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C9 Chapter 9

When I got home, I was a little tired. I couldn't sleep last night because of this, and I kept thinking about how to deal with it.

It wasn't easy for me to get some time to rest in the afternoon. Of course, I was just lying in bed, unable to wake up. After waking up, I felt that my entire body had recovered a lot.

Unexpectedly, not long after I arrived at school, just as I was doing my homework, a book suddenly flew towards me.

I was caught off guard and was hit squarely in the head. The book hit me in the head, and I grimaced in pain.

"Zhang Tian Yu, how can you be like this! "You bastard!" I turned my head and saw a furious Li Yan'er.

I was a little baffled. I didn't know where I got into trouble with this young lady again, but before I could say anything, Li Yan'er started shouting loudly again:

"Why did you put this dead bat in my schoolbag? You are truly too shameless and despicable! " Li Yan'er's bag was a famous one worth ten to twenty thousand gold coins, and normally, she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her bag.

However, now that there is a dead bat inside, I have really touched her bottom line. She is furious and resentful at the same time. Looking at my eyes, she really wants to tear me to shreds.

But I also feel wronged, now it's just like June's Snowflake, even more injustice than Dou Er, this clearly isn't something I did!

I had never thought of taking revenge on her for what she had done to me, not to mention that I liked her. How could I do such a thing?

I felt wronged as I looked at her before loudly saying, "I have never done such a thing before. Don't you dare slander me and accuse me wrongly!"

"If it wasn't for you, who else would have put the bats in my bag to death?" Li Yan'er insisted.

"I just went for a physical education lesson, and there's a dead bat in there. Besides, you're the only one among us who didn't go for a physical education lesson. Who else could it be?"

Hearing this, the surrounding students all looked at me with disdain, as if they were looking down on me for doing such a thing. They all said that I was despicable and despicable, that it was because I wanted to take revenge on Li Yan'er that I was able to do such a thing.

I was so anxious that my eyes were about to turn red as I loudly argued, "I said no, I didn't go to the physical education class because you forced me to. In the past, when I went to the physical education class, you all despised me and didn't want to stand together with me.

Don't I want to go to gym class? Wouldn't I be happy to play with everyone? It was all because of them!

Hearing this, Li Yan'er's expression became unnatural, and she lowered her tone, "Zhang Tianyu, what we're talking about now is not the matter of not taking physical education classes, but the matter of you leaving a dead bat in my school bag!"

"Besides, you're the only one in the class who has an opinion on me, and you're the only one who has the time to commit a crime. Who else could it be other than you? If you insist that it's not you, then find a murderer for me. You're in the classroom! "

I was speechless. What she said made me unable to argue with her. It was true that I was the only one in the classroom then, but I went out to use the toilet midway. When I came back, there was really no one in the classroom.

"That's right, I was the only one in the classroom at that time, but I definitely didn't do such a thing! And I'm sure no one else has been in the classroom except when I go to the bathroom! Maybe someone did it while I was in the bathroom? "

"Continue acting then. You won't find a reasonable excuse even if you want to. Going to the toilet?" "Hahaha!" Li Yan'er's expression was filled with unquestionable conviction.

I could tell that she insisted that I did it because she wanted to pour this dirty water on me! I was furious, but I couldn't find any reason to retort.

"I did not! It's just that there's no one here! " I regret it now. Why did I help him then? Why did you help him last night? Yet now, she still tried to bite me back. What an ungrateful bastard!

"Hur hur, then why don't you find someone for me?" Li Yan'er was so angry that she started laughing, staring at me with eyes that seemed to want to eat me alive.

I couldn't find any reason to retort, and I didn't want to dwell on this matter any longer. It was just a waste of my time: "Think what you want. If I said it wasn't me, then it wasn't me!"

After hearing what I said, Li Yan'er seemed to have confirmed her guess, but she had no other choice. She could only shout at me with her eyes wide open, "Zhang Tianyu, don't let me catch you with any evidence, or you'll be in trouble later!"

With that, she returned to her seat, picked up her pen and gloomily turned it around.

The surrounding students looked at me with a weird expression. I knew that because of this matter, those people hated me even more. From now on, I would definitely be a person with bad character in their eyes!

But what could I do? It was just like a mute eating yellow rice, he couldn't speak of the pain that he had suffered.

Soon it was time for the last class of the evening

The last class was a language class. The language teachers were very good, their teaching skills were high, and their teaching methods were very unique. I enjoyed listening to his lessons, and my grades in Chinese were the best among the subjects.

Although I am very aggrieved now, but I still listen to the class seriously, without a single trace of absent-mindedness. But Li Yan'er was different. She didn't seem to be interested in any subject at all, and this tedious language teacher made her feel even more confused. Then, she kept her head turned to the side, looking at me who was sitting not far from her!

Li Yan'er's appearance was really exquisite. There were two dimples on her white face, and her smile was very cute. Her perky nose made her look even more graceful.

However, her usually enchanting eyes that were now filled with fury were unblinkingly looking at me.

She made me feel uncomfortable, but I didn't choose to look her in the eye. I chose to ignore her.

It wasn't easy for her to last until the bell rang for the end of the class, but for the first time, the language teacher dragged out the class for three minutes.

When the teacher finally left, the students quickly scattered and left the classroom. I was no exception, heading straight for the door.

However, that group of students suddenly stopped and headed back. Just as I was lost in my thoughts, I suddenly saw a group of people coming from the entrance. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was Lian Cheng!

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