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C4 Chapter 4

His face was unkempt, as if he were a beggar. However, the aura emanating off of him was terrifying.

The hooligans were scared and automatically opened a path. He stepped forward to help me up.

My head was immediately trampled by a foot! His face was pressed against the hard concrete floor. It was extremely painful.

Stepping on my Lian Cheng, he squinted his eyes, took a drag from his cigarette, and exhaled towards Grandpa.

"F * ck, now even people who want food have come out to show their chivalrous loyalty?"

"Release my grandson!"

The crowd reacted to their grandpa coughing a few times and burst out in laughter.

Actually, many people knew that I had no parents and had followed my grandfather before.

But usually I didn't let my grandfather talk to me at school, so they didn't know that the old man who often came to deliver fruit was my only relative.

"Master, are you from the Beggar's Gang? How many bags of Elders are there? "

Lian Cheng was not afraid at all and continued to taunt and ridicule towards his grandfather in a provocative manner.

Actually, high school children were more afraid of the adults in society. But they didn't have a shred of reverence towards their grandfather.

Perhaps in their eyes, people like me and Grandfather aren't considered people.

A wave of humiliation washed over me, and I didn't even dare look up as I curled up on the ground.

I don't want to see my grandfather either.

Li Yan'er was still at the side covering her nose, "Your grandson dirtied my clothes, and even smashed my face in front of everyone, why don't you say so?" If you want to vent your anger on him now, what about me? "

This was obviously reversing the truth. I was so angry that I wanted to die, so I shouted, "You guys were the first to strip my clothes and hit me!"

However, Lian Cheng laughed in disdain, "You still have the face to say that? How much are your clothes, and how much is Li Yan'er's clothes? Can you compare to her? "

The foot that stepped on my face grinded against it. A heart-wrenching pain.

Why was there such a huge difference when they were both people?

Lian Cheng laughed and pointed at my grandfather, "Geezer, this matter is easy to handle. Li Yan'er's dress is a new one, five thousand yuan. If you take out the money, you can forget about the assault and indecent assault."


Grandfather tilted his head, obviously not understanding these words.

I am ashamed and angry, this is clearly a scam!

"Let me go! "I did not!"

I roared in anger and tried to get up, but someone stomped on my lower back, "Brother Feng, I always thought this grandson looked familiar. It was only after I entered that I remembered. I think his family lives in the shantytown, his father and mother said he was a drug dealer and was sentenced to death a long time ago! "

A sharp voice completely tore through my heart. My parents are my most taboo topic.

I suddenly couldn't move. I felt all the blood in my body congealing.

"No wonder, the son of a rat knows how to dig a hole, the son of a drug dealer would commit a crime!"


Suddenly, my face lightens and someone falls heavily beside me.

No one would have thought that such a thin and weak old man like his grandfather would suddenly explode with such strength.

Lian Cheng fell to the ground. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Lian Cheng.

This was probably the only time in Lian Cheng's life that he suffered a loss. He immediately became angry and shouted back, unwilling to be outdone, "Kill these two people asking for money!"

Just as the surrounding hoodlums were about to pounce on him, his grandfather's withered fingers suddenly tightened and Lian Cheng's face immediately turned the color of a pig's liver.

"If you touch my grandson again, I'll strangle him!"

Lian Cheng was lying on the ground with his arms and legs kicking around helplessly. My yellow hair was also covered in dust. When I saw this, I felt relieved.

Normally, grandpa is a nice old man who is easy to talk to. I never thought that he would have such a terrifying side.

He was able to do this all for me. For a moment, my heart is very complicated.

I hated my birth and hated this grandfather of mine, but I also knew that he was the best person in the world for me. He had given me all his love.

A few cowardly students retreated in fear, afraid that someone might really die.

His grandfather really went crazy. He slapped Lian Cheng's face a few times and then spat out fiercely, "If you dare bully my grandson again, I'll really kill you!"

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