my nose, dripped into my mouth.

After taking a few more punches, I was completely out of strength.

As his waist loosened, his pants were stripped off.

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