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C17 Summer

"Thank you. "

After folding a few notes of different denominations and placing them in her small wallet, Tao Huizhen looked up and said. It had been more than a month since he came to Dai Village. This was the first subsidy she received. Today was also the first time she walked out of Da Tea Village and came to Mengla County on foot. The feeling that the county gave her. . . Just like when she had just come out of the bus station, the small town was sparsely populated. The air was hot.

Close to the center of the county, there was a long street about six to seven hundred meters long. On both sides of the street, there were all kinds of shops, but half of the shops were closed, symbolizing the depression of the small town. At the end of the long street, there were a few small buildings, and the Department of Education was one of them.

Looking at such a scene, Tao Huizhen took a deep breath and walked towards the direction of the Department of Education along the street.

When she came, she had walked on the mountain road for nearly three hours. At that time, she felt some pain in her feet. But she did not stop. At this moment, she felt a little thirsty. She also saw that there were mineral water sellers at the roadside store. But she didn't buy it. In the meantime, she passed by the county center primary school. It was an elementary school with three buildings connected into one. It was a middle school school school. She stopped there to watch for a while. She imagined her students, comparing them to the children who were studying here.

In an instant, she had an illusion, as if she was standing in a gap between two spaces, with a hint of coldness in her body.

Officer Wang took a cup of water from the water dispenser with a paper cup and passed it to Tao Huizhen. "Teacher Tao, the County Central Primary School is going to have a summer vacation soon. Does your Tea Village Primary School have plans to have a summer vacation? The summer in Dai Village has arrived. As you can see, it's very roasted. "

"There's no such plan. " Tao Huizhen answered without thinking, "The children have left too many lessons behind. It's just nice to use winter and summer to make up for it. During this period of time, the children can relax the tense atmosphere. I'll try to teach them some other subjects. "

"Other subjects?"

"[Yes, for example, English, History and Geography. ] But currently, it can't be said that he has officially joined these courses, it's just a mediator course other than language mathematics. After all, it's a little difficult for me to teach by myself. I don't have any relevant books. "

Currently at Da Tea Village Primary School, in terms of textbooks. . . Only Language and Mathematics can be completed, and I don't have any other textbooks. The reason was that Da Tea Village Primary School did not have enough teachers. The courses could only take into account Language Mathematics and Language Mathematics. The textbooks used by the students were left behind by the county center primary school, so they wanted to take care of everything. This was also a huge challenge for Officer Wang.

When he heard Tao Huizhen say, "Teaching alone is a little difficult, and there are no relevant books yet," the muscles on Officer Wang's face twitched. Then, he returned to normal and smiled awkwardly at Tao Huizhen. "That's indeed the case. Teacher Tao, wait a moment. "

"What's the matter?"

Officer Wang bent down and started working under his desk. After making a few sounds, he picked up two books stacked together. As he patted the dust on them, He stretched out his hand and handed it to Tao Huizhen. "I want every student in Da Tea Village Primary School to have English textbooks and even join other subjects. It's still very difficult at the moment. However, the Department of Education and I will support Teacher Tao's diligent education work. We will try our best to strive for it. Those children are the hope of the poor. These two English books. . . He hoped Teacher Tao would be able to use them. I have no choice but to trouble you for the time being. "

The most important thing in the education industry was how a teacher taught his students. Officer Wang knows that. . . How difficult it is to let a teacher take two only English textbooks and teach an English class. The teacher who had been here before had never asked for an additional subject. This was not because the teacher was not responsible enough for the education in the mountain village. There were too many problems that needed to be solved.

However, Officer Wang had an inexplicable feeling that Tao Huizhen could create some possibilities. This was probably because he saw in Tao Huizhen's eyes some sort of spiritual belief that would cause death to befall it.

Tao Huizhen opened her eyes wide and revealed a smile. She took the English textbook and touched it. She said, "For a moment, it's impossible to add another teaching teacher to Tea Village Primary School, right? When I passed by the County Central Primary School on the way here, I was quite envious of the situation at the County Central Primary School. " She combed her hair and lowered her head.

Officer Wang told her about the current difficulties. It was already very difficult to build a teaching point in Da Tea Village Primary School. To have a teacher teaching here was already very difficult. This made the Great Tea Village Primary School and the others feel satisfied. Tao Huizhen, on the other hand, did not have any complaints about her teaching at the moment. She was even considering everything for the children. This was even harder to come by. The mountain village education could not be completed overnight. It could only be built up over time. Everything needed time to consolidate. As long as he did not turn back, It would get better and better sooner or later.

Officer Wang didn't say that even if there was a second teacher slot, he wouldn't dare to be transferred to Da Tea Village Primary School at the same time. His past experience told him that Da Tea Village Primary School couldn't even sustain a teacher for a long period of time. If there really was a second quota, then it might be arranged after Tao Huizhen left.

"In short, Officer Wang, fight for the Da Tea Village's children. " Tao Huizhen raised her head. She swallowed her saliva and said, "They. . . Are also gaining knowledge with the other children, but they have to take many detours. We clearly know that this road is winding and twisting, There is a more straight road in front of us, and we can see it all the time. However, we have no choice but to accompany them on an even more winding path. "

"But this isn't despair. At least we still have a path to take" The gaze of the woman from the city once again fell on the member of the Department of Education. She smiled warmly.

He saw that there was a flash of light in her eyes, like a flash of tears.

Officer Wang felt the blood on his face diminishing. He had remembered this passage for many years. He lowered his head and looked for something under his desk, but other than the two English textbooks, he could not find anything else.

"Teacher Tao is a very qualified educator. It will be hard on you at Da Tea Village Primary School. However, during the summer break, we have to attend classes continuously. You must pay attention to the students' condition and not have a heatstroke. Safety is also the top priority. "

Tao Huizhen pursed her lips. She pursed her lips. "The weather is too hot. I will help the child get out of school earlier. "

At this moment, Tao Huizhen remembered the cup of water on the table. She drank it in one gulp and pointed at the water dispenser. "I'll drink another cup. The way back is a bit far. " She walked towards the water dispenser and fetched the water herself.

"Drink it, drink enough before walking. "

Tao Huizhen received the water beside the water dispenser. The outline of her back was imprinted on her slightly thin back, and her white shirt was also drenched in sweat. Officer Wang felt suffocated. He shook his head slightly and a bitter taste spread in his mouth.

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