The Most Simple Wish/C4 Today Is may 20th
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The Most Simple Wish/C4 Today Is may 20th
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C4 Today Is may 20th

Tao Huizhen went to the locker room to change, She was wearing a tangerine-yellow thick sweater, which was slightly bloated. She stood at the door of the changing room and looked at Wen Xiu. Wen Xiu leaned against the corner of the dressing table with a cold expression.

The two of them seemed to be holding their breaths. The atmosphere was about to freeze.

Tao Huizhen's eyes were red, and she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart. She could not listen to the advice of her best friend. She knew that no matter what, she would not listen to anyone's advice. Their worries were completely in vain. She had abandoned the classical dance she had learned for ten years and the stage she loved the most. This was the best proof.

Wenxiu finally tried to say, "Well, go to the mountains to support education. Time is very free, you can choose to go there for a month. Let's experience it first. At most, we can stay there for three months. When you come back, it won't delay you from being a dance actor. I think this will dispel the knot in your heart. There's no need to just leave the dance behind. "

" This isn't a problem with the knot in your heart " Tao Huizhen spoke straightforwardly.

"I know it's not a matter of the knot in one's heart. Do you think you are responsible just because you saw it? You can also choose to spend a little time every year to teach in a planned manner. It can also achieve the effect you want. The stage and the teaching are the same, and it's quite fulfilling. Otherwise, all your hard work of learning dancing for so many years will be wasted in the end. "

" I want to treat it as a profession in my life. If I think about dancing, and teach at the same time. . . Then what's the difference between experiencing life and me?" Tao Huizhen suddenly raised her voice and gently clenched her right fist: "After a lot of people have learned a major, And did something completely unrelated to the profession. There's nothing new about it. "

"Your obsession is too deep, Huizhen"

Wen Xiu opened her eyes wide and said with a pale face, "You're already 25 years old. This is no longer the starting point. Besides. . . Teachers have no salary, you can't feed yourself at all. A lot of people return to their hometown after graduating from university. There's nothing new. But their original intention is different from yours. It's good to work in the fields. Whether it's to start a business or to earn money, it's all for the sake of making money. Seriously. "

"Wenxiu, you didn't see it. You didn't see what I saw at that time. No matter what I told you, you wouldn't be able to put yourself in this place. If we were to change places, maybe we would have persuaded you here. If it were me, you would do the same thing. "

Tao Huizhen tried to express her feelings in her heart. She said," It's not that you have to repay me for everything you do. Didn't you say that learning dancing is better than learning culture? "

Wen Xiu took a deep look at Tao Huizhen. She suddenly came to a realization. It was impossible for her to keep Tao Huizhen, but. . . She still tried her best to explain, "I now feel that dancing is a very elegant thing. . . Just like music, it is the universal language of the world. . . It doesn't need to be complicated to say that everyone in the world can understand your expression. . . Dance really suits you "

"Then if you don't have knowledge and culture, where would the soul of dancing come from? People still need to be cultured first, and more importantly, they need to be able to read "

Tao Huizhen's words caused Wen Xiu to open her mouth wide in surprise. She sighed lightly and revealed a trace of helplessness. "I really want to stop you. But what you said makes sense. Actually, the person who thinks of you this way. . . There are still many people overseas. There are many people around me, but you have to think it through. How much have you done for the dance? How many times have I been frozen with you?!"

Tao Huizhen suddenly felt a little sour in her nose, but she was greatly relieved in her heart. She tightly hugged Wen Xiu and whispered, "I've thought it through. Thank you, Wen Xiu "

A long-lost warmth wrapped around Wen Xiu's body, making her cool body warm up a lot. She could not stop Tao Huizhen. Since young, no matter what decision Tao Huizhen made, she could not be persuaded. It even made people think that she was a little silly. She hesitated for a moment before she returned to hug Tao Huizhen's arm.

Wen Xiu asked in a low voice, "Where's the destination?"

"Mengla, Yunnan, a place called Da Tea Village. "

"When are we going?"

"27. "

"The 27th of this month? What's the date today?" Wen Xiu turned her wrist to the front and looked at the date from the ivory watch.

Tao Huizhen gently nodded her head. "Yes, today is May 20th, May 20th, 2006. Wen Xiu came back to see my date. "

"Alright, take care of yourself when you get there. I will support you from behind. Just like how I supported your dance back then. No matter what decision you make, you have to call me and tell me" Wen Xiu stared at Tao Hui's red cheeks. Her eyes were filled with light, not that kind of joy. It was an even calmer and more certain light. She knew that. . . Since the moment Tao Huizhen saw her, she had been waiting for her reply.

Tao Huizhen was extremely confident that the Wen Xiu would compromise no matter what, just like now. Tao Huizhen won.

The process of resignation had already been completed. When she left, Tao Huizhen did not disturb anyone. It was unusually quiet at noon today. None of the dancers from the dance troupe appeared. To Tao Huizhen, She was extremely grateful. She looked back at the old makeup room of the troupe and passed by the familiar concert hall and the entrance of the multi-purpose hall. She and Wen Xiu walked out from the front door of the Shengjing Grand Theater.

The two of them soon walked down the street. It was mid-May in Shenyang. The sky was still cold. Following Wen Xiu's gaze, Tao Huizhen chuckled and said, "How is it? Wen Xiu, you've changed a lot, right? In my hometown. "

" Yeah, it looks different now. It had been more than four years since 2002. There were many more buildings around, and it seemed like there were more people here all of a sudden. At that time, there weren't that many people outside. " Wen Xiu observed the distance and straightened her back to look at Tao Hui Zhen. "In another week. You became a wanderer just like me. "

"When I return, my hometown will undergo a tremendous change again. "

Talking to Wenxiu was like talking to another person. It allowed Tao Huizhen to express all the real herself that was wandering in her thoughts. She pointed in the direction of the middle street. "Can you eat traditional Chinese food overseas? Even more so, you can't eat authentic dumplings. There's an old dumpling restaurant on the middle street. Do you remember? "

"I just don't know if there's still the old taste?" Wen Xiu revealed a look of anticipation.

Wen Xiu ordered a plate of dumplings with leeks and shrimps, while Tao Huizhen ordered a serving of celery pork. Then, the two of them shared a serving of the special steamed dumplings from the old dumpling restaurant. Wen Xiu took off her windbreaker and put it on the back of the chair. While waiting for the dumplings to be served on the table, the two of them drank plain water.

Compared to Australia, even the taste of water was different. Wen Xiu drank a few more mouthfuls and stared at Tao Hui Zhen. At this moment, the two of them were in a corner on the second floor. When the two of them were in high school, the place closest to the television. . . They had also come a few times and sat in the same position. Of course, the television had long since changed from the old color television. It had changed to an LCD TV.

At that time, their living expenses were limited. The first time they came to eat dumplings was probably in 1999 or 2000 when they just started high school. In the blink of an eye, six or seven years had passed. The two of them had already bid farewell to the era of students and entered society. China's economy had also become completely new.

In the past, the two of them could only order one serving of dumplings each time they came. There were about ten dumplings, and they were very big. Each person could eat five dumplings.

Sometimes, Tao Huizhen only ate four. Then, she told Wenxiu that she was full. Wenxiu believed her and ate all the remaining dumplings. Until today, when she looked at Tao Huizhen's flushed face, Wenxiu suddenly realized something. Tao Huizhen had worked so hard to dance. Could she really eat four dumplings?

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