The Most Simple Wish/C2 Sand Village in the Northwest
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The Most Simple Wish/C2 Sand Village in the Northwest
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C2 Sand Village in the Northwest

The only way from the stage to the dressing room is through that 20 meter long corridor. Compared to the gorgeous front desk, in the corridor behind the scenes. . . It was filled with an old smell and the smell of various cosmetics being combined filled the room. The performance just now, It consumed a lot of physical strength. Once the exercise stopped, More sweat poured out of her pores, and Tao Huizhen opened her mouth wide to breathe.

As Tao Huizhen walked back, she impatiently took off the crown on her head. It was quite uncomfortable to wear it. At the same time, Tao Huizhen browsed through the photo walls on both sides of the corridor. There were close to a hundred photos pasted on it. Before she came to the dance troupe, The photo walls had existed, recording the big events of the dance troupe over and over again. There were also her seniors who danced gracefully.

This year, no one remembered to post pictures on the wall of photos. In the past, this corridor was always filled with actors and actresses coming and going from various dressing rooms. Now, it was much quieter. Because the newly built makeup room had already been activated on the second floor, many dance groups and teams had moved to the second floor. Tao Huizhen's little dance group would also be moving there soon.

Her hand slid across the wall of the photos. Last summer in the southwest region and northwest region, the photos of her little dance group's public welfare performance were reflected in her eyes. Tao Huizhen stared at the photos and her heart trembled. She could not help but sink into her memories. . .

Last summer, around July 2005, Tao Huizhen followed the little dance troupe to Yungui Chuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other public performances. It was also this performance that made Tao Huizhen gradually become a dancing actor who could sell her seat today from an inconspicuous person.

As an actor, she had to live up to the applause of the audience. When Tao Huizhen performed the solo dance for the first time, she realized that the warm applause was for her alone. It was a very heavy affirmation.

It was in a small mountain village filled with yellow soil. After the performance, the weather was hot at that time. Tao Huizhen took the cool air under the tree behind the performance car. At a glance, it was almost a scene of yellow sand covering the sky. The village was full of ruins. A few children surrounded Tao Huizhen.

"Big sister, you danced really well. " A little boy narrowed his eyes and avoided the sun as he looked at Tao Huizhen's face. He spoke with an accent that sounded like dry firewood. After staring at Tao Huizhen for a while, he said, "Big Sis, are you tired? Your face is red. "

"I'm not tired. I'm just a little thirsty. Do you want some water? I'll get some mineral water from the car. " Tao Huizhen bit her lips. " Big Sister "was a very strange way of addressing her. It was more like an adult addressing an older woman. Tao Huizhen felt that a few children should call her" little aunt. "

With the idea of going back to the village and following the customs, Tao Huizhen did not change their "address. " As for Eldest Sister, she would call her Eldest Sister. She looked at the children one by one. She pressed her hand on the dirt on the ground and prepared to get some water. At this time, A little girl handed a cup of water to Tao Huizhen. "Big Sister, I have water here. Drink it. "

"Thank you. " Tao Huizhen smiled with a red face. She took the cup. The boy from before immediately asked in puzzlement, "What is mineral water?"

Tao Huizhen's heart trembled, and a look of realization appeared in her eyes as she stared at the small mountain village. At this moment, Tao Huizhen's thoughts suddenly changed 360 degrees. Everything in the small mountain village was very different from that in the city. They were two different worlds. After a moment of silence, Tao Hui Zhen explained, "Mineral water is drinking water that contains a certain amount of minerals and microelements. . . Poof. . . "

Opening the lid, Tao Huizhen drank a large mouthful of water from the little girl. At that moment, the smell of sand choked Tao Huizhen. There was still a little bit of sand left in her tongue. She had never drank water that was so hard to drink.

"Big Sis, you're not used to drinking the water here, are you?"

"What kind of water is this?" Tao Huizhen asked.

A child pointed to a water cellar not far away. "It's stored there. "

Tao Huizhen raised her head and looked at the scorching sun. It seldom rained here. The drought was severe, and the water and soil were also flowing away. Although the water in the water cellar was not easy to drink, But the people here had to rely on this only source of water. The water she spat out was instantly sucked dry by the sand on the ground. Tao Hui Zhen composed herself and drank half a cup of water in one gulp. The children stared at Tao Huizhen. After swallowing the water in one gulp, in their pitch-black eyes, There was a small surprise. . .

Tao Huizhen spat out the sand in her mouth and said with a smile, "Why aren't you guys going to class? You should be in the first or second grade, right?"

"The closest primary school to us is a hundred miles away. Even the donkey has to run for a day. Of course, we can't afford to run the donkey. " The little girl's courage also increased. She ran to Tao Huizhen's side and sat down. She even used her dry little hands to touch the dancing dress that Tao Huizhen was wearing. . .

A hundred miles. Tao Huizhen opened her eyes wide when she heard that. When she was in primary school, her family was less than five hundred meters away from the school, and this distance of five hundred meters, how many hours was there in the morning? Was this the distance that those children hated to the core? She wished she could be one step away from the school. She wished that the school would close down immediately.

They looked at the endless yellow sand. Sand dunes and hills lined up one by one. The school here was too far away. It was so far away that the children could not go to school, so they spent their precious time here for nothing.

When they found out that Tao Huizhen's gaze was firm and distant, the children all sat beside her. They narrowed their eyes and looked into the distance. The further they looked, the farther they went. They were thinking, what was behind that? It couldn't be that the sky was still filled with yellow soil, right?

Tao Huizhen saw a kind of desire in the children's eyes. If she hadn't asked about the school, if she hadn't stared at the yellow sand, it wouldn't have aroused the children's thoughts. She stood up and patted the dirt off her body and said to them, "You guys wait. Big Sis will bring you something. "

The group of children watched as Tao Huizhen ran back into the car.

Tao Huizhen took out a book from the car. It was the closest book to her hand - 'The Old Man and the Sea'. She had read this book when she was in junior high school, and it caused her to think deeply. The perseverance of an old man was shocking. Tao Huizhen also felt that there was no limit to human nature and that she should constantly break through herself.

Recently, she had brought this book with her to read. The same book could be seen from different periods of time. She gave "Old Man and Sea to a few children and said, This book is for you guys. "

The group of children took the book and impatiently opened it. It was so clean, sealed with such an exquisite book. They had never seen it before. In fact, There were no books in this dusty village. They had never seen anyone with books in their homes. Tao Huizhen sat in the middle of a group of children, accompanying them as they flipped through the book.

At this moment, the little girl pointed at the words "Old Man with the Sea" and "Beauty, Seaming Wei. " She looked up and asked, "Big Sister, what are these words for? We don't know any of them. . . "

"You don't recognize words?"

The group of children shook their heads.

Tao Huizhen felt her chest tremble. Her face turned pale. She touched the cover of the book and noticed the confused looks in the children's eyes. As if they had done something wrong, she mumbled at the corner of her mouth. This world was very big. It was just that their world was extremely small, because they did not recognize words. It's impossible to know what this world looks like in front of them. . . It would always be yellow sand filling the sky.

After the public service performance ended, Tao Huizhen told Wen Xiu what she saw and heard when she went out this time. Wen Xiu listened to her endless narration and shivered from the cold. China's summer was Australia's winter, so Wen Xiu's hand was injured from the cold.

Retracting her thoughts, Tao Huizhen touched the photo on the wall. That photo was a photo of her and the group of children. She didn't know what they were like now, or if they were still running around in that small village.

Tao Huizhen wiped the sweat off her face with her fingers and tucked the hair in front of her forehead behind her ears. She walked towards the dressing room and started thinking about what to do next.

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