The Most Simple Wish/C13 It Would be Fine as Long as He Ate the Sugar
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The Most Simple Wish/C13 It Would be Fine as Long as He Ate the Sugar
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C13 It Would be Fine as Long as He Ate the Sugar

After the song, "Let's Swing Oar, Tao Huizhen said to her students, In the future, when we sing the precursor song, we'll have to add some dancing movements. As long as it's simple hand-dancing movements, it won't be hard for you guys. Next time, the teacher will teach you guys, so we'll take the math class next time. "

"Teacher Tao, today is Monday. It's going to be a five-star red flag!" Class monitor Bai Junmao raised his hand and said.

Tao Huizhen subconsciously glanced at the flagpole outside the door. It was made of a wooden pole. It stood there all alone but straight. She turned around and asked: "Where is the flag? Let's go and raise the flag first. "

These children did not have weekends, so they studied non-stop. A week and a week passed, and the concept of time became fuzzy. It was Monday. Raising the flag was very important, which indicated a brand new beginning. Once again, the flogging students had to be in a better state to learn and welcome a new day. At the same time, The Five Star Red Flag slowly rose, even though it was behind this green mountain. It also resonated with the Five Star Red Flag from all over the motherland. It fluttered in the wind.

Therefore, Tao Huizhen felt that raising the flag was necessary. It was rare for students to remember this solemn ceremony. How long had it been since she participated in the flag raising ceremony? It had probably been a few years. She also missed the days of being a young pioneer. She also missed the days when she ran around wearing a red scarf. Sometimes, she would dream of her childhood. But when she woke up, she would immediately realize that it was a long time ago.

"The Five Star Red Flag is there. " A student ran to the back of the classroom actively. There was a dusty bookshelf there. At the top of the bookshelf, the flag was rolled into a scroll.

The student tiptoed to take down the national flag, carefully blowing the dust on it. A group of students stared at him as if they were afraid that he would break the national flag. Officer Wang had said that the flag was the symbol of a country. Everyone had the obligation to protect the flag and protect it.

Elder Li had also told them what the meaning and spirit of the five-star red flag was. Seeing the five-star red flag was like seeing countless ancestors throwing their heads away to shed their blood. It was also like seeing the unity and great revival of the Chinese people! However, Saber Teacher had never told them the story of the Five-Star Red Flag. In fact, Saber Teacher rarely told them things that had a profound meaning.

Dao Xiaotong only firmly remembered what others had told her and did her best to fulfill it. Elder Li and Officer Wang told her to arrange for the students of Da Tea Village Primary School to raise the flag and sing the national anthem every Monday. Therefore, Dao Xiaotong treated the raising of the flag as the most important thing in her life.

Once, the five-star red flag was torn and Officer Wang took it back to the county. They did not raise the national flag for a few weeks. Bai Junmao still remembered that period of time when the flag was not raised. A knot seemed to have formed in Saber Teacher's heart as he subconsciously looked at the flag pole outside the window. Every Monday morning, she would repeat: Aiyo, I can't raise it again today. . .

Monday without the flag raising ceremony was depressing. Nothing was more exciting than the red flag fluttering on the flag pole. It was like seeing an eagle spreading its wings and soaring in the valley.

About four or five weeks later, Officer Wang brought a brand new five-star red flag to Da Tea Village Primary School.

A flat ground outside the school building was usually used as a playground. Actually, this place was not completely standard. In order to welcome the rainy season, the "sports field" was actually a slow slope. When it rained, the rainwater could flow from the slow slope to the ditch. The flagpole stood close to the bamboo fence and pointed straight at the blue sky.

The 28 students spontaneously divided into two rows of boys and girls. The class monitor Bai Junmao held the flag and walked towards the flagpole. He hung the flag on the lift rope, and the students immediately raised their right hand over their heads and saluted the flag.

Tao Huizhen looked at the children's dry cheeks. They stared at the flag without moving. The tattered red scarf and dirty clothes fell into Tao Huizhen's eyes. A gust of wind blew past and caressed the children's hair. Their goal was the entire world behind Qingshan, but at this moment, the five-star red flag became their belief.

As they stared at the flag, they poured all of their spirit and dreams into the flag that was about to flutter in the wind, and were about to release them.

Tao Huizhen was wearing a pure white shirt without a single stain on it. She could not help but walk among the students and tidy up their red scarves one by one. After tidying up one, she looked at the student with an encouraging gaze. When the student looked back at her, her eyes were filled with warmth.

"Get up, people who don't want to be slaves!"

As Bai Junmao waved the five-star red flag and pulled up the lift rope, the children began to sing the national anthem skillfully. Their young and tender tones surged in Tao Huizhen's heart. In Tao Huizhen's mind, other than the children's singing, there was also the sound of a copper pipe instrument and a string instrument. It echoed in her mind with a majestic atmosphere.

Tao Huizhen forgot to salute. She stood between her students like a mother. She raised her head and watched the five-star red flag slowly rise and spread in the wind, forming a sharp contrast with the blue sky.

The children of the Da Tea Village primary school. Some of them had cherry-like red cheeks, some were dirty and stuck to dirt, and they looked up at the bright five-star red flag with a focused expression. They were pious and full of pride. They narrowed their eyes, as if they were looking at the birds that they had personally released. It floated freely at the highest point, flying freely.

Unknowingly, Elder Li and Dao Xiaotong had joined the ranks of the flag raising ceremony. The two of them stood at the back and saluted the colorful five-star red flag.

Dao Xiaotong imitated the others and raised a wrinkled palm above her head. She looked at the flag and smiled brightly. Tao Huizhen guessed that she had vaguely seen the outline of the Beijing and Shanghai city antennas.

Her hand seemed to have been soaked in water for a long time and was full of wrinkles. However, she did not care about her image at all. She was just like the other babies. At this moment, there was only a five-star red flag in her eyes. She stood straight and fearless.

After the ceremony.

Elder Li's voice was sonorous and powerful, full of pride as he finished singing the national anthem. His turbid eyes paused on the flag that had been raised to the top for a long time before he left in satisfaction.

Elder Li would not miss every time he raised the flag. When Elder Li left, he did not say a word as if he had come. At this time, it was time for him to go to the foot of Tea Village to harvest wild vegetables.

Tao Huizhen pursed her lips. The national anthem was still playing a long tune by her ear. She looked outside the sports field and saw a few Dai villagers from Tea Village surrounding the fence. Their respectful looks made Tao Huizhen raise her head to look at the national flag again. It was floating with energy.

And above her head was the sun at eight or nine o'clock in the morning.

"Teacher Tao. . . The red scarf is a corner of the five-star red flag, but I dirtied my red scarf. I can't wash it clean. " Yu Er hugged Tao Huizhen and said, She's only in third grade. Every student council member was the teacher's best helper. They were also the ones who relied on the teacher the most. Yu'er was no exception to Tao Huizhen. She hugged Tao Hui Zhen and started to cry sadly.

A few children were infected, and they surrounded Tao Huizhen. They looked at her with dependent and sticky eyes.

The children's red scarves were wrinkled. Some of them had been stained by pen water. These red scarves were the same as the textbooks they used. The students from the county center primary school were collected by Officer Wang.

Tao Huizhen winked at Yu Er. "Although the red scarf is dirty, it is still bright. The spirit and symbol it represents will not be buried just because it is dirty. It will be fine if you pay more attention in the future. Why does Yu'er like to cry so much? "

"Teacher Tao. . . " Yu Er buried her face into Tao Huizhen's waist and rubbed it.

"Teacher Tao, I heard that you were a dancing actor in the past. You came to Dai Village for us and even gave up on your career. "

"Teacher, I heard that you are not used to eating or living in Dai Village. Teacher, you have worked hard"

Hearing the words of her student, Tao Huizhen hugged Yu'er even tighter. She did not need any gratitude, nor did she need to give up or give up anything. She had chosen this path willingly. If she was not allowed to do so, it would be difficult for her.

She wasn't trying to urge herself with sympathy, she was trying to educate her. Education wasn't about emotions, it was about the hard core, the fundamental problem of human development. She only hoped that every child of appropriate age would have a chance to learn and no longer show confusion on their faces.

"Teacher. " Wu Huiyan opened her palm. There was a very small paper bag in her palm. She carefully opened it in front of Tao Huizhen. Inside were two transparent ice candies. She said happily, "That day, when the chair collapsed, I fell. Mom saw a large bruise on my leg, so she gave me three pieces of candies. I had a piece of ice sugar yesterday when I was sleeping. It was very sweet. I'll give you one. "

Three pieces of sugar.

The corner of Tao Huizhen's mouth stuttered as she kept repeating this sentence. When she was as old as Wu Huiyan, she also had ice sugar in her mouth. That sweetness was as sweet as honey. It could be sweet to the heart, but right now. . . She would never have thought of that kind of sweetness. The same ice sugar, in a different environment. . . In a different era, the taste would also change.

Wu Huiyan's hand continued to stretch forward. The two pieces of ice sugar were clean and flawless. They were as precious as two diamonds. Similarly, in Tao Huizhen's eyes, they were quite heavy.

Once again, Tao Huizhen felt that there was not much she could do. It was just a tiny thing. But luckily, she knew that in other places, there were people like her who were doing the same little effort, if all the weak changes were superimposed, The changes would be endless.

A torch was lit at a certain point in the depths of the mountain. The light it emitted was extremely faint, not enough to illuminate the entire valley. However, similarly lighting up a torch in every valley, from the distant space, these torches could light up the entire earth.

Tao Huizhen picked up a piece of ice candy from Wu Huiyan's hand and placed it on the tip of her tongue. It was really sweet.

"Wu Huiyan, is your leg still hurting?" Tao Huizhen asked.

"It doesn't hurt anymore. It'll be fine after eating the sugar. "

Ah Liang's dark eyes were still staring at the two pieces of ice sugar. He stared at Tao Huizhen's mouth and imagined the sweet taste. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said sourly, "My Abba won't give me the ice sugar even if I wrestle. "

"Your Abba won't be willing to give it to you, right? Ice candy is a good thing. " A student rubbed his face and said.

"Nonsense, my family doesn't have any ice sugar at all. " Ah Liang turned around to look at that student.

Tao Huizhen stared blankly at the five-star red flag floating above her head. She was thinking about today's lesson. After a long while of mental struggle, she finally made up her mind and said, "Teacher will buy you delicious food, okay? We'll go to the Little Merchandize Shop now. Ah Liang, you lead the way. "

In the village. There was only a small shop at the side of the village entrance. It was located at a corner of the stream that flowed through the Great Tea Village, and it was ten minutes away from the Great Tea Village Primary School.

Tao Huizhen had to pass through a straight road to enter the village. She looked at the banana trees, palm trees, and tree shadows on both sides of the road. The day she had just arrived, the people of Dai had been singing and dancing on this road to welcome her. When she walked to the entrance of the village, she saw Elder Li's yellow cow tied up on a tree with its tail beating mosquitoes.

Twenty-eight students squeezed into the small store and looked at the food on the shelves. Tao Huizhen saw that there were wahaha and prawns on the shelves. She asked the students, "Our school has twenty-eight students. Now, each of us wants to buy a bottle of wahaha and a bag of prawns. Wahaha costs 1. 5 yuan per bottle, and a bag of kissing prawns costs 1 yuan. How much does the teacher need to spend? Who knows? "

Yu Er was the first to say," It's 70 yuan. "

Tao Huizhen did not have much savings. When she was an actor in the dance troupe, Her salary could only maintain her daily expenses. The money in her hand was the rest of the money she had when she came to Dai Village. She took out two fifty yuan notes from her small wallet and handed them to the boss. She sent the snacks she bought to the children. These children held the snacks in their hands and tightly surrounded Tao Huizhen. "Teacher, teacher," they called out intimately.

When Tao Huizhen put away her wallet, she roughly looked at the few remaining banknotes inside. She secretly calculated how long it would take. Then, she thought, if it was in Shen Yang. . . She didn't spend the money so carefully, so she thought of Wen Xiu. Her heart ached slightly. She felt that she had hurt Wen Xiu's heart this time. She guessed at Wen Xiu's time. Probably returned to Australia.

Outside the Little Merchandize Department, there was a winding mountain road that led to the county town. There was a small hill, and the hill was covered with green grass. Tao Huizhen was sitting here with the children of Tea Village Primary School. She looked at the stream flowing downstream, and at the blue sky and white clouds. The little fellows were unwilling to take a big bite. Instead, they took small bites and savored it carefully. A sense of satisfaction accompanied them at this moment.

They discussed what was behind the mountain. Tao Huizhen sat down on her knees and supported her chin with her knees as she listened quietly. The wind blew, and her scattered hair covered her forehead. The children beside her looked into the distance from time to time, and their sticky gazes looked at Tao Huizhen. This scene was exactly the scene that Tao Huizhen had dreamt of.

Before she came to Dai Village to teach, she had dreamt many times that she and her students were connected mentally. Her eyes were as clear as a stream as they looked at her and called her teacher.

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