The Most Simple Wish/C11 Plum Blossom Soul
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The Most Simple Wish/C11 Plum Blossom Soul
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C11 Plum Blossom Soul

The sun cast its shadow on the trees of Takeuchi Primary School, reaching into the window of the classroom. The beginning of June in Dai Village was already very hot, and the students were reading a text. Tao Huizhen walked among the students as if she had returned to her childhood. She had not learned dancing yet.

The voices in the classroom echoed in Tao Huizhen's ears as she read aloud: "Oh! Is the motherland the place that looks like a golden chicken on the map? Is that the land that has the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Great Wall? When I cheer, my little heart is filled with joy. . . "

When she first read the text, Tao Huizhen was only about ten years old. That was fifteen years ago, Tao Huizhen didn't even dare to imagine it. It was already fifteen years ago. How inexperienced must she be at that time? She was even more immature and clumsy than the children in front of her. That was during that era. The unique characteristics of children, silly. . . Very naive. A pair of black and bright eyes were now recalling. . . It was very empty.

In fact, Tao Huizhen could not even imagine what she looked like at that time. Maybe she was very stupid, and her cheeks were naturally red since she was young. It made her feel even more silly. However, she clearly remembered. . . At that time, Wen Xiu was wearing a white shirt. . . She tucked the shirt into her pants and combed her short "tomboy's" hair. The scene of eating old ice cream in the summer.

That was in the early 90s, and Hong Kong had yet to return. It was like a mix of old records in that era. No one knew that the motherland would undergo a tremendous change. And in another fifteen years, Tao Huizhen was 40 years old. At that time, in China. . . She knew that even if her imagination was poor. . . She could not imagine what kind of a brand new face China would have at that time.

There were not many pedestrians on the streets. Bicycles passed by, but Tao Huizhen did not have a deep impression of cars. The wires on the pole were tangled and messy. On the street in front of her house. . . It was like old black and white pictures were printed in Tao Huizhen's mind.

In the early '90s, compared to the present, it was like looking back at the road full of thorns from an intersection. Looking back from the future, there was always a kind of bitter and joyous feeling.

Even in the depths of the mountains far away from the city, people also experienced the changes of the era. In the' 90s, how many people didn't have enough food and clothes to wear? But now, people were no longer worried about eating and wearing clothes that were full and warm. From then on, at the "intersection," people began to walk towards higher and further steps.

Because of new pursuits, society was improving.

Tao Huizhen thought to herself. However, although that difficult period of time had passed, The road ahead was still very long. It seemed that the problem of eating and warming the hard core had been solved, but the new problem was. . . What kind of food ingredients were used to eat and what kind of clothes were used to warm them up? Tao Huizhen was well aware that at places that she could not reach. . . In places that she could not see, there were still people who were still facing the beginning of the '90s. . . The problems that people faced.

She looked at the students in her class, her fingers gripping the book with great force, and her back was straight! She was a hundred times more serious than dancing in the form of a body. In the future, Tao Huizhen might not be able to change her path of participation, but every student of hers was a seed of hope, and at this moment, it was taking root and sprouting.

The sound of reading could be heard from far away. The previously silent Da Tea Village Primary School was now brimming with life.

When "Plum Blossom Soul" was read to the end, the tables and chairs once again began to creak. Tao Huizhen frowned, and her memories were interrupted. As long as the children moved, the loosened tables and chairs would make noise, as if a patient was muttering to himself. Last time, Elder Li had a few severe cases of loosening up, but now. . . There were also many that could not be fixed.

"Students, Plum Blossom Soul mentioned three ancient poems. Recite the three ancient poems. If you don't understand, come and ask the teacher. If the teacher isn't at school, go to the teacher's dormitory. No matter what, the teacher hopes that you can ask him. " After Tao Huizhen finished her lesson, she walked out of the classroom.

It wasn't easy to be a teacher. Tao Huizhen had to prepare for lessons very late every day. Even though she was well-prepared, she was still worried that the students wouldn't understand. She encouraged the students to ask her questions privately so that they could give a more appropriate explanation.

In the backyard of the school dormitory, there was a small area surrounded by bamboo. There were a few chickens and ducks and a pig reared here. Tao Huizhen struggled to pull open the crooked yard door, and the chickens and ducks cried out. The pig, which was only half a kilogram in size, also turned its head to look at Tao Huizhen and ran to the side.

The ground in the yard was covered with chicken feathers, duck feathers, and the feces of the animals. Tao Huizhen saw this. She couldn't help but deeply experience the difference between the mountain and the city. These differences were reflected in all aspects of life. The way of life in the mountains became simpler. It was even more direct and didn't pay attention to details. Life became a living thing. This was the original appearance of humans.

However, Tao Huizhen was not willing to accept the current situation. She knew that life was not just a living thing. Dai people singing and dancing well proved this point. Humans couldn't leave art, they couldn't leave culture. Exploration and progress. Saber Master had her own simple dream. She could fight for five years just to see Beijing and Shanghai's city antennas. Although people didn't live for their dreams, However, dreams always ran through their lives. Tao Huizhen didn't want Da Tea Village to be cut off from the rest of the world and stop moving forward.

She looked at the mountain road outside the village as if she could see a clean and tidy road leading to the outside world. But soon, she saw it clearly again. It was a winding and endless mountain path that stretched endlessly into the distance. It was as if someone had brushed it with pigment, dipped it in the reddish-brown pigment, and then. . . He drew a line on the ground in a panic. The background was the endless green mountains. Tao Huizhen took a deep breath with deep feelings. Compared to heaven and earth, she was so tiny and helpless. She looked up at the colorful halo of the sun, her eyes slightly red. Her eyelashes also became moist.

Tao Huizhen did not cry for herself. When she looked up at the sky and the mountain road, she felt that she was Dao Xiaotong, Yu'er, Elder Li, the Dai man who performed the traditional peacock dance for her, and everyone in the tea village. She deeply felt the same way.

She did not want to think about this anymore. She retracted her gaze and once again looked at the chickens, ducks, and pigs.

Elder Lee was holding a wooden basin filled with chopped wild vegetables. He stood quietly at the door of the small house. This was his home, a one-story wooden house less than ten square meters with a small yard. He saw Tao Huizhen looking at the mountains and mountain paths in the distance. Her expression was full of sympathy.

The young man's eyes turned red. It was not difficult for Elder Li to know that some detail must have touched her.

The old man realized that Tao Huizhen was different from any of the previous branches. In her eyes, not only was she sad, there was also a sharp light that the Dai villagers did not have that was piercing towards her. She was like the first impression that Elder Li had of her when he first saw her. Her gaze was still incomparably firm.

"These beasts are quite dirty. They will be much more beautiful after getting drenched in the rain. " Elder Li walked over and placed the wild vegetables in his hands into the food trough. He poured some water and stirred them evenly. He stood up and said, "Don't look at how they don't look very healthy, but their vitality is also very tenacious. They can live just by eating wild vegetables, and they can even lay eggs. "

"Pigs eat these too?" Tao Huizhen asked.

"They all eat wild vegetables. How nice. There were many such wild vegetables at the foot of the Great Tea Mountain. No matter how many pigs there were, they wouldn't be able to finish all of them. I cut them twice a day and feed them twice a day. But when the pigs grow up, they will have to eat more. I'll have to feed them at least three times. Sometimes, I even have to cut wild vegetables four or five times. " Elder Li looked at him with a peaceful gaze. He sized up the animals and said, "But no matter how much I pay, it's worth it. They are very useful. "

"They definitely aren't used to eat meat. " Tao Huizhen smiled with a red face. Based on her understanding of the Tea Village, eating meat was a rather extravagant thing.

The old man rubbed his palms together. There were obvious traces of force being exerted on them. The green liquid of the grass seeped into his palm and he said, "This place in the Great Tea Village. . . No one is willing to eat meat, these guys can be exchanged for money. . . Money can be exchanged for more necessities, but meat can be eaten. After eating today, they still wanted to eat tomorrow, but sooner or later, they would run out of meat. I feed this chicken and duck. Let them lay eggs and use eggs and duck eggs to exchange for money. As for the pigs, at the end of the year, Take it to the county and sell it. This money. . . It'll be the expenses for the next year of Da Tea Village Primary School. "

When Elder Lee said this, his eyes were filled with satisfaction. The children's book pens, the teachers' chalk, and other writing tools all relied on these unremarkable fellows to support them.

Tao Huizhen sized up the old man. How long has it been since he last ate meat? Even if he really wanted to eat it, he probably wouldn't be willing to have his eyes on these chickens and ducks. They were the pillars that supported the continuation of Tea Village Primary School and were Elder Lee's precious treasures. Tao Huizhen asked curiously, "The money we exchanged for is enough to cover the school's expenses for a year?"

"Sometimes it's just a drop in the bucket, but with the help of the county's Department of Education, it's just a drop in the bucket. Now it's much better. My luck is good. I can still save some money in my pocket to deal with emergencies. " But even if it's not enough," Elder Lee said honestly. There's nothing else I can do. Every time my body reminds me. . . I'm not as good as I used to be. With my abilities. . . I can only take care of these livestock. If there are too many of them. . . I can't take it anymore. "

"It will get better and better, Old Li. The Department of Education will not ignore these children. "

"Yeah, although it is still very difficult, but. . . But it is also much better than before. Officer Wang often says so. It will get better and better, and it will also change in Dai Village. It is just that compared to your big city, it is a bit slower. We need to give it some time. Actually, there are young people from your big city coming to our Dai Village to spread knowledge. This is the change. No one came to this place before. No one cares about us. "

"Of course, the country is getting better and better. People's happiness will also get better and better. Sometimes, we can't feel the changes around us. My friend is overseas, and she said that she views China in the eyes of the world. China changes every year, and it is developing rapidly. " Tao Huizhen thought of Wen Xiu's eyes. Her eyes were filled with pride. She also said proudly.

When Elder Lee heard the word "overseas," he thought for a while. He hammered his knees and then his waist. He had been to many places. Even though he had left in a hurry, a few years ago. . . He had traveled to many places overseas. He had never been there before, so it was impossible for him to go. He could not understand how "looking at China from the perspective of the world" What kind of wonderful experience was this? He must be very proud of it.

The old man did not speak. He just wanted to live as long as possible so that he could exchange a few more years of books for the children. That was good. As for the rest, naturally someone would do it for him. He thought so.

"Elder Li, the tables and chairs still need to be repaired. " After a moment of silence, Tao Huizhen didn't hesitate to answer this question with an affirmative tone.

"Sigh, they're just like me, old to the point where they can't take it anymore. " With that, Elder Lee went to the cottage to get the tools, then walked to the school dormitory with Tao Huizhen.

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