The Most Simple Wish/C10 Da Tea Village Primary School and the Students
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The Most Simple Wish/C10 Da Tea Village Primary School and the Students
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C10 Da Tea Village Primary School and the Students

Big Tea Village Primary School is located in the middle of Big Tea Village, built on a slope surrounded by a few palm trees and banana trees. There was an old fence outside, and a bare wooden pole pointed straight at the sky. Dao Xiaotong said that it was a flagpole. There was only one school building, not a fence. There was only one floor, and it was built with bamboo and wood.

Unlike what Tao Huizhen had imagined, the dormitory was not full of vigor like the primary school campus in her childhood. It was also not like the eight or nine o'clock sun that nurtured hope. The dormitory gave people a lonely and tranquil atmosphere. It stood at the center of the village in an inconspicuous manner, as if it had been abandoned for a long time.

In the morning, the sunlight shone directly on the top of the school building. Tao Huizhen narrowed her eyes and looked at the school building. The hot sunlight entered her eyes, and a dazzling colorful halo appeared before her eyes. The school building cast a small shadow on the back of the sunlight.

It was worse than imagined, but the important thing was to be able to learn. No matter how simple and crude the school building was, the school was not a gorgeous hall, but a place for educating. Tao Huizhen thought passionately. She took off her hair that had been tied around her head and spread it over her shoulders. She wanted to see those students in a plain manner.

Tao Huizhen and Dao Xiaotong lived in a small bamboo building. It was a hundred meters away from the school building. Children were rushing to the school one after another. There were small paths leading to all directions around the school. When the sun rose, the children would reveal their heads from those paths.

In the simple school dormitory, Tao Huizhen saw this group of children. Their ages were different, and their ethnicities were different. From the first to the sixth grade, there were some who were quiet. Some were noisy, and some were staring at Tao Huizhen. They were filled with curiosity. After that, they continued to whisper into each other's ears. However, he was still in the gap between his arms and his palms. They secretly peeked at Tao Huizhen, as if they were comparing the difference between Tao Huizhen and them. If he wanted to see Tao Huizhen clearly, He was a little timid.

They seemed to be communicating. When Tao Huizhen came, everyone in the village went to welcome her. Tao Huizhen was the only teacher in the past half a year who was willing to come to Dai Village to teach.

Tao Huizhen felt that the children's eyes. . . They were many times brighter than any eyes she saw. They were bright and shiny like tiny black crystal balls. No matter what happened, they would not be able to escape the eyes that had no impurities. Even though it was Da Tea Village Primary School, It was quite different from what she had imagined, but the children in front of her. . . It was not much different from what she had imagined. In their eyes, the light of a resting place. . . It wasn't much different from the children she had seen in the northwest region.

The children in the northwest region looked at the endless yellow hills in the distance, full of desire and tenacity. Surrounded by the mountains, they were also guessing the outside world. As they looked at themselves, their gazes overlapped with the gazes of the children from the small mountain villages, which were filled with yellow soil.

Those were gazes of inquiry and seeking knowledge. Tao Huizhen secretly looked at them. If she wanted to go to any corner of this world with them, she would no longer look at the mountains. Instead, she would look down at the Great Land. If she wanted to do this, she would have to learn knowledge.

"Hey, quiet down. This is the new Teacher Tao. He's here to teach you culture. Hurry up and call him Teacher Tao. " Dao Xiaotong walked to the three-foot-long podium and said with a strong local tone.

"Teacher Tao. . . Teacher Tao. " The first-year to sixth-year students of the Da Tea Village Primary School said in unison.

"Hello, students. My name is Tao Huizhen. I'm Shen Yang, from a city in the north. Nice to meet you. The mission of a teacher is to educate, and the title of 'Teacher' will be given to him. I am honored. I will hand over every single drop of knowledge I have learned from my teacher to you without reservation. And you also have a mission, Learn, study hard" Tao Huizhen thought of the first year in the Dance Academy, A teacher would give an opening speech like this, and she agreed with this teacher's point of view. So she kept it in her heart.

Today, she finally said the same thing to her own student. She only changed a few of the words. When she said those words, An inexplicable sense of pride hit her, a sense of responsibility. . . A sense of duty flowed in her blood. She didn't know what kind of power this was. . . It caused her to lightly clench her fists. Her gaze was resolute.

The children in the dormitory watched Tao Huizhen introduce herself. Their confused expressions gradually climbed onto their faces. One of the students left a deep impression on Tao Huizhen. She seemed to have understood Tao Huizhen's words and made a very small movement. She straightened the red scarf around her neck and straightened it. . .

Dao Xiaotong counted the number of people in the class and muttered, The number of people in the class. . . " Another person did not come. Teacher Tao, there should be 28 students, but only 26. "

Tao Huizhen also counted once. After confirming that it was 26 students, she asked, "Which two didn't come? I'm here. You can go home and take a look. "

"There are often children who don't come to school. Today, Teacher Tao might be here. There are a few more than usual, Teacher Tao. Let me show you first before you teach. I'll go back home and look for them. Do you think this will work? " It was Tao Huizhen's first day teaching, and there were still many places that she was unfamiliar with. Dao Xiaotong needed to do it for her first time.

Tao Huizhen reluctantly acknowledged. She did not want any students to be absent.

There were twenty-eight students from Tea Village Primary School. The students in the sixth grade were the least, mostly in the second and third grades. The school used a duplex method of teaching. First taught the senior students. The junior students listen in, then teach the junior students. The senior students self-study. Every day was the same. During Dao Xiaotong's days as a teacher, Every day, the students could only learn one lesson. Most of the time, the students spent in self-study.

Back then, Tao Huizhen had asked Elder Li if the lessons of these children could be synchronized with the lessons in the county. In fact, they were far from synchronized. They might even drop a few months to half a year's worth of lessons. The students in Da Tea Village Primary School did not have winter or summer holidays, nor did they have Sunday days. However, the lessons were still slow.

It would be unrealistic to separate the students into different classes. Tao Huizhen thought, that would require at least three to five teachers. Each teacher would take care of a few children, and they would also need to build a few more classrooms. What she could change was still not much. But as long as she was willing to spend time, all of this would slowly be resolved. Spending time was the dumbest and most effective method, a course that could not be completed in a year. . . Just study for two years, not for another two years. Then two more years. . .

"Quiet, we'll sing a song before class like usual. What song are we singing?" Dao Xiaotong thought hard. She knew seven or eight songs and she had already sung them countless times in Da Tea Village Primary School.

"Sing the national anthem!"

"No, the national anthem was sung when the flag was raised. "

"Sing the Beijing Golden Mountain. "

"That song was too long. "

When Dao Xiaotong heard that the students were arguing endlessly, she seemed to have made up her mind and seemed very hesitant. There was a song from the Dai clan called A Beautiful Place. She had forgotten the lyrics, or else she would like to try this song. After hesitating for a moment, she spoke in a hoarse voice:

"Please take my song back to your home. Please leave your smile behind - sing!"

Tao Huizhen suddenly widened her eyes. Dao Xiaotong's voice was like the sound of nature. It was very different from her speech. Tao Huizhen blushed. When she heard the children sing the song "Tomorrow, Flying all over the sea, flying all the way to the edge of the sea, smiling tomorrow. . . It will be filled with spring flowers. Tao Huizhen subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She recalled when she was in primary school. She was also singing this song.

After the song Singing and Smiling was sung, Dao Xiaotong began her lecture. There was almost no way for her to give a lecture. She copied it from the textbook. After the first lesson, she started with the textbooks for the lower grades. She continued with the textbooks for three grades in a row. She also knew that her standards were not high. In front of Tao Huizhen, she said somewhat restrained, "Teacher Tao, I'll go to my child's house to take a look. "

Watching Dao Xiaotong leave, Tao Huizhen sized up the school dormitory. In the corner, there were two empty windows. The shadows of the mottled trees spilled in.

She walked to the podium and started her teaching career.

Unlike Dao Xiaotong, Tao Huizhen was more detailed and interesting.

She even walked to the bottom of the podium and to the students. One by one, she guided them. At this moment. . . Tao Huizhen discovered that the textbooks used by the students. . . They were all yellowed like old newspapers that had been rotten for many years. They emitted a musty smell. Tao Huizhen looked at them one by one and her heart shook. The students sitting here were all holding that old textbook in their hands. It was as if they had found a treasure.

"What's your name?" Tao Huizhen stopped next to the female student that had left a deep impression on her.

"Teacher Tao, my name is Yu Er. " Yu Er said.

"She is a student council member. " A boy said.

"You're a third-year student, right? Yu Er. "

"Yes, I am. "

"Yes, what do you not understand? You all have to ask me alone. Teacher will explain it to you. " Tao Huizhen saw the textbook Yu Er was using. It was painted. It was obviously not made by her. It was already like this when she got the book. Tao Huizhen took the book that she was using. She exchanged it with her. "Yu Er, use this. Study hard. "

"Thank you, Teacher Tao. "

When it was almost noon, Dao Xiaotong returned. She did not bring the two students who had skipped class with her. She said that at the house of the two students. . . Since there was no one else, Tao Huizhen could only agree. However, when the students were studying in the classroom, Due to the old age of disrepair, the table and chairs creaked with ear piercing sounds. It severely affected the students' studies, so she said that this had to be solved.

"Got it, I'll go find Elder Li to fix it. " Dao Xiaotong stumbled as she ran out. Elder Li was probably drinking water for the old cow by the stream in the village. She grabbed the skirt of the skirt with her hand and ran towards the stream. That ordinary and humble back made Tao Huizhen feel a sense of resonance.

Not long after, she and Elder Li walked towards the Da Tea Village Primary School.

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