The Most Simple Wish/C12 Like a Foot Drum Skill
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The Most Simple Wish/C12 Like a Foot Drum Skill
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C12 Like a Foot Drum Skill

Every morning, Tao Huizhen would appear in every corner of the Great Tea Village. Apart from the end of the village at the foot of Great Tea Mountain, which she had never been to before, Tao Huizhen had used her feet to walk through the bamboo forest by the stream next to the village, as well as every small path in the village.

Of course, at the foot of Great Tea Mountain, there was a tiny monastery with a golden tip. Tao Huizhen had never been there before. However, there were times when Tao Huizhen would approach that place early in the morning. She could vaguely hear the ringing of the bell when she approached that place.

Tao Huizhen stopped to think. The Dai people believed in Buddhism. A long time ago, the culture of the Dai people and the Buddhist culture had been integrated into one. Now, the Dai culture and Buddhist culture had declined in the Dai village. According to Officer Wang, the monastery was currently in a desolate state. Therefore, modern compulsory education was especially important to the Dai people.

However, Tao Huizhen felt sad as she looked at the tip of the small monastery that popped out from the green wood. She could think of the brilliant culture of the past in her mind. Dai culture and compulsory education did not conflict. It would be great if they could improve in both aspects at the same time.

Many of the Dai villagers in the village had witnessed Tao Huizhen being alone and welcoming the first ray of sunlight that passed through the branches and leaves. Her expression was exceptionally pious. They looked at Tao Huizhen from afar and felt that Tao Huizhen did not fit in with this Dai village. She always loved to stare blankly at the light, and they could not see through her.

A year's plan was in spring, and a day's plan was in the morning. When Tao Huizhen was learning classical dance, she would wake up early every day, much earlier than the sunrise. It was quiet. She repeated the same action over and over again until her forehead and nose dripped with sweat. To her, there was no essential difference between tutoring and practicing dance. She could only put in effort again and again until she reached her limit.

As she walked, she thought about how she should teach her class better. This had simply become her mission. The mosquito bag that had been bitten by the mosquitoes last night had not faded yet. It left a red and swollen patch on her arm. She grabbed it with her hand and hugged her shoulder as she walked back to the entrance of Da Tea Village Primary School.

Da Tea Village, which was surrounded by green mountains, was quiet and tiny, as if no one knew that there were traces of people here. The curling smoke from the kitchen gradually faded, and students from Da Tea Village Primary School began to come to school one after another. Tao Huizhen stood at the school gate to welcome these seeds of hope.

Tao Huizhen would call out names every day, and the 28 students were all present today. She walked to the podium and began writing.

It was a bumpy blackboard. Sometimes, Tao Huizhen would write write on it. The handwriting sank into the pit. Her nails were broken and the chalk fell to the ground. She immediately picked it up. She thought of what Elder Li said: The crushed chalk would be cheaper. If the teacher worked harder, the students would be able to use more books.

With this thought in mind, Tao Huizhen tried her best to write the words down as small as possible. As long as the students could see it. She stared at the words she wrote. Every stroke was worth a thousand gold coins. She was afraid that if she wrote wrongly, she would have to erase it and rewrite it again. Elder Li taught her a lot. The environment in Dai Village also made her understand the true meaning of thrifty. While she taught her child knowledge, her body also constantly changed.

She treated everything related to learning as treasures. In her eyes, there was nothing more important than letting her child learn knowledge.

After the senior class's lessons, Tao Huizhen continued with her class after class. She only walked down from the podium after finishing the first grade's lessons. She pinched her numb thighs and paced back and forth between the students. If she saw any student who didn't know how to do it, she would explain it to him one more time.

The textbooks used by the students of Tea Village Primary School all came from Mengla County Central Primary School. The textbooks used by the entire school were collected by Officer Wang, but there were still some students who did not have textbooks. There were many cases of two students using one textbook. Every time Tao Huizhen saw her students looking at the textbooks that had been graffected by others, As if she had found a treasure, she would hold it in her hands. Tao Huizhen could not help but feel sour in her heart.

She looked at the bumpy blackboard again. Some parts of the blackboard revealed the original color of the wood shavings. On the three-foot-long podium, there were 28 students, a simple classroom with two glass windows, and a desk with a creaking sound. This was the place where she had been teaching for her entire life.

"Teacher Tao, he doesn't study well. " Yu Er pointed at Ah Liang, who was sitting in the back row, and reported to Tao Huizhen.

Tao Huizhen's gaze was immediately filled with sternness. Ah Liang was holding a cylindrical object in his hand, and was weaving a colorful thin rope into the upper half of the cylinder. Tao Huizhen knew what it was. It was an incomplete little elephant foot drum, and there were no engravings on the foot and waist of the drum. The original grayish-white color of the Chunmu tree was revealed. However, the surface of the drum had already been sealed with cowhide. When Ah Liang accidentally touched it, The little elephant's foot made a subtle sound.

Tao Huizhen's ears echoed. The day she had just arrived at Da Tea Village, the elephant's foot drum, calabash silk, and gong had mixed together. A scene filled with the aura of the Dai once again appeared in her mind.

Making the Elephant Stomp Drum was a skill. Many Dai men knew this skill, and it was a process that paid great attention to details. It was not an exaggeration to say that making the Elephant-Foot Drum was a part of Dai culture. However, Ah Liang brought the technique to the classroom. Tao Huizhen was still very distressed. During Dao Xiaotong's lessons, these things happened frequently. Of course, Tao Huizhen was also prepared for this. She stared at Ah Liang and shook her head.

"Teacher Tao, I need to have my own Elephant-Foot Drum before the Opening Festival. " Ah Liang shook his head at Tao Huizhen and did not think much of it.

"Teacher said before that your mission is to learn and work hard to learn. "

"Some people say that learning is useless. We will never be able to leave Dai Village. We will never be able to surpass that mountain! Learning cannot be turned into a road. That road will be broken the moment it rains! Teacher, I might as well hit the drum. Our village has always been like this. Men need to learn how to make Elephant-Foot Drums. "

The twenty-seven students all looked at Ah Liang. Following the empty window behind Ah Liang, they could see the" road "that extended into the endless distance.

"Who told you that?" Tao Huizhen stared at Ah Liang and asked. For a moment, she felt a pain in her chest. She knew that her face must have become very pale.

"My Abba. "

"Your Abba said that learning is useless?"

"He said. . . " Ah Liang lowered his voice and said with a strong accent, "He said. . . Our family has been in Da Tea Village for generations, we don't want to go out. Teacher Tao, my Abba said that studying here will not change my future. When I grow up, I will still be like my Abba, planting tea in Dai Village. "

We need to learn more, real life methods.

Tao Huizhen understood what Ah Liang's father meant. This was a way of thinking. Sometimes in mountain village education, Not many people were willing to teach in one go. Many people still did not understand what the true meaning of learning was. This matter involved a word called "enrollment rate. "

Education was subtle and was the fundamental foundation of a country. The wider the coverage, the higher the average level, and more talented people would be created. The impact would also be greater and greater. However, when it came to a certain person, it might not seem so direct. Those people were bound by their ideology. This required someone to develop their ideology.

Tao Huizhen was stunned for a while. She walked back to the podium and picked up a chalk. She wrote down the words extravagantly - Knowledge is power!

"Learning is useful. Learning will allow us to cross that mountain. Not only this one outside Da Tea Village, but there are even more mountains outside of this mountain. Knowledge can allow us to cross over, knowledge can turn into a road. More importantly, knowledge can give us strength. Students, One day in the future, on the mountain path in front of you. . . It will definitely become a straight road that won't break even if it rains. This road will lead to the outside. It would lead to the entire China, the entire world. But we need knowledge and culture to strengthen ourselves. Let us go further and see more. " Tao Huizhen swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Her impassioned voice faded. She sincerely looked into each pair of crystal-like eyes. She said, "The teacher promises you that the country has built countless mountain roads. The road in Da Tea Village will also be built. What you need to do is to study hard. We welcome the arrival of that day. "

Tao Huizhen's gaze concentrated in the air like a ray of strong light. She was very satisfied that she was able to pass on her vision and trust in her country to her students. She was very satisfied with this speech.

Ah Liang did not mention his Abba's words again.

Tao Huizhen called Ah Liang outside the school building and placed the little elephant's foot on her shoulder. She thought of a rhythm in her mind and started to slap the little elephant's foot on the drum's surface. The drum beat was not deafening. The sound came from the mouth behind the foot of the drum. The rhythm was clear and fast, circling between Tao Huizhen and Ah Liang's ears.

Tao Huizhen shook her head in response to the beating rhythm. Her rosy cheeks reflected some light under the light. The rhythm of her beating was very similar, and it could resonate with some kind of music. After a while, she returned the little elephant's foot drum to Ah Liang and said, "Don't bring it tomorrow. Focus on studying. "

Ah Liang was immersed in the atmosphere created by Tao Huizhen. His eyes lit up. "Teacher Tao, you know how to drum the Elephant-Foot Drum?"

"Music has its similarities. Teacher has learned dance before. Music can be said to be an important part of dancing, just like how you dance like you dance to encourage your feet. It's also inseparable from the accompaniment of musical instruments, dance needs to be performed through the rhythm of the music. " Tao Huizhen faintly smiled and said: "No matter what you learn, Whether it's dancing or music, The foundation is culture, as long as you study diligently. . . You'll be even better than teacher in the future. "

"Teacher Tao, you are different from the previous Teacher Song and Teacher Guo. I will listen to you. I want to study hard. "

"However, you still have to hit the small Elephant Stomp Drum when it's needed. You can practice after you've released it. Also, your small drum still needs to be adjusted. The tone is not right. " Tao Huizhen looked at the watch on her wrist. The needle pointed at noon. She got up and prepared to call the children out of school at noon to have lunch with them.

When she opened the bamboo door of the school dormitory, a huge sound of collapse came from inside. The students were shocked and cried out in alarm. The chair that the fourth-year female student, Wu Huiyan, was sitting on completely collapsed. No matter how much Elder Li repaired it, he was still unable to resist its ultimate fate.

Tao Huizhen saw Wu Huiyan's small body fall to the ground. The students surrounded her and she strode over in panic.

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