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C6 Chapter 6

"I'll take you to the hospital."

The beautiful woman's voice was also very pleasant to hear. I know that I'm fine. Right now, I just want to quickly return to grandpa's side.

I immediately refused. "I'm fine. I want to go home."

She seemed surprised at my reaction. She reached over and touched my arm and leg, as if checking to see if it was broken.

I was shy about being touched by a woman for the first time in my life, and she was such a beautiful, delicate woman.

She suddenly laughed, "You're so strange. Others might want to go to the hospital right after getting hit, but you're different."

I've never been to a hospital since I was a kid, and I don't want to.

I quickly declined. I had to get out of the car, but she seemed to be addicted to it and had to pull me along.

Finally, with a sad face, I said, "Sister, please let me get out of the car. I have an emergency at home."

The beauty sighed and took out her phone, "Leave a message. If you're not feeling well, contact me."

Where did I get this phone? My house doesn't have a phone.

In the end, the beauty took out a stack of notes and wrote down her address number and name. She also asked me to write down mine.

Murong Fei, this name sounds really nice.

I peeked at the logo on the steering wheel. It was a gold shield.

When she saw the note that I handed to her, her expression slightly changed and she suddenly became serious. "Your name is Zhang Tianyu?"

I was suddenly really afraid that this beauty, could also be a relative of Li Yan'er, and that she would beat me up again.

I nodded my head slightly and sat on the seat of the car, shivering.

The beauty didn't say anything. She opened the sleeves of my clothes and took a look at my wounds before sending me to the entrance of the shanty village. She repeatedly told me to look for her if I needed anything in the future.

I don't understand the brain circuits of the rich, I just want to go home and find grandpa right now.

But when I got to my door, I found a pungent smell of blood!

I immediately rushed in. Grandpa fell into the pool of blood on the ground and didn't move at all!

The only mirror and bowls in the house were smashed into smithereens. What was even more difficult and terrifying was that there was a large hole in the roof. If one looked up, they would be able to see the sky!

This scene made me freeze on the spot. After a while, I rushed over to hug my grandfather, and tears started dripping down my face.

"Grandfather!" "Grandfather!"

At this moment, I was really afraid that he would die just like that.

Finally, my grandfather opened his wrinkled eyes and weakly breathed as he smiled at me. "Grandpa is fine. Are you hungry?" Take two dollars from my pocket and go get some bread. "

At this point, he was still wondering if I was hungry.

My heart became heavier and I hated myself even more. How could I have treated him like that just now!

I was going to go to the hospital with him on my back, but Pappy wouldn't let me. He said that his arm was just broken, so he just had to pack a bag for himself.

Unable to resist him, I called for a doctor from a small clinic nearby.

He felt sorry for us, too. After sewing a dozen needles and helping to bandage them, he didn't ask for any money. Of course, there was no anesthetic either.

Grandfather was in so much pain that he was sweating profusely. My heart felt as if it had been pulled out and sewn up once. It was really painful.

Put Grandpa on the bed and feed him water.

Grandfather held my hand and said weakly, "Yu'er, my family is poor, don't be afraid. You should go to school well. Sooner or later, you will have a chance to make a comeback!"

I nodded bitterly and asked, "Grandfather, who did it?"

He hesitated for a moment before replying, "I don't know. You don't need to worry about this matter. Just focus on your studies."

But since he didn't say it, I also knew that my rage was definitely related to Li Yan'er!

At the moment, I don't care if I'm a piece of trash or a dog. I just want revenge!

I was about to rush out the door when my grandfather stopped me.

He was too weak for me to struggle.

"Yu'er, we can't win against them because they have money. If you want to fight them, you have to become stronger first! "

These words were like a heavy hammer hitting me. Remind me of my incompetence.

Yes, Grandpa has always been careful and never caused trouble. But because of me, I brought these calamities to this ruined family.

"Yu'er, grandpa is fine. I'm actually quite happy."

I was puzzled by his words.

Then he chuckled, his white beard quivering, "They're angry, so they won't cause you any more trouble, and you'll be able to study properly."

I could no longer hold back my pain and turned into tears. I threw myself at my grandfather's body and started crying loudly.

His rough hand touched the top of my head.

Why, at that moment, have I made up my mind, I must become strong!

When I told my grandfather that I was going to study at night, I dragged my heavy body out of the house.

Even though Grandpa said that, I still want revenge!

I didn't go to school, but went straight to the rich district in the south of the city. This place is Li Yan'er's home. I'm usually quiet, but I know most of what she says.

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