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C3 Chapter 3

Following that, the classroom erupted into laughter, "Hahaha, this idiot's underwear has several holes in the back!" Was it crappy!

"It's still bright red. It looks just like my grandpa. It's so festive!"

Finally, when no one was holding me, I got up, bared my upper body.

Li Yan'er was still in her seat, cursing at me along with a few other girls, guessing at how I stole the underwear, as well as my perverted thoughts.

Have they ever thought that I am also a human? I also have dignity?

I suddenly understood what happened today. I can only retreat and avoid them, but I can't get any respect from them. I can only make these people even more violent and bully me!

I can't stand it any longer. I grab a banana from my desk and throw it at her!

The bananas that Grandpa gave me were almost rotten. I've never had hard bananas since I was a kid.

With this throw, a pile of white and yellow stuff stuck to Li Yan'er's hair and her skirt.

The entire class was dumbfounded.

At the same time, I regretted it. What I did was simply courting death.

I actually attacked Miss Li Yan'er! I was scared too, so I rushed out of the classroom before anyone could react.

I want to go home!

It took me half an hour to reach my house on the outskirts of the city. It was already noon.

I lay on the bed and hammered at the bed and bit at the pillow and even broke my teeth.

I hate it! Why should I suffer?

At the same time, my heart was heavy with fear.

Aside from the fact that Li Yan'er is rich and has a good family, there are also a few lackeys chasing after her in school. If I were to offend her, how am I going to attend school in the future?

Just as he was thinking this, the door suddenly opened. Grandfather came in with his back hunched and a large sack on his back.

Mixed with rotten fruit, rags, and the smell of sweat, it was my family's unique sour smell.

When he saw me, he smiled widely. "Yu'er, why are you back? I was just about to tell you that the teachers of your school especially like my fruits. Recently, I went to deliver them a few times.

The humiliation of the morning was still fresh in his mind as he looked at his dirty and tattered clothes.

I jumped up and shouted, "Don't mention my school! I can't go to that place anymore! and no longer wants to be your grandson! "

After saying that, I rushed outside.

But I know, I have to go to school, school is my only way out, only then, I can get rid of this lowly status!

I didn't eat lunch. It was already one o'clock when I arrived at school. The hot sun made me dizzy.

Suddenly, a few figures flashed out of the school gate and pushed me to the ground.

"You still dare to come back?"

A delicate voice sounded, causing my heart to sink. It's Li Yan'er.

Seven or eight male students walked out from behind her. The leading male student held a cigarette in his mouth as he asked, "Is this grandson the one who bullied you?"

I know this boy with yellow hair. His name is Lian Cheng.

He's a year older than us, and is said to be a second year in high school. His family was also very rich, and furthermore, he doted on Li Yan'er.

As I watched them with the pick handle and the swing, my legs gave way and I could barely stand on my feet.

I'm regretting it now, how could I dare resist Li Yan'er? Now that he had provoked Lian Cheng, he was definitely going to die.


A punch landed on my head, knocking me down.

Lian Cheng seemed to be very dissatisfied with my weakness. He came up and added a few more kicks, "Fucking trash, I haven't even fought yet. You can just get down on your own."

"You still dare to hit him? You don't mind getting your hands dirty."

Li Yan'er giggled, and as if reacting to his words, Lian Cheng shouted loudly, "Right, this idiot isn't even worthy for us to make a move! Use your feet!"

At his command, several surrounding boys surrounded me and kicked me.

The sun above was obscured, and it was very dim.

I feel like my whole world is feet, there is not a single place does not hurt, I feel like I am about to die.

I just stopped struggling and let them kick me.

Maybe, I thought at that moment, I was free to die. There's no point in thinking that someone like me is still alive.

Suddenly, a voice sounded. It was both domineering and powerful.


Instantly, everyone was stunned. In the empty street, a slim figure slowly walked over.

His hair was gray, his body was torn and dirty, and he carried a few Mazas on his back.

It was my grandfather!

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