The Most Simple Wish/C3 There Was No Stage There
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The Most Simple Wish/C3 There Was No Stage There
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C3 There Was No Stage There

The dressing room can accommodate more than ten people at the same time to put on makeup and remove makeup. Tao Huizhen walked in and was about to sit down to remove her makeup when she noticed that there was a person standing beside the front door of the dressing room. Her thin figure was facing Tao Huizhen. She was wearing a gray long trench coat and blue jeans that wrapped around her thin legs.

This person was very thin, making people worry that she would be blown away by the wind. Tao Huizhen looked up. She wanted to say hello and ask if she was looking for someone. Unconsciously, she saw this person's pale wrist that was exposed outside his sleeve. His gaze then fell on the watch that she was wearing, an ivory white watch chain. Tao Huizhen felt as if her chest was being pulled by something, and she unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of air.

Her thoughts immediately returned to the year she graduated from high school.

"Wen. . . Wen Xiu?" Tao Huizhen stuck her head out and asked.

Wen Xiu turned around and saw that Tao Hui Zhen had returned. Her eyes revealed a hint of surprise and her pointy chin trembled slightly. Their gazes met. In the past few years, the two of them had never met. They had been using the phone to contact each other and listening to each other's voices. Now, the real voice was beside her ear and finally merged with the voice on the phone.

Tao Hui Zhen's eyelids twitched. "It's really you, you. . . "

Wen Xiu hesitated for a moment and took the lead to pull Tao Huizhen's hands. "Huizhen! You didn't expect me to appear here, did you?"

"Yeah, weren't you supposed to be in Australia? When did you come back? You even came to the place where I performed. This. . . " Tao Huizhen was not prepared at all. A few days ago, she was still on the phone with Wen Xiu. Wen Xiu was in Australia. Her best friend whom she hadn't met for four years, from the distant southern hemisphere. . . Suddenly appearing in front of her, Tao Huizhen's small face. . . She didn't know what to make of her expression. The corners of her eyes couldn't help but become a little moist, and the smile on her face was also hurried.

It was as if he was dreaming.

"The plane arrived at Shen Yang at ten o'clock. I'll call Auntie. She said you were at the Shengjing Grand Theater, so I came quietly. I came back this time to give you a surprise, but you didn't know I was back. Everyone knows. " Wen Xiu proudly said: "I took a long leave, and the main reason I came back was to see you, a big dancer. You're now completely different from before, no wonder you're the soul of the dance group "

"If I knew you'd come back, I would've gone to pick you up" Tao Huizhen gradually settled her emotions and sized up Wenxiu.

"Do I need you to pick me up? I'm very familiar with it. "

"When you left, you were still a high school graduate. Do you know how big the changes in the country have been in the past few years? The subway in Shen Yang has already begun construction. "

"Is that so? If I had known earlier that the house was good, I would have stayed at home. It's not like we haven't seen each other for a few years. "

"You were also in the theater just now? When I was dancing. "

"I was there. " Wen Xiu replied. Tao Huizhen's radical dance on the stage just now was still reverberating in her mind. Tao Hui Zhen had started learning classical dancing since junior high. At that time, the literary show had never imagined that Tao Huizhen would dance on the stage of 1,800 seats. But today, seeing Tao Huizhen as the main character on the stage, she was not surprised at all. It was as if Tao Huizhen was born like this.

"You've lost so much weight. In your eyes, there's even an additional aura that only a banker would have. "

Tao Huizhen looked at Wen Xiu's pointy chin and said teasingly.

Apart from the thin and lean figure, Wen Xiu's inner self also had a huge change. Just like in the past four years, her own change, the change in the entire China, Wen Xiu had become even more mature and steady.

Wenxiu had an aura of returning home. She seemed to be wrapped in a windbreaker, as if she was still not used to the embrace of her motherland mother.

Wen Xiu smiled in embarrassment: "You are a big dancer, the soul figure of the dance troupe, you really know how to describe it. Do you know why I am so thin? I miss home when I just got overseas. I can't get used to it and can't sleep. I can't grow back after I lose weight. "

Tao Hui Zhen stared at Wen Xiu and said, "That, Wen Xiu -"

"What's wrong?"

"I think you're really my best friend. She ran all the way back to see me. I really didn't expect you to suddenly come back. " In Tao Huizhen's eyes, With sincerity reflected in her eyes, she held Wen Xiu's hand. She was thin and cold as she looked at the back of her hand. It reminded her of a year ago when the two of them were talking on the phone. She had frozen Wen Xiu's hand.

Xiu Wen looked at Tao Huizhen in surprise. "What are you talking about? We haven't seen each other for four years. I want to see you too, don't I? I want to see you in my hometown too. You are always in a foreign country. I don't feel like home at all. In the past few years, Thank you for accompanying me on the phone. In the future. . . We have to keep in touch with each other. "

After studying and working in Australia for so many years, Wen Xiu had a special feeling. She looked at the sea line in Australia and thought of a word - Swimming.

"Of course, how long are you going to stay for this time?" Tao Hui Zhen asked.

"Let's take a look. One month, or even longer. "

Tao Huizhen had something hidden in her heart as she nodded lightly. She did not know how to tell Wen Xiu about that matter. Wen Xiu coming back to see her was originally something worth being happy about. She did not want to dampen her mood, but she had to say it. She raised her chin and the corners of her mouth twitched.

Before Tao Huizhen could say anything, Wenxiu started the topic again: "It's been more than four years. I haven't seen you dance for almost five years. "

Tao Huizhen swallowed a mouthful of saliva and sat on the chair to remove her makeup. She said, "The last time you saw me dance was when we were in high school. In our school's Arts Department's theater, I don't remember many people watching. . . You were the only one who saw it from the beginning to the end, and I was practicing in the dance room at that time. You were still by my side. . . In the winter, there was no heating in the dance room. I was dancing so hard that I was covered in sweat, and your lips were so cold that they turned white. I've been shaking all this time. "

" Hui-Zhen, you have such a good memory. " Tao Hui Zhen suddenly raised the topic. Only then did Wen Xiu sink into her memory bit by bit. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to recall it at all. At that time, in Shenyang, winter was far colder than it was now. At night, it wasn't uncommon for the air outside to reach -30 degrees Celsius. There was no heating in the dance room, even in the classroom. It was not as good as the school's classroom right now, with heating and air conditioning. The students stayed in a warm place.

Wen Xiu was most afraid of the cold. She wore a woven hat and a sewing muffler, which her mother made for her. They waited in the dance room until Tao Huizhen had enough practice before they locked the door and left. At the entrance of the school dormitory building, Tao Huizhen used her hot hands to hug Wen Xiu's pale face. The cold feeling transmitted into Tao Huizhen's heart.

Wen Xiu revealed an expression of reminiscence: "Speaking of which, Huizhen has always been a hardworking person, and she is also more energetic than me. . . It seems like I was born with a cold body and emitted a low temperature. Fortunately, you are like a ball of fire by my side. Hehe, your cheeks are pink. And I'm white. "

"But no matter how much I learn to dance, there's always the smell of dirt" Tao Huizhen said self-deprecatingly: "When I don't dance, people will think I'm a sheep herder"

At this moment, Tao Huizhen finished removing her makeup and tied her platinum chain around her neck. She looked at Wen Xiu with certainty. Wen Xiu chuckled. She could not help but imagine Tao Huizhen as a shepherd who was herding sheep in the mountains.

"But you danced really well, much better than you did in high school. You matured and matured. You have your own passion in dancing. There is also your style of not admitting defeat. The eyes that are like black gemstones, the dance that is both hard and soft. . . Tsk tsk. " Wen Xiu stared into Tao Hui Zhen's eyes: "Hui Zhen, you will definitely become a world-renowned dance master. "

"Wen Xiu, but I. . . I have already resigned from my job as a dancer. I don't want to dance anymore. " Tao Hui Zhen finally said, "Today is my last dance. Farewell to the stage. "

Wenxiu had always been proud of her dancing career. From the moment Tao Huizhen saw Wenxiu, she had been thinking about how to talk to her. No matter how hard she tried, she could not find a suitable starting point.

"Are we going to a bigger stage?" Wen Xiu completely took Tao Hui Zhen's words as another meaning. She even nodded her head in a serious manner. Hmm, she felt that Shen Yang's Little Dance Group was indeed unable to accommodate Tao Huizhen, this great Buddha.

"You are half right. It is an even more spacious place, but there is no stage there. " Tao Huizhen's eyes were full of hope. "It is a branch teacher. I have decided to be a branch teacher. The procedures have been completed. It is in a small mountain village in Yunnan Mountain. "

"Ah?" Wenxiu was stunned. She opened her mouth and let out a scream that even she could hear. Even the procedures had been completed, which meant that Tao Hui Zhen had made up her mind. She stared at Tao Hui Zhen with an incomprehensible expression. "You have a fever in your head? Are you crazy? You quit after dancing so well! "

" My parents said the same thing. " Tao Huizhen nodded calmly.

"You danced from primary school. You've been persisting in winter and summer. I really didn't know you loved dancing so much. Is that true? "

"If you don't love it, I'll learn finance from you and go abroad with you. " Tao Huizhen raised her head and said loudly, "But at that time, I still didn't know the meaning of teaching. I didn't know what it felt like to not know words. When the book is placed in front of me, the world is in front of me, and I can't read it. . . How does it feel?"

Wen Xiu frowned, and her pointy chin trembled even more intensely. She suddenly remembered. Last July, Australia's snow sealed the sky, and Tao Huizhen came back from several provinces in the northwest and southwest regions for public welfare. She told her what she saw and heard along the way, especially about the problem of the mountain village children not being able to go to school, and she told her the most.

At that time, Wenxiu thought that Tao Huizhen was just lamenting in her heart. She did not expect that after a year, this kind of thought had taken root in her heart. Would such a decision really make Tao Hui Zhen happy like she was dreaming?

It wasn't that she couldn't understand Tao Hui Zhen's feelings. Why did she have to go abroad to study even after she crossed the sea and left her hometown? It was just that in order to learn more and better knowledge and culture, when a book called 'Old Man and Sea' was placed in front of her. . . Someone said, Look at this book. It wrote the rare and precious spirit of persistence in human nature. Humans can fail. But they can't be defeated. However, those words were like a heavenly book in his eyes. It was truly despairing.

Just like a planet billions of lightyears away from Earth, humans could see it through astronomical binoculars, but they would never be able to reach it.

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