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C5 Chapter 5

After a moment of silence, Pappy slowly stood up and pulled me away from the alley.

A familiar sour smell entered my nose, and my pain followed.

Even if my grandfather was able to scare away Lian Cheng, he still wouldn't be able to change my pain and humiliation.

I am still that trash's me. I have such a trash's grandfather, trash's family.

And my classmate, they don't even belong to the same world!

Moreover, his appearance today not only let everyone know that my grandfather is a street vendor, but also exposed my background!

Tears blurred my eyes, and I pushed him away and ran in the opposite direction.

"Yu'er, come back quickly. You haven't eaten lunch yet!"

His voice came from behind, weak and hoarse.

When it comes to eating, I'm even more manic. Other students eat bread to drink milk, and I, from the snacks are the vegetables she picked up from the market, steamed bread!

"Rice?" Those are also food? You can't even support yourself in that crappy place, why do you have to support me!? If you let me suffer all these hardships, then you should have just let me die! "

I looked at his gaunt figure standing there, so helpless, so incompetent.

"I've been with you since I was young. How many times have I been rolled their eyes? Other kids go out to play at a young age and go to cram school, but me? I follow you to set up stalls and make up Mazzi. I don't wear a single piece of clothing that belongs to me. You ask for others' clothes and pick up others' clothes. I was shunned at school. What's the use of me learning well? No one views me as a human being! All of these things are because of you, this old man who can't even support himself, raising me! Since you don't have the ability to raise me, why did you make me suffer!? You might as well let me die! "

Pappy opened his mouth, and the beard on his face shook violently, but he said nothing.

In the end, with a sobbing tone, she squeezed out, "Yu'er, come home with grandpa."

"I won't!"

I threw down those words, turned around, and started running!

I hated myself all the way.

I know that my grandfather really treats me very well. He couldn't bear to eat even the tiniest bit of delicious food, so he left them to eat the rotten fruit.

In order to have an account to go to school, he took me everywhere to beg and kowtow.

All the money I had saved was used to pay my tuition.

Too many memories... These familial feelings instantly rushed into my heart and tormented me.

I stopped and slapped myself hard in the face.

I'm not human, how can I say those words to my grandfather?

I turned around and ran towards my home as fast as I could!

I want to go back to Grandpa right away.

Just one more intersection away, a car, heading towards me again!

"Creak ~ ~ ~"

Amidst the screeching of the brakes, I lay on the ground!

I was also dizzy from the impact. In addition to the torment of the past day, he had fainted.

The next time he woke up, he was lying on the back seat with a fragrant smell.

I didn't dare to move around recklessly. If I were to be in such a high-class car, I would definitely lose money if I were to touch someone's filth.

He struggled to open his eyes, only to see a face that was the limit of what he could see.

More beautiful than Li Yan'er!

White porcelain cheeks, long jet-black hair, and a pair of phoenix eyes that were slightly raised. This must be one of the celebrities on TV.

"You're awake?" The lady suddenly pressed close to Zhang Xuan, and the fragrance emanating from her body nearly made him faint from drunkenness.

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